Take A Look What The Cast Of Parenthood Look Like Now!

Parenthood – what a film, one minute having you crying with laughter, the next minute just crying, it is certainly a roller coaster ride of emotions and is a wonderful film. But no film is complete without a great cast, and Parenthood certainly had that, so let’s see how the cast look now compared to then…

1. Gil – Steve Martin

Steve Martin is a great comedy actor and has starred in some huge films over the years, and he looks barely any different now!

2. Karen – Mary Steenbergen

She played the wife of Gil who had to struggle with three crazy kids and all of Gil’s neuroses to boot, but she coped well and Steenbergen has continued to act regularly ever since.

3. Helen – Diane Wiest

The separated mother of two who has to cope with both of her kids going off the rails one way or another, Wiest is one the most respected actresses in Hollywood!

4. Nathan – Rick Moranis

Playing the dad who wants his daughter to grow up as a genius, Rick Moranis was a wonderful actor with perfect comic timing. Sadly, Moranis retired after his wife passed away to concentrate on raising his two children, Rachel and Mitchell.

5. Larry – Tom Hulce

Every family has a black sheep and Tom Hulce’s Larry was it for this family. Hulce has been in some big productions over the years but has gone largely quiet for the past decade.

6. Julie – Martha Plimpton

The daughter of Helen, she was with the tearaway Tod who seemed to be a bad influence on her. Plimtpon was a big star in the 80s and has continued to act regularly since.

7. Tod – Keanu Reeves

The boyfriend of Julie who suggests they “record their love” with his camera, which ultimately goes very wrong!

Reeves has become a major Hollywood star appearing in many major productions including The Matrix and the John Wick films.

8. Susan – Harley Kozak

Nathan’s wife who agrees with most of what he does, but who does want a second child though Nathan doesn’t. Kozak has continued to act on the big and small screen since, regularly appearing on our screens.

9. Garry – Leaf Phoenix

The younger brother of Julie who has withdrawn after the split of his parents, and spends most of his time “slapping the salami”!

Leaf Phoenix is now much better known as Joaquin Phoenix, a big star in Hollywood who is set to appear as The Joker in an upcoming DC movie!

10. Kevin – Jasen Fisher

The eldest son of Gil and Karen who has some issues that prevent him from dealing with situations that others take for granted. Fisher starred in Parenthood, Hook and The Witches then retired from acting and hasn’t been on screen in a role again since.

11. Taylor – Alisan Porter

The middle child of Gil and Karen, who vomits when her mum asks if she wants to. Porter continued to act for a few years after, and then in 2016 appeared on the American show The Voice which she won!

Are you surprised by how much, or indeed how little, some of these actors have changed since they appeared in Parenthood? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments!