One question that’s never far from the minds of most film fans is, which old favourites from years gone by still hold up now?

Unsurprisingly, here at 80s Kids we’re particularly preoccupied with reflecting on the films of the 1980s – and we’re not alone in this, as a recent Reddit thread confirms.


The thread started by Reddit user u/magiceyes2 asks, ‘What 80s movies hold up and are still worth watching 30-40 years later?’

It’s had no shortage of responses – over 19,000, in fact – and we’d agree that many of the films listed have indeed stood the test of time.


Among the 80s comedy classics listed by users are the likes of Coming to America, Clue, The Blues Brothers, Beetlejuice and Ghostbusters.

When it comes to the best 80s action movies, Die Hard, First Blood, Predator and The Terminator all get a mention.


Over on the scarier side of things, most users agree that The Shining, The Thing and The Lost Boys are among the decade’s greatest horror movies.

And of course, such 80s family favourites as Back to the Future, The Princess Bride, Stand by Me and ET: the Extra-Terrestrial all come up.


If you’d like to have your own say about which 80s movies hold up, you can always cast your votes on our own list of the decade’s best films.