Looking back, there was a lot of strange stuff going on in school that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense now.

As a recent discussion on Twitter has proved, being stabbed with pencils happened with a lot more regularity than we assumed – and there are people who still have the marks to prove it.

It was a surprisingly loaded question from @Los_Writer on Monday got people talking about the time they were stabbed in school and left marked for life.

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@Los_Writer wrote: “Hello I’m looking for people who have led [sic] from their pencil stuck inside their bodies”. He was subsequently met with hundreds of replies.

Some of the stories were unbelievable. @noampao wrote: “I had a pencil stabbed in my scalp in fourth grade and five years later I was scratching my head and a piece of led [sic] fell out.”

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@pastahellraiser meanwhile argued for the legitimacy of his mark: “its in my right knee. my dad also has pencil lead in his right knee it is not genetic.”


It seems people being attacked by crushes was a startlingly common occurrence. @elhokage wrote that she was “stabbed in the hand by a boy I liked in the third grade”.

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Video game-related stabbings also happened, according to @_realkolworld: “Brother stabbed me smh cuz I cooked him in Yu-Gi-Oh”.


Dozens of Twitter users were eager to share photos of their marks. Some were happy just to know they weren’t alone.

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@nanatat07 wrote, “Omg my right thumb, I didn’t know this was a common thing”, while revealing her own dark ‘freckle’.


Also shockingly common are accounts of self-leading. @thatxgirlxcass’ story is harrowing: “had a pencil on the floor that got stuck in the carpet at a weird angle and stabbed my toe!! i always figured it would go away by now but no”.

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@pebbleys had a similar story: “middle school, stabbed myself w a sharpened pencil by moving my leg too close to my backpack on the floor”.


Lead survivors might be comforted to know that the struggle of self-stabbing continues even for adults.

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@Los_Writer head numerous tales of victims accidentally tattooing themselves with pencils as grown-ups.


Stay strong, marked ones – you are not alone.