10 Great Toys We Loved In The 80s!

Toys had to be one of the best parts of being a kid! This was especially true back 30 years ago when there were some of the best toys ever made! Can you remember all of the awesome toys?

1. Petite Post Office

I totally loved playing with this toy!

2. Waterful Ring-Toss

I had one of these!

3. Madballs

Every kid loved these ugly balls.

4. The Get Along Gang

These were a must-have when we were younger.

5. Glo Worms

LOVED these!

6. Kongman

Kongman was awesome!

7. My Pet Monster

This thing sure is ugly but we loved it!

8. Teddy Ruxpin

This advanced teddy bear was awesome!

9. Snugglebumms

Snugglebums had a special place in our heart!

10. Weebles

I loved messing with these little guys.