20 Toys That Even 80s Kids May Have Forgotten About


As adults there are a number of childhood toys that we remember without any trouble whatsoever. We’re sure that most of you will be familiar with Care Bears, She-Ra and My Little Pony, but do you remember Popples, Grumples and Weebles?

My Little Pony in an Argos catalogue from the 80s

Please join with us as we take look back at the following 20 childhood toys that we suspect you may have forgotten about, and let’s spend a few moments remembering how great it was being a kid in the 1980s. How many of these toys do you remember? And how many of them did you own?

1. Popples

Popples were a toy first before expanding into a popular cartoon, and not only were they extremely cute, but you could also wrap them up into a ball thanks to the pouch that was attached to their backs. Did you own one?

A pair of Popples toys

2. Grumples

Grumples were bizarre looking creatures that somehow still proved to be rather popular. Did you have one of these strangely cute little critters? If so, which one?

A green and orange Grumple

3. Keypers

We know for a fact that many of you owned a Keyper, which of course doubled as both a toy and also a great place to lock away all of our little trinkets. Which did you have? The snail? The swan? And what did you keep in it, jewellery or your deepest, darkest secrets?

A Keyper from the 1980s

4. WereBears

These were cute looking bears that could transform into grizzly looking ‘WereBears’? What wasn’t to like? Did you leave yours cute and cuddly, or did you have it as the evil were bear all the time?

A blue and pink WereBear

5. Weebles

‘Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down’ was the promise, and how true it was! Be honest, had you forgotten about them? Did you ever find a use for them? Did you have some of the proper characters like the witches and wizards?

Some Weebles from the 80s

6. Pound Puppies

Pound Puppies tugged at our heartstrings by allowing us to adopt a sad and lonely looking toy dog, so of course we wanted one of these for our Birthday or Christmas!

An example of Pound Puppies

7. Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake looked lovely, smelt even better, and even had her own cartoon show. Did you have the doll? Or maybe you went the whole hog and had the whole of your bedroom covered in Strawberry Shortcake merchandise?

A Strawberry Shortcake doll from the 80s


8. Wuzzles

Did you own a Wuzzle? And if you did, do you remember which one? These cute little guys were a cross between two animals, such as Bumblelion who was a cross between a bee and a lion, or Rhinokey who was a monkey crossed with a rhino.

Wuzzles toys

9. Fluppy Dogs

Fluppy Dogs began life as a Disney animation in 1986, and quickly turned into toys produced by Kenner. Basically like a dog shaped pom pom and not much more interesting but I’m sure some of you liked them!

A Fluppy Dog toy

10. Glo Worms

Ok, to be completely honest we suspect that very few of you will have forgotten about your Glo Worm, in fact we know that one or two of you still have them at home!

A Glo Worm

11. My Pet Monster

Finally we could have a monster as a pet, in real life and not just in our imagination! So of course many of us jumped at the chance to own one.

A My Pet Monster from the 1980s

12. Poochies

A cute little dog with its own sunglasses, Poochies were well loved by many an 80s girl. It seems to have come full-circle somehow that people now have real dogs that look like this in their handbag!

Poochies with the iconic sunglasses

13. Snugglebumms

At the same time funny looking and cute, we know that many of you owned one of these when you were a kid. And who could resist a name like a snugglebum? It sounds like a hug-shaped toy!

A purple Snugglebum

14. Sweet Secrets

Remember Sweet Secrets? They started off as a series of lockets which transformed into dolls and animals, but as they grew in popularity they became far more diverse even had their own playsets.

Two Sweet Secrets dolls

15. Visionaries

A popular action figure where each had a hologram to show their power and whether they were Earth, Water or Air based for their power, did you collect these and which did you have?

A Visionaries figure in original 80s packaging

16. Centurions

Another action figure, this time the characters had suits that you could clip gadgets and weapons to so were fully interchangeable. Great fun and a good range of toys, did you have any?

A Centurions action figure with attachments

17. Bucky O’Hare

Come on admit it, you had forgotten about Bucky O’Hare and now you can’t get that damned theme tune out of your head… “Bucky! Captain Bucky O’Hare….”

Bucky O'Hare toy

18. Beetlejuice

Everyone remembers the film about The Ghost With The Most, but do you remember the range of toys based on his exploits, made popular with kids through the cartoon based on the same characters? Did you have Shish Kebab Beetlejuice? (Yes, really!)

Three Beetlejuice figurines from the 80s

19. Kong Man

Did you have Kong Man? The vertical puzzle game where you had to get the ball bearing from the bottom of the maze to the top, even defying gravity at points thanks to magnetic magic! This was great fun but very tough!

A Kong Man toy with its original 1980s packaging

20. M.A.S.K

Based on the hit cartoon series of the same name, this had some of the coolest vehicles of the 80s, did you have any of the M.A.S.K team’s vehicles and gadgets?

M.A.S.K. toy from the 1980s

If you have enjoyed reading this post, please do spread some lovely, nostalgic, toy based memories to your fellow 80s kids by sharing it with them.