8 Classic TV Moments That 80s Kids Will Never Forget

As a child, there are certain things that define and shape the adult you eventually grow and mature into. Whether it be your first crush, your friendship group or your favourite teacher, experiences mould and shape your personality so much that just one positive or negative experience can make a massive difference in your life. Whilst we would never claim that television had as much of an impact on us growing up as family, friends or education, there were certainly some shows, and some moments, that have stayed with us into our adult life.

From a schoolboy tragically dying from a drug overdose to a weatherman getting the forecast completely wrong, the 80s and early 90s contained a number of moments that we will never forget, and below are eight of our very favourite examples.

8. Scott and Charlene tie the knot (Neighbours)

It was the TV moment that defined a generation, when the gorgeous couple of Scott Robinson and Charlene Ramsey tied the knot to the dulcet tones of Angry Anderson’s hit single Suddenly.

Little did we know at the time that actors Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan were a couple in real life, and that very soon they would have just as big an impact on our musical tastes as they did on our passion for Australian soaps.

7. Danny Kendall dies from a drug overdose (Grange Hill)

The classic children’s TV show Grange Hill certainly wasn’t afraid to deal with some difficult and hard-hitting subjects (remember one of the boys drowning in a swimming pool?), but there is one particular moment that still haunts us to this very day.

We already knew that Danny Kendall had an issue with drugs, but the image of his head flopping out of a car door when his friends discover his lifeless body is seared into our memories forevermore.

6. Michael Fish gets the weather forecast very wrong (BBC News)

These days we can obtain weather forecasts from a number of trustworthy sources, but during our childhood, what the TV weatherman said was treated as absolute gospel.

And whilst this didn’t cause any issues on the majority of occasions, there were one or two examples when they got it completely wrong, none so more than Michael Fish failing to warn us about, and even totally dismissing, an impending hurricane.

5. Del Boy falls through a bar (Only Fools and Horses)

In one of the most iconic comedy TV moments of all time, Del Boy simply tries to lean on a bar, with hilarious effect.

In less talented hands this particular gag may not have become as legendary as it has, but David Jason‘s delivery, along with the perfect way he falls, ensured it would be something that people would be laughing at for generations.

4. Anneka Rice tries to order P.L.Y. wood (Challenge Anneka)

Challenge Anneka was one of the greatest Saturday evening shows of our childhood, never failing to delight us when Anneka Rice and her crew tried to create something amazing for charity within a strict time limit.

But the moment from the show we’ve never forgotten was when Anneka gets a fit of giggles in a church after trying to order some ‘P.L.Y. wood.’

3. Will’s dad leaves again (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was usually trying to make us laugh rather than cry, but there is one moment from the classic US sitcom that never fails to get our waterworks flowing, no matter how many times we watch it.

In a heartbreaking episode, Will’s estranged dad visits but then departs rather abruptly, forcing Will to ask “how come he don’t want me man?” before being pulled into the warm embrace of Uncle Phil.

2. Noel Edmonds gets awarded his own Gotcha (Noel’s House Party)

The brilliant 90s Saturday evening show Noel’s House Party was famous for its Gotcha segment, where Noel Edmonds would set up various celebrities, sometimes via the big, spotty monstrosity that was Mr Blobby.

But on just one occasion the tables were turned, with Noel himself being set up by his own crew, being forced to sing ‘you don’t bring me flowers’ over and over and over again.

1. Kristin is revealed as the person who shot JR (Dallas)

It may have ended in something of a farce, but for a time ‘who shot JR’ was a question that was on everyone’s lips.

It all culminated in an episode where Kristin, the person that no one ever suspected, was revealed as the shooter, as the jaws of millions of viewers across the globe simultaneously hit the floor.