Can You Guess Which Celebrities Voiced These Cartoon Characters?

Half of the fun of these beloved cartoon characters is their voices and often times they are done by celebrities that we know and love.  Have you ever listened to the voice and wondered if you were right about who was behind your favorite character?  Well, here’s your chance to know for sure!  Take a look at these characters and the voices that helped create them:

1. Lumiere – Beauty and the Beast.

Jerry Orbach – Law and Order and the dad in Dirty Dancing.

2. Moses – The Prince of Egypt.

Val Kilmer – He didn’t do the singing, though.

I had suspicions!

3. Genie – Aladdin.

Robin Williams.

4. Oliver – Oliver and Company.

Joseph Lawrence.

5. Princess Anna – Frozen.

Kristen Bell.

6. Miss Spider – James and the Giant Peach.

Susan Sarandon.

7. Mufasa – The Lion King.

James Earl Jones.

Wow I had no idea!

8. The Duke Of Weselton – Frozen.

Alan Tudyk – Dodgeball and Suburgatory.

9. Elsa Van Helsing – Frankenweenie.

Winona Ryder.

10. Koichi – Ponyo.

Matt Damon.

11. Buzz Lightyear – Toy Story.

Tim Allen – Home Improvement.

12. Shredder – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

James Avery – The Fresh Prince of  Bel-Air.

13. Bob – The Simpsons.

Kelsey Grammer – Frasier.

I can see why!

14. Anastasia – Anastasia.

Kirsten Dunst.

15. Tarzan – Tarzan.

Tony Goldwyn – Scandal.

16. The Iron Giant – The Iron Giant.

Vin Diesel.

17. Nemo- Finding Nemo.

Alexander Gould – Weeds.

18. Cobra Bubbles – Lilo and Stitch.

Ving Rhames.

19. Chick Hicks – Cars.

Michael Keaton.

Did you know this?

20. Sally – Charlie Brown.


21. Lola – Shark Tale.

Angelina Jolie.

22. Nim Galuu – Epic.

Steven Tyler.

23. Henri – An American Tail.

Christopher Plummer.