These Are Britain’s Best Pun Business Names

In a world where the high street is on the wane, it takes some real marketing nous for Britain’s high street stores to keep bringing in the customers.

Luckily for Britain’s small business owners, there’s long been a tradition in the UK of attracting shoppers with nothing but an ironic name.

Stephen Mangan, a comedian and actor known for I’m Alan Partridge and Green Wing, asked Twitter for the ‘Worst ever pun for the name of a business’.

Twitter graciously responded by bringing Mangan some of the worst/best pun names that the UK has to offer.

Here are 16 of the most devastating puns seen out on the British high street of late.

Holdin’ out for a top pun

That is what you call a Bonnie tiler.

Now we know what the L stands for

You know you’re learning with Samuel L Jackson, when you’re driving a Golf GTI.

This removal van company’s name has double impact

What an impact!

Everybody’s got one

You are what you wear.

Knowing Me, Knowing A Great Pun

I NEED to buy an ink cartridge from this place.

There’s no making this shop go to rehab

Back to rehab for you it is.

Once, twice, three times a great pun

Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be…

Pixar won’t be pleased

That is one fried fish.

Born to pun

Great name!

No messing about with this fridge outlet

Fridge anyone?

Dickens would approve

I proper fancy a cake right now I do.

Better than Nemo at least

Fire up the Rhondda will you?

They went back to 1985 for this pun


The greatest solicitor team-up in history?

What a ballache.

Food truck found a way

Pork anyone?

Inappropriate? Maybe. Great pun? Absolutely

Oh god.