Harry Potter will forever be remembered as the star of a series of books and movies that completely defined a generation…

We know that many of you have held onto the Harry Potter books you purchased when they were first released.

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Whether that was because you’ve never gotten round to storing them away, or because you actually like to read them again from time to time it doesn’t matter, because the good news is that there’s a chance that your Harry Potter book might be worth a lot of money!

So what can you do to work out if your Harry Potter Books are worth a lot of money or not? The following tips should get you started off on the right foot:

Is Your Harry Potter Book A First Edition?

The key to getting a good price for your Harry Potter book is if it’s a first edition. For example, a hardback first edition of ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ sold for a whopping £60’000 at auction!

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This is because only 500 first editions of this particular book were published, and 300 of those went to libraries! A first edition will contain the line 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 on the first few pages, and will be credited to ‘Joanne’ rather than J.K. Rowling.

Did You By Any Chance Get It Signed By J.K. Rowling?

The simple fact of the matter is that any Harry Potter book signed by J.K. Rowling increases its financial value rather significantly.

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A book signed by one of the illustrators also increases the book’s value slightly, but it’s the J.K. signature that people want!

Are Their Other Examples?

You can find out how much your book is worth by checking the same (or similar) editions on auction sites. On Ebay you can view items that have actually been sold by filtering by ‘Sold Listings’ (located under ‘Show Only’ on the left hand column).

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That way you won’t see listings people have put up that have unrealistically high prices.

What Condition Is Your Book In?

When checking similar book editions, check whether your book is in a similar condition to the one being sold. Is it damaged in any way or is it in mint condition?

Ebay May Not Be Your Best Bet

If you have books that you believe may be worth some money, you may be able to get a higher price by selling them direct to a website that deals in collectibles.

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Remember that eBay charge a sellers fee, which is 10% of the sale if you sell up to 50 items a month.

Please do let us know if you believe that any of your Harry Potter may be worth something. And be sure to share this post with your friends and family, so they too can check their collection to see if it’s worth alot of money! You can also check Abebooks.co.uk for a more detailed look at how much the individual Harry Potter books are worth.