5 Rad Things About 80s Cartoons That You Never Knew

Growing up in the 80s was all about the cartoons! Especially those on Saturday morning when you had nothing else to do but wake up and watch all of your favourite shows all morning long. It was the best way to start your time off from school and these moments produced some of our fondest memories.

We will never forget forcing ourselves to wake up early on this day off to truly enjoy it in our pajamas in the living room while our parents wondered when we were going to get up and doing something else on our day off.  Unfortunately, these cartoons only lasted throughout the morning and so we really did have to figure out what to do with the rest of our day. Now that we are grown, we have learned some amazing facts about these cartoons that you probably didn’t even know back then.

Take a look and see if you were aware of any of this back when you were watching these shows:

1. Alf.

This was a very popular TV series that turned into this cartoon spin-off. His name was Gordon Shumway!  Pretty funny name for an alien!

2. Muppet Babies.

This originated as a sequence to the big movie ‘The Muppets Take Manhattan.’ No wonder they were full of adventures!

3. Muppet Babies.

Another fun fact about this show was that Howie Mandel played the voices for Animal, Skeeter and Bunsen for two years! That guy had talent.

4. HE-MAN.

The Mattel Toy Company declined to buy the rights to create a Star Wars toy line and instead created this character who went on to be one of the most popular toys and cartoon ever!

5. Optimus Prime.

This Transformer’s name is a combination of the Latin words meaning ‘Best’ and ‘First’.  It was a perfect name!