48 Things We Had In Our Home In The 80s!

We all love the 80s and that’s why we love looking at things that remind us of the time when life was just simpler. We had a lot of cool things back then and they all ended up in our house at some point. Let’s check out some stuff that you would have found in your home that will take you back. Enjoy and share with your friends.

1. Sodastream

I bet you wanted on of these? Did you have one?

2. Soup Bowls

These were given away by petrol stations.

3. Tupperware

After mum came home from a Tupperware party our house was filled with these.

4. Eternal Beau

Did your mum or nan collect these?

5. Hornsea Pottery

Everyone had these!

6. Recipe Cards

These were in every kitchen in the 70s and 80s but did you use them?

7. Chipper

Who else loved eggs, chips, and beans?

8. Potato Crimper

Did you enjoy crimped potatoes?

9. Bush Radio

Who had one of these in their kitchen?

10. Electric Knife

Dad used this every Christmas!

11. Soap On A Rope

You could find these in just about any shape possible.

12. Matey Bubble Bath

Did you get a bottle of this every Christmas?

13. Soap

Before there was liquid hand wash we used these bars of soap.

14. Avon Bubble Bath

All of our Nans had one of these.

15. Character Bubble Bath

This was another one we got for Christmas. These we enjoyed receiving.

16. Coordinating Bath Room Sets

This was how we kept our toilets warm before central heat was around.

17. Vosene

The smell alone will take you right back 30 years ago.

18. Colorful Bath Towels

Did you have one?

19. Toilet Roll Holder

We had to bring this one up.

20. Coloured Toilet Roll

This was a time when you could get toilet paper that matched your bathroom set.

21. Pierrot Bedding Set

In the 80s this bed set was very popular.

22. Care Bear Wallpaper

Who didn’t love the Care Bears in the 80s?

23. Keypers

This is where you kept all of your secret items.

24. Stereo Radio Cassette

Life just wasn’t the same without this in our life.

25. Tinkerbell Make Up

This was the only makeup we were allowed to wear.

26. Banana Clips

This was the fastest stylish was to put your hair up.

27. L’Enfant Poster

This was one of the best selling posters of the 80s.

28. Sweet Valley High Books

What girl didn’t enjoy reading this?

29. Rainbow Brite

Were you a Rainbow Brite Fan?

30. Smash Hits Magazine

Every teen loved reading these magazines!

31. Action Figures

Did you have a bucket full of these?

32. Russell Spinners

When Coca-Cola came out with these in the 80s they were very popular. Which ones did you have?

33. Garbage Pail Kids

I loved these and especially the gum that came with them.

34. Character Bedding

These were a must have accessory in every boys bedroom.

35. Panini Football Sticker Album

Did you collect these?

36. Matchbox Cars

I had tons of these!

37. Beano And Dandy

Did you have piles of these in your room?

38. Slot Cars (Scalextric)

Did you love this Race ‘n’ Chase Powertrack set?

39. This old TV

We were so happy to even have one of these.


40. Commodore 64 Micro Computer

Only the lucky ones had this.


41. Vintage country kitchen ceramic chicken/hen egg basket

Who had one of these?


42. Vintage Alarm Clock

Dad had one of these?


43. Vintage Silverware

We will all remember these from our childhood.


44. These Fragrances

Dad had at least one of these.


45. 2016 Bentley continental GT convertible

Who had one?


46. The casserole dish

Remember these?


47. Glass fish ornaments

I remember this from Gran’s house.


48. Bottles of Milk

Remember the cream on the top?