This was the best time in history to have toys! They were made so much better and had so many options. How many of these toys did you have while growing up?

1. Keypers

Every girl wanted one of these.

girl toys 1

2. Poochie

We thought that Poochie was so cute! We had to have one.

girl toys 2

3. Sweet Secrets

We kept all of our secrets here.


girl toys 3

4. A La Carte Kitchen

I would pretend to cook meals on this!

girl toys 4

5. Pound Puppies

I still have mine until now!


girl toys 5

6. Sindy

We sure wanted all of the accessories that came with this!

girl toys 6


7. My Little Pony

This one is still a bit popular but not like back then!


girl toys 7

8. Monchichi

These cute little things were a must have!

girl toys 8

9. Popples

I had all of them! Did you?


girl toys 9

10. Care Bears

An all time favourite!

girl toys 10

11. Charm Necklace

Every girl had one of these or wanted one really bad!


12. Glo Worm

We really thought that these glo worms were amazing.

13. Ice cream doll

Did you have one of these?


14. Rainbow Brite

I had this and all of the other rainbow brite dolls.

15. Yellow Tea Pot

We spent so many hours playing with this one.


16. Fashion Wheel

We thought that we were the next top fashion designer with this one.

17. More My Little Pony Dolls

They had so many different ones.


18. Tamagotchi

This was our first go at being a parent.