Back in the 80s, we didn’t have all the really cool high-tech toys like kids do nowadays but we did have a lot of cool tech toys. Tomy was a company that made some really cool toys and they are all near to our heart. Which ones do you remember?

1. Chatbot

Loved this robot!

2. Kongman

Do you remember this vertical maze game?

3. Lights Alive

This made all of us show our creative side.

4. Screwball Scamble

Best game ever!

5. Tomy-Tronic

Loved these cool video games! Just don’t try to play in the dark.

6. Super Cup Football

Did you love this one?

7. Zoids

Nothing better than making your own robotic dino!

8. Waterful Games

These were not easy at all but a lot of fun for sure!

9. Tuneyvilla Choo Choo

They made some of the best baby toys.

10. Turnin’ Turbo

My favourite out of the whole list!