You Won’t Believe What The Cast Of The Evil Dead Look Like Now!


The Evil Dead is a classic 80s horror film and is also one of the big influencing factors in the “Video Nasty” outbreak of the era when many films were deemed too extreme to be released and either had to be heavily edited or were given an X Rating meaning that many cinemas would simply refuse to show them.

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The film followed the story of Ash, a regular American Joe who decides to spend a weekend in a log cabin in the woods with some of his friends. They find an old book bound in human skin, and an old recording of an incantation that then brings the dead to life in the most vicious way possible.

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What ensues is a gruesome tale involving severed limbs and heads, trees committing acts of violence against a young woman, some seriously dark humour and some wonderful sequences that few horror films have ever been able to match. The film was made on a shoe-string budget but they really managed to get something fantastic done with it, especially with Bruce Campbell in the lead role.

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The film is over 35 years old, it has a massive cult following, two sequels and three series of Ash Vs. The Evil Dead which have followed the story on in recent years. It’s definitely time to have a look back at the characters from the film, what the actors have been up to and what they look like now….

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Ash – Bruce Campbell

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The lead character in the film and one that has gone on to become one of the most famous horror characters of all time, and even inspired to some extent characters like Duke Nukem from the video game franchise of the same name who often gives out one-liners very similar to Ash.


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Bruce Campbell has gone on to appear in many of Sam Raimi’s films over the years, including blockbusters like the Tobey Maguire-starring Spider-Man. Campbell has also been reprising his role of Ash in recent years in the Ash Vs The Evil Dead spin-off series which has become a cult hit already and ramped up the gore to the next level!


Cheryl – Ellen Sandweiss

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The girl who is viciously attacked and abused by the trees in the forest that are commanded by an unseen force, she certainly suffers throughout this film!

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Ellen Sandweiss has continued to act over the years and recently turned up in Ash Vs. The Evil dead reprising her old role of Cheryl in a cameo role.


Scott – Hal Delrich (Richard Demanincor)

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Scott was the other lad on the weekend break in the cabin alongside Ash, and was yet another to get possessed by the evil spirits and become one of the Evil Dead, ultimately meeting a gruesome end!


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Richard Demanincor (using an alias of Hal Delrich in The Evil Dead) has not done much acting since the film, but he does pop up regularly at events for The Evil Dead fans and doesn’t mind posing for an Evil Dead-themed pic, he’s obviously proud of his involvement with the film.

Linda – Betsy Baker

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Ash’s girlfriend in the film, Linda certainly had a turbulent time, as she has a pencil rudely inserted in to her ankle in one of the scenes that saw the movie banned, ended up buried and then beheaded!


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Betsy Baker has continued to act over the years and has recently been seen in the likes of The Orville, Sharp Objects and Shameless, so she is appearing in some fairly major productions with several projects underway still so she’s keeping busy!


Shelly – Sarah York (Theresa Tilly)

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Shelly suddenly gets possessed in the film and ends up attacking Scott before she is brutally dismembered! But let’s face it, she probably deserved it!

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Appearing in The Evil Dead under the alias Sarah York, Theresa Tilly has also gone on to be a busy actress appearing in varied projects including Dangerous Women, Oz the Great and Powerful and Stomping Ground. Tilly also still has a couple of projects in the works as we speak.

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Is The Evil Dead a favourite of yours, and how does it compare to modern day horrors, including the recent re-make of the film? Let us know all of your Deadite related thoughts in the comments as always!