You Won’t Believe What The Cast Of Aliens Look Like Today!

Aliens is one of the classic and defining movies of the 1980s and was a film that showed you could take a fantastic film, and make an equally good sequel even if the two are considered to be in very different genres – Alien being horror, Aliens being Action Sci-Fi.

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The film was a massive success and is still hugely popular today, and one of the things that made it so good was the wonderful cast, so let’s take a look at how the cast looked in Aliens and how they look now…

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Ellen Ripley – Sigourney Weaver

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The lead character in the Alien films, though Ripley was a totally different person in this compared to Alien. Sigourney Weaver was perfectly cast in this role and has gone on to star in may more productions since and is still busy today!

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Newt – Carrie Henn

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The little girl that Ripley took on as a kind of foster child, the two building a very close bond as the film went on. Carrie Henn played the part of Newt very well and so it’s a shame that this is her only real acting role, as she chose not to pursue it as a career.

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Corporal Hicks – Michael Biehn

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The same actor that starred in Terminator, also directed by James Cameron, Michael Biehn was great as Hicks, the marine that Ripley was able to really get on with and connect with as the film went on. Biehn has kept busy over the years and continued to grace our screens regularly since.

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Burke – Paul Reiser

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Burke was the company man who turned out to be not very nice and cared far more about profit than the welfare of those around him. Paul Reiser has had a steady career and has recently been seen in Stranger Things as Dr. Sam Owens.

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Bishop – Lance Henriksen

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The android Bishop was someone that Ripley struggled to connect with due to her confrontation with another android, Ash, in the first film, but Bishop comes good in the end! Lance Henriksen has gone on to appear in more than 200 productions and regularly appears in Sci-Fi and Horror films.

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Sergeant Apone – Al Matthews

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The leader of the Marine Corps and master of the put-down to his marines, but they still respect him massively and he has them totally under control until things get really bad! Al Matthews has continued to act on and off but has certainly not been prolific, but he appears on our screens still from time to time.

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Private Vasquez – Jenette Goldstein

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Vasquez was the bad-ass female marine who loved a big gun and wasn’t afraid to get stuck in when the fighting started! Jenette Goldstein is a very talented character actress who is almost unrecognisable from one role to another!

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Liutenant Gorman – William Hope

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Gorman certainly knew how to rub the other marines up the wrong way, especially because he had very little real field experience and that was something they desperately needed! William Hope has starred in more than 150 different projects over the years and has even lent his voice to characters in Thomas and Friends over recent years.

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Private Hudson – Bill Paxton

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Hudson was a real character and had some of the best lines in the film! He often didn’t take things seriously but could be very handy when he needed to be relied on. Bill Paxton was a great actor who always brought a scene to life when he starred in it, and he very sadly passed away in 2017 at the age of 61.

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Are you a fan of Aliens? Is it a film you can watch over and again? Who is your favourite character and why? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments as always. Game over, Man! Game over!