You Can Now Get An Instant 8-Pack With Surgery

It’s April now, which means that most people who gave themselves New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of 2019 probably gave them up a while ago. In fact, studies show that 92% of set resolutions fail and, of those, 80% have already failed by February.

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That means that the flocks of people who bought a gym membership on January first have probably long since stopped going, and all the banned foods and bad habits have slowly crept back on to the shopping lists, and back into people’s lives.

Instant 8 pack 1 You Can Now Get An Instant 8-Pack With Surgery

Here’s the good news: plastic surgery has now advanced so much, that the only way to get a defined six-pack is no longer by sweating away hours at the gym.

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Some plastic surgeons are now giving customers the option of getting a whole eight-pack put in instantly, although the procedure doesn’t come cheap.

Instant 8 pack 2 e1556620989754 You Can Now Get An Instant 8-Pack With Surgery

CEO and surgeon Raweewat Maschamadol shared images of the process, which is available at the hospital he owns in Bangkok.

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He stated that he only takes on between 20 and 30 customers to go under the knife each year, and that most of those opting for the surgery are celebrities – such as models or musicians.

Instant 8 pack 3 You Can Now Get An Instant 8-Pack With Surgery

Though some other plastic surgeons have been known to offer six-packs that are put in with silicon, this operation involves no fillers at all, as the resulting look isn’t very natural. Not only that, but should the customer gain or lose any weight, then the fillers can shift and look even less organic than before.

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Instead, this procedure relies on removing fat from around the abdomen, which carves out the shape of a six pack in reverse. The resulting shape is much more natural, as it perfectly mimics where the actual abs would sit on the body.

Instant 8 pack 4 e1556621107153 You Can Now Get An Instant 8-Pack With Surgery

Another upside of the surgery is that it’s completely painless, but there are downsides too. In particular, the recovery process is fairly lengthy as the bruises need time to fade, and then the chest piece itself needs to heal.

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However, for people who aren’t afraid of the price or the long recovery time the waiting list is only growing longer, probably because sitting at home healing is less effort than going to the gym.

Instant 8 pack 5 You Can Now Get An Instant 8-Pack With Surgery