If you’re looking to cool down this summer whilst indulging in some childhood nostalgia then you’re in for a pleasant surprise!

You can now buy Fab lolly cocktails for just £4 – they look amazing and definitely remind us of summers gone by.

The boozy drink was invented by the Driftwood bar in Glasgow, and is already taking the Scottish city by storm. The Fab cocktail itself is bright pink and topped with hundreds and thousands sprinkles.

It even comes with its own lolly on top – and we’re dying to try one in what looks set to be a scorching summer.

They’re back by popular demand, and re-launched at the Scottish pub earlier this month.

And that’s not all. The Driftwood is also selling Solero slushies and Fruit Pastille cocktails.

If you’re in the area, the pub also sells a range of 12 Disney cocktails for £3.50 – and mocktail versions for £2.50. Even more childhood nostalgia for us to taste!

Manager Nicola Walker told PRETTY52: “Some of our more popular ones are the Mickey Mouse (with Oreo ears), the Let It Go made with Raspberry Maddog and Tropical Sourz and The Lady and The Tramp which come with a strawberry spaghetti laces.”