You Can Now Buy Easter Eggs That Contain Entire Bottles Of Gin

If you’re obsessed with gin (and you also happen to be a chocolate lover!) then the easter egg of your dreams has just been launched in time for the spring holidays.


Easter is now under a month away and the supermarket shelves are lined with hundreds of eggs just waiting to be eaten. Most of them are fairly standard Creme Egg or Mini Egg varieties…but what if you could buy an easter egg which contained a bottle of gin instead?

Screenshot 2019 03 25 at 09.58.07 You Can Now Buy Easter Eggs That Contain Entire Bottles Of Gin

Thanks to Manchester chocolatier Slattery, you can now do just that! Slattery has partnered with a local gin brewery named Zymurgorium to create a fantastic range of unicorn and flamingo Easter eggs.

Each of the eggs contain a full size 50cl bottle of either FlaGINgo gin, which is a pink gin variety with mango, pineapple, passionfruit and ginger flavours, or a Realm of the Unicorn gin, which boasts a toasted marshmallow flavour. Sounds yummy!

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So how do they actually fit the gin bottle inside the egg shell? Apparently the milk chocolate shell is constructed around the bottle and then coated in white and strawberry chocolate.

Screenshot 2019 03 25 at 09.58.24 You Can Now Buy Easter Eggs That Contain Entire Bottles Of Gin

This isn’t the first time that Slattery have gone all out with their Easter egg offerings. They are notorious for their intricate egg designs and have previously sold Game of Thrones-themed dragon eggs, selfie eggs (with a photo printed on the chocolate) and even ‘circus eggs’ that came complete with a Greatest Showman-style top hat.

However, this is the first time that Slattery have delved into the magical combination of chocolate and alcohol.

The eggs themselves are fairly fragile, meaning that they aren’t stocked in many places around the UK. You can buy them in the Slattery store in Manchester, while the Manchester branches of Selfridges and House of Fraser also stock the eggs.

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You can also preorder over the phone by calling 0161 767 9303. The unicorn egg will set you back £49, while the flamingo variety is £59.

You Can Now Buy Easter Eggs That Contain Entire Bottles Of Gin

A spokesperson for Slattery released a statement on their gin Easter eggs: “All our Easter eggs are made by hand, and we have a skilled team of chocolatiers and cake decorators that are involved in the process. Each year we bring back old favourites like the unicorn and circus egg which are always popular, but we always try and create new and exciting ideas.

“As our eggs are handmade and have lots of intricate work, the majority are collection only as they are too fragile to send by courier. We have a small selection on our website that we are able to post throughout the UK.”

If you don’t fancy waiting around for a gin egg to be delivered, you can also try the M&S Prosecco egg which is currently on shelves. Or if that doesn’t take your fancy, Sainsbury’s have released an Easter egg made entirely from cheese.

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Will you be buying one of these gin easter eggs? Let us know in the comments section!