Everyone loves a good Greggs, but could you enjoy the bakery enough to buy a Christmas jumper emblazoned with the chain’s logo? No? Regardless, now you can.

This is not a drill – and no, your eyes do not deceive: that really is a Greggs-themed Christmas jumper. Hey, it’s 2019.


The jumper comes courtesy of retailer Not Just Clothing, and features several patterns that will no doubt be familiar to the Greggs connoisseur.

For starters, there’s the Greggs font, in traditional white against a blue background, taking centre stage – where it belongs.


You also have the Greggs logo – four yellow squares which, according to the official account from a Greggs spokesperson, “don’t denote anything” – patterned along the top and bottom of the sweater.

Last but not least, there’s the Greggs sausage roll, or more specifically three of them arranged in a pattern that suggests Stonehenge, although obviously the famous Druid monument hasn’t had quite the same impact on British society.


The jumper also features a row of snowflakes for good measure, just so nobody confuses this heartwarming bit of Christmas knitwear for a walking advertisement for a pasty shop.

You can get yours now – or never, if you’d prefer – for £39.99 from the Not Just Clothing website.