This Is What Winnie From ‘The Wonder Years’ Is Up To Now

Who can forget Kevin Arnold’s first and only love, Winnie Cooper!  She was the adorable neighbor that grew up before our eyes. It has been 23 years since this show told the story of a young boy, in retrospect, by his older self who was writing about it. Needless to say, many of his memories were about Winnie. This relationship between her and Kevin developed over many years and she certainly stole the hearts of other boys who grew up watching this show as well.  Take a look at what she looks like now!

Their relationship began from the very first episode.

Kevin always seemed nervous around her.

They gradually became closer as the show progressed.

The two had a connection that couldn’t be denied.

They were torn apart when Winnie moved to Paris to study.

They continued to write each other while she was away.

The Wonder Years went off the air 23 years ago.

This was her back then.

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This is Winnie today.

Her name is Danica McKellar and she enjoys staying fit.

She has really grown up since The Wonder Years.

Here’s a glamorous photo of her in vintage style!

She’s even going to be a contestant on season 18 of Dancing With The Stars.

So, it looks like we’ll be seeing her a lot and fans of The Wonder Years are glad for it!

The original cast reunited after almost 20 years.

Seeing them together brings back so many memories for the fans. They look like they still belong together!

Now, Danica is an author and loves NPR!

She has written 4 math books.

That’s because she is also a mathematician.

She is 41 years old and she looks incredible!