20 Reasons Why Harry Potter Is Just The Worst Person

Consisting of eight action-packed fantasy films, the Harry Potter series shot actor Daniel Radcliffe to fame, alongside co-stars Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.

With meddlesome magic, a troublesome trio and even some good old-fashioned fight scenes (with wands, of course), there truly is something for everyone.

Still, there’s just one problem with the films: Harry Potter isn’t the hero he is often hailed as being. In fact, he’s actually the worst. Here’s why.

20. He has anger issues

Yes, sure, don’t we all. After all, Harry is just your average teenage boy (who can also perform magic). And let’s face it, being a teenager can often be incredibly frustrating.

But this is the real world (kind of), and we have to learn that our actions have consequences.

Harry has grown so accustomed to being protected and defended by those around him that he thinks nothing of breaking the golden rule of ‘no magic on Muggles’, at one point rather savagely turning his Aunt Marge into a flesh balloon and smugly watching her float away.

Sure, his actions are somewhat justifiable due to the fact that Aunt Marge is an awful human being, purposely favouring Dudley and treating Harry as inferior.

But Harry’s unauthorised use of magic causes absolute mayhem, even forcing the Ministry of Magic to get involved and fix the mess he made.

19. He implements his powers sadistically

Harry Potter may be just a story, but it does pride itself on being relatively realistic (bar the magic, of course). Harry, however, never takes the easy way out.

Take for example the scene where Harry dons his invisibility cloak and decides to have some fun with Draco Malfoy and his pals.

Harry might be just a mere scrap of a boy, but he summons superhero strength in order to take on Malfoy.

Harry uses his invisibility to drag Malfoy around in the snow, and we can just imagine the look of sheer smug joy on his face as he does so.

But why, Harry? Why not just give Draco a swift kick and get on with your day? Instead, he torments the trio, even going so far as to pull down one of Draco’s friend’s trousers. Quite frankly, Harry’s behaviour is outrageous, and bordering on predatory.

18. He’s physically aggressive

Not only is Harry prone to outbursts of anger, but he’s frequently physically aggressive when he doesn’t get his own way.

For instance, in The Prisoner of Azkaban, we are first introduced to the Hogsmeade choir: a group of goblins brought together by their love of singing and spreading seasonal cheer.

However, their performance is interrupted by one of Harry’s frequent violent outbursts after he finds out Sirius Black is in fact his godfather.

In a fit of pure rage, Harry, invisibility cloak and all, crashes into the group of carol singers, knocking several goblins to the ground.

It is left to his embarrassed friends to deal with the aftermath, with both Ron and Hermione apologising profusely on Harry’s behalf.

17. He’s incredibly entitled

Harry grew up in a less than ideal household, which may have led to him suffering from low self-esteem issues.

In fact, in the first film, we have a lot of time for Harry. There he is, an 11-year-old orphan subject to a life of abuse and banished to sleep in a cupboard.

However, the tides soon turned. As soon as it is revealed that he is a wizard, and not just any wizard, but an incredibly special wizard, Harry starts to get ideas above his station.

He becomes arrogant, always thinking he’s in control and completely disregarding the fact that sometimes, adults really do know best.

For example, when Professor McGonagall warns him that the Philosopher’s Stone is well protected, Harry completely ignores her advice, blindly believing that he knows better.

16. He has absolutely no respect for authority

We all go through a rebellious stage, but Harry is often downright disrespectful to both his peers and elders.

We’ve already discussed his sheer disobedience of McGonagall in The Philosopher’s Stone, but this would not be the last time Harry would show his blatant disregard for an authority figure.

Despite being surrounded by adults who made it their priority to keep Harry safe, he continuously ignores the rules put in place to protect him.

In the Chamber of Secrets, he evades the responsible adults in order to protect Ginny, with no thought towards consequences or safety.

Luckily, Ginny is largely physically unharmed, but is still haunted by the mental torment of the whole ordeal.

15. He’s an attention seeker

Although seemingly modest and reserved, Harry evidently secretly craves the attention that comes with being ‘the boy who lived’.

He constantly puts himself in life-threatening situations in order to gain attention. A classic example of this is at the Triwizard Game Tournament, where Harry is tasked with rescuing Ginny from the bottom of the lake.

Instead of sticking to the task he was given, Harry decides it is his duty to rescue all of the participants’ rescuees.

Harry ensures he is the sole centre of attention, breaking to the surface in a state of exhaustion and self-congratulatory superiority, despite the fact that none of the people really needed saving.

Let’s face it, Dumbledore would never have allowed these innocent people to drown during what is essentially a school sports day.

14. He uses Voldemort’s name despite everyone’s discomfort with it

‘He who shall not be named’ is rather a long-winded title if we’re honest, but the wizarding community were clearly left so shaken by Voldemort’s actions that they could simply not bring themselves to say his name.

Which, let’s face it, is fair enough – this is one of the most evil men in history we’re talking (or not) about. Harry, however, shows no sensitivity to their discomfort.

He refuses to humour the other wizards, instead blatantly referring to Voldemort by name, much to the obvious discomfort of those around him.

Perhaps Harry feels that, as his parents were victims of Voldemort, he is entitled to use his name if he so wishes.

However, would it really hurt him just to restrain himself when in the company of others, if only for the sake of politeness?

13. He’s self-centred

Being that the film series is called ‘Harry Potter’, it’s only natural that Harry is the main focus of the franchise.

However, Harry proves himself to be selfish at times, with little to no regard for those around him.

For example, Harry frequently refuses Ron and Hermione’s help, insisting that he can do any job alone (news flash: he can’t).

In The Deathly Hallows: Part One, Harry kicks off when his friends are preparing to use Polyjuice Potion to create multiple Harrys.

What Harry doesn’t seem to understand is that they are not doing it just for him: their own lives and families are at risk, too.

12. He takes advantage of his friends

Ron and Hermione stick by Harry’s side through thick and thin. And what do they get in return? Not a lot, if we’re honest.

Harry takes all the credit, when a lot of the hard work is actually down to Ron, Hermione and various other talented young witches and wizards (including Neville, of course).

Ron is humble and caring, while Hermione is intelligent and a dedicated student. Yet Harry, due to his fame and sizeable inheritance, is the star of the show.

Harry frequently throws his pals under the bus, including the time when he and Ron take Mr. Weasley’s car. Sure, Ron could have put a stop to this, but with Harry’s frequent temper tantrums, who knows when he’ll have yet another violent outburst?

Harry pays no mind to the trouble Ron will get into, nor the consequences for the Weasleys themselves.

11. He is disloyal towards Hagrid

Hagrid is there for Harry from the very beginning, providing him with respite from the arduous Dursleys. He is, if you will, the real OG.

The pair remain close for the first few movies, but Harry soon gets ideas above his station.

It could be said that Hagrid isn’t that soundest of characters. Let’s face it, he makes some pretty questionable decisions, including advising Harry to ‘follow the spiders’ (good one, Hagrid).

All the same, Hagrid always looks out for Harry and tries to make sure the boy wizard stays happy and healthy.

Yet how does Harry repay him? By naming his children after two rather dubious characters instead of the man who was basically responsible for making his early teens somewhat bearable.

10. He got angry at Cho for being upset over her boyfriend’s death

When a friend’s partner passes away, the most obvious reaction is one of sympathy and support.

But not for Harry Potter. Oh no, the Boy Who Lived is far too important to be worrying himself with small matters like his friend’s broken heart.

After her boyfriend, Cedric Diggory, tragically passes away, Cho comes to Harry for support, plagued by feelings of loss as well as guilt over her attraction to Harry.

But unfortunately for Cho, she soon learns that Harry has far more important things on his mind.

Things such as winning the all-important Triwizard Tournament and being consumed by jealousy.

9. He got to name all of his children

When it comes to naming kids, one would expect the mother and father to have somewhat of an equal say in the matter.

But Harry is just so full of ingenious ideas that he has the privilege of naming all three of his children: James Sirius, Albus Severus and Lily Luna.

Of course, you just have to name your second-born child after the man who mercilessly taunted you all throughout your teenage years.

And it’s a great idea to name the remaining children after your dead parents – after all, which child wouldn’t want a constant reminder that they’re stepping into the shoes of their long-deceased ancestors?!

Before we get too angry over the injustice of it all, let’s just remind ourselves that all Ginny did was carry each child in her stomach for nine months, after which time she painstakingly gave birth to them. She really has no naming rights…

8. He was responsible for his godfather’s death

Harry is elated when he discovers Sirius Black is his godfather, especially after the relief of discovering Sirius did not, in fact, betray his parents.

Finally, Harry learns he has a tangible link to his dead parents, whom he desperately pines for.

But unfortunately for Sirius, Harry has a hard time following instructions, thus ultimately leading to Sirius’ untimely death.

Sirius was trying to help Harry, giving him a mirror so that they could communicate safely.

But Harry, as per usual, insists that he knows best. Off he marches to the Ministry of Magic, unknowingly and ignorantly sending his beloved godfather to his death. Nice one, Harry.

7. He toyed with Ginny Weasley’s emotions

The Weasleys invited Harry into their home in his time of need, caring for him as one of their own.

You might think that Harry would repay their generosity with kindness and gratitude. But remember, this is Harry Potter we’re talking about.

Harry is far too important to lower himself like that, instead revelling in the glow of Ginny’s undying adoration, all whilst keeping her at arms length.

Ginny finally realises Harry just isn’t cut out for a relationship and starts to move on, even showing interest in other boys.

However, Harry becomes overwhelmed with jealousy, and decides he does actually like her after all. Make your mind up, pal.

6. He isn’t even that good at magic

Hailed as ‘The Boy Who Lived’, aka the young wizard of prophecy, it turns out Harry isn’t actually that special, after all.

He struggles for ages to produce a Patronus to ward off the Dementors, and is even given private one-on-one lessons because regular schooling isn’t enough.

Professor Lupin does everything within his power to help Harry, even using a shape-shifting Boggart in the place of a Dementor for Harry to practice on in an attempt to ease him in slowly.

Despite this, Harry still fails to produce a Patronus, managing to conjure only the merest thin wisp of vapour.

Even when Harry does eventually manage to produce a Patronus, it causes him to practically pass out with exhaustion, only to be revived by some chocolate provided by Lupin. Honestly, the lengths some people will go to for a free snack…

5. He’s a bad date

Whether you’re a wizard or a Muggle, high school dances are the worst. We’ve all been there.

Lets face it, awkward interactions with the opposite sex, while desperately trying to build up the courage to ask your date to dance, are hardly enjoyable.

Of course, this isn’t the case for Harry, who invites Parvati Patel to the Yule Ball and proceeds to pretty much ignore her for the entire evening.

Sure, Parvati wasn’t Harry’s first choice of date, but she’s clearly thrilled to be there with him. And what does she get in return? Sheer indifference, that’s what.

Instead of being thankful that he even has a date (short, bespectacled boys aren’t usually such a hit with the ladies), Harry sits on the sidelines with Ron and sulks over the fact that Cho won’t dance with him.

4. He risks his life for a shopping trip

We all remember the intense excitement that came when you were allowed to leave school at lunchtime and head to the local shop.

In the Prisoner of Azkaban, the third year students are finally given this privilege, although they of course need a permission slip to seal the deal.

Now, the Dursleys, being the Durselys, refuse to sign Harry’s slip, potentially leaving him confined to Hogwarts for the foreseeable future.

But Harry isn’t about to let such small things as health and safety get in the way of his shopping expedition. Let’s be honest, just how is a boy supposed to survive without some chocolate in his life?

With the help of Marauder’s Map, Harry sneaks into the village with little regard for the Dementors and alleged serial killer said to be on the loose, failing to realise that the permission slip procedure was perhaps in place for a reason…

3. He ghosts Hermione after she tries to help him

Harry is thrilled when he receives a surprise gift in the mail, which turns out to be a Firebolt broomstick.

All of Harry’s Quidditch related dreams have come true, and it’s remarkable timing considering his Nimbus 2000 has literally just been destroyed.

Whilst Harry and Ron are wrapped up in the excitement of it all, Hermione is the voice of reason, explaining that she thinks Sirius Black is behind the gift.

At this stage, Hermione, Ron and Harry are still of the belief that Sirius is a violent criminal. Considering this, it’s fair to say that Hermione is quite justified in going to Professor McGonagall over her concerns for her friend’s safety.

Harry, though, is furious, and refuses to speak to or even acknowledge his “best friend”, despite the fact that Hermione was clearly acting in his best interests.

2. He stole a lollipop from Neville Longbottom’s mouth

Harry uses his invisibility cloak to pull off all kinds of mischief, including sneaking into Hogsmeade.

The first time Harry pulls this trick, he emerges from the passage from Hogwarts into the cupboard of a sweet shop, Honeydukes.

Off Harry goes, most probably in search of Hermione and Ron, when he passes Neville enjoying a lollipop.

In an outrageous display of entitlement, Harry swipes said lollipop straight from Neville’s hand.

Not only is this incredibly disgusting and unhygienic, but it shows a complete lack of regard for poor old Neville, the real hero of the story.

1. He doesn’t take Snape’s Occlumency lessons seriously

In The Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore explains to Harry that he needs to close off his mind to Voldemort.

He predicts that Voldemort will use his connection with Harry to his advantage, and so Dumbledore decides to set up Occlumency lessons with Snape for Harry to attend.

Of course, Harry and Snape are divided by conflict and Harry, quite justifiably, doesn’t trust Snape. He is sullen throughout the sessions, and does not practice between lessons as he is asked to.

However, Harry should surely trust Dumbledore in his infinite wisdom, instead of simply refusing to take the lessons at all seriously.

Harry convinces himself he can use the connection to his advantage and, as we all know, Harry always knows best. Except he obviously doesn’t.