1p sweets have been a staple of confectionery retailers for many decades now, tried and tested customer favourites that are enjoyed by both the young and the old. As kids, nothing filled us with joy more than having just 10 or 20p to spend on these tasty delights. You could get so much for your money (remember when they were just half a penny?), and there was so much choice that we were literally ‘kids in a candy store’.

And it’s with your help that we’ve compiled the following list of 20 legendary penny sweets from our childhood. Is your favourite on here?

1. Mojos

Oh boy, we can remember the taste of these like it was yesterday. Delicious.


2. Rhubarb And Custard

These lasted for ages and had a lovely fruity taste. Yum.

3. Black Jacks

Personally we weren’t a fan of these, but know that they were incredibly popular.


4. Yorkshire Mixture

To be honest we weren’t particularity familiar with these, but many of you expressed your undying love for them!


5. Cherry Lips

This is really giving us a sweet tooth!

6. Liquorice Torpedoes

Again, we weren’t a fan of liquorice personally, but we still remember these very well.


7. Jelly Beans

Still popular and still one of our absolute favourites.

8. Cola Cubes

Yum, yum. And yum.


9. Strawberries And Cream

Similar to Rhubarb and Custard these, but with a different and distinctive taste.

10. Bubbly

We don’t remember these, but a number of you declared them to be one of your favourites.


11. Cherry Drops

Was it even humanly possible to suck these without eventually biting them?

12. Strawberry Laces

If only our real shoe laces were made of these as kids.


13. Bon Bons

Oh wow, we had forgotten about these. Delightful.


14. Flying Saucers

Have you tasted these recently? They’re like cardboard with a tiny bit of sherbet in. Was that the case when we were children?

15. White Chocolate Fish And Chips

Our absolute favourite, these were mouth-wateringly delicious.


16. Milk Bottles

These were juicy and we’d devour a load right now if we could get our hands on some.


17. Bananas

These counted as one of our five a day, right?

18. Dracula Teeth

These were sweets and comedy teeth in one, what wasn’t to like?


19. Fruit Salad

Surely one of the greatest sweets of the 80s, these were flavoursome and juicy.


20. Cola Bottles

We all bit off the top and pretended we were drinking the contents right?