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Your vegan friends will not be happy

Honey is not vegan. Due to the process involved in creating honey, vegans believe that it is harmful and damaging to bees, so therefore does not fall under the umbrella of fully vegan foods. A popular vegan alternative to honey is agave syrup, otherwise known as agave nectar.

You’ll feel the same effects as sugar

Honey is classed as a ‘free sugar’, similar to natural sugars found in fruit juices. If you are diabetic, free sugars will affect your blood sugar levels just as any other sugar would, so don’t be fooled into thinking that regular breakfast honey is a sugar alternative – it’s not.

Your health will improve

If sticking to a tablespoon of honey a day, your overall health should improve. Honey contains antioxidants and various beneficial nutrients. This is particularly true if you try and consume raw honey as opposed to processed, which can usually be found alongside regular honey on store shelves or in health food shops.

Joint pain should be relieved

Honey in its raw form is known to contain natural anti-inflammatory compounds known as flavonoids. Flavonoids are known to contain anti-inflammatory and even anti-allergenic properties, which can be of real benefit to you if you suffer from aching joints, arthritis, gout or even mild inflammation problems.

You will have better sleep

Honey will help you to have a better sleep due to it aiding in the replenishment of liver glycogen. Recent studies have found that the natural sugars in honey will maintain steady blood sugar levels in the liver through glycogen allowing your body to better rest and recuperate.

Acid reflux symptoms will disappear

If you have a problem with acid reflux, take honey before bed (raw honey is highly recommended) and the reflux should reduce. According to a study in the British Medical Journal, the thick viscous texture of honey can work wonders at keeping the build-up of excess stomach acid at bay.

Menopausal symptoms may lessen

While certainly not a miracle cure and with studies still in the early stage, using honey to combat menopausal symptoms has proven effective. In a recent study in the journal of Molecular and Clinical Oncology it was found that regular intake of honey resulted in improved symptoms of hot flashes in certain patients.

Chances of heart failure will be reduced

Due to an abundance of natural antioxidants found in honey, your overall heart health should improve should you eat a teaspoon a day. Antioxidants reduce the ability of platelets in the blood to clot and prevent low-density lipoproteins in the bloodstream from oxidizing, therefore protecting the heart in the long run.

Your bowel movements will become more regular

A teaspoon of honey contains the required enzymes and nutrients needed to help your body cleanse your digestive tract, thereby helping with issues and symptoms caused by constipation. Taken alongside other natural gut-friendly ingredients like lemon, honey has shown to really help in the long term.

You will have fresher breath

Interestingly, honey actually has hydroscopic tendencies. What this means is it draws moisture away from bacteria, resulting in less bacterial multiplication. Manuka honey in particular contains high levels of anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, which can help to keep your overall mouth health in good condition.

It can help manage diabetes

Diabetics know that they must eat a balanced and considered diet to manage the condition. Provided that honey is consumed in small amounts, there is a definite benefit to a daily spoonful. There is evidence that, for people with type 2 diabetes, daily honey intake may improve their blood sugar levels.

You’ll feel bright as a button from improved wellbeing

Polyphenols might not sound all that appetising – a burger or a packet of cookies has more taste appeal – but polyphenols are known to be beneficial in maintaining good overall health, and especially in helping to prevent some chronic conditions such as cancer. A definite incentive to add that spoonful of honey to your daily diet.

You can offset premature aging

One of those buzz words that gets thrown about but actually carries some weight, antioxidants are found in abundance in unprocessed honey. Antioxidants are the little beauties that neutralize reactive oxygen species (ROS). OK, not so well known, but they can build up and cause damage and premature ageing. If you can find a darker honey, even better.

You could lower your blood pressure

Take the pressure off, quite literally – an observational study including over 4,500 people aged 40 or above found a link between moderate honey intake and a lower risk of high blood pressure. There is a lot more to learn, so the benefits could be even greater than we know. That spoonful of honey looks like a no-brainer.

Honey is great for managing asthma

If you’re one of the many people who suffer from asthma, read on. Honey is known to help prevent and to reduce asthma symptoms, largely as it prevents inflammation of the airways. That’s a pretty sizeable result, given that 25 million people in the US alone have asthma (and an estimated 339 million worldwide).

You can use it to heal your boo-boos

Some of us will be aware of the antibacterial properties of honey as a great salve for minor wounds when applied topically – ie, straight to the skin. However, it’s also useful when eaten, as honey activates an immune response that fights infection – boosting the numbers of all those white blood cells that go rushing to the site to help repair your injury.

You’ll find your skin looking healthier

OK, all the serious health benefits of a daily spoonful of honey can’t be denied, but there are plenty of other reasons to consider. The amino acids found in honey are helpful in the repair and rebuilding of the foundation under your skin strong and voluptuous, which is great for warding off that haggard look that can come with age. Nobody wants that.

Give yourself a natural detox

Hear the word ‘detox’ and you might be forgiven for thinking of expensive spa treatments and restrictive diet plans. That need not be the case, if you choose to eat a spoonful of honey each day, as the flavonoids within honey help to combat those pesky free radicals we inevitably consume. They taste good but they sure don’t do any good!

OK, this one is more topical…

Granted, this one doesn’t involve consuming honey… but it’s also great when applied to partial or minor burns. You know the kind – caught your hand on the stove or doused your leg in scalding-hot coffee, that kind of thing. Honey’s natural disinfectant properties make it a powerful tool in treating burns.

You’ll get a better workout after a spoonful

Whatever your personal feelings about working out, there’s no doubting the evidence that small amounts of honey can increase performance when exercising. Studies on athletes found that a bit of honey during their routine had a better effect than glucose on their performance. Honey also released its sugar more slowly, another benefit. Say goodbye to those mid-run jelly babies – honey it is!

You can say goodbye to summer sneezing

For all you sufferers of allergies from different kinds of pollen, honey is your go-to. Outdoor activities can be challenging when you’re constantly sneezing or your eyes are streaming. But honey contains traces of pollen, and if you eat a daily spoonful of local honey (or even from further afield – no pun intended), your body is exposed to the pollen, thus reducing your sensitivity to it. Result.

You might find it helps prevent weight gain

For some of us, just looking at a quart of ice cream can add half a pound, and half the battle is not gaining weight (let alone losing it – that’s another story). So the news that a spoonful of honey each day might help you ward off that pesky creep on the scales has to be welcome news. Just don’t reach for the cookie jar afterwards!

You can ease yourself out of your hangover

Yes please! There is evidence that honey can help the metabolic process of eliminating alcohol from our bodies. Definitely worth a try – and one recommendation of a banana coated in honey sounds amazing, especially if the alternative is sweating it out in the gym. You just have to be able to face it first…

You’ll benefit from increased digestion

Honey is like liquid gold. It contains helpful enzymes that increase digestion and the absorption of nutrients into your body. That’s got to be good for pretty much everyone, right? The better fed your body is, the healthier you are – pretty straightforward, really. Grab those pom-poms and raise a cheer for honey!

Your brain will thank you

Your brain needs care as much as the rest of you. Helping your in-house processor to stay fully functional – and reducing your chances of nasty conditions like dementia – can in part be helped by a daily dose of honey. Calcium is vital for brain nourishment, and honey can help with the absorption of such. Glass of warm milk and honey, anyone?

You can lower your blood cholesterol

Ooh, the C word. LDL cholesterol specifically is the kind we should try to avoid, and various studies have found that honey can help to reduce the levels of LDL in your bloodstream. That daily spoonful of honey really can work wonders – just don’t undo all your hard work with a fried egg sandwich!

Honey can help regulate your sleep

Sounds too good to be true? Worth a try, though, especially if you struggle with your sleep. A spoonful of honey will raise your serotonin and insulin levels, which (in a healthy person) will be turned into melatonin, the hormone that prompts sleep. Honey as part of bedtime routines has been around for donkeys’ years, so it’s a tried and tested method. Sweet dreams!

Head off those awkward flaky moments

Nobody likes dandruff – it’s embarrassing and uncomfortable. Honey to the rescue, if you can face applying it to your scalp. Mix it with water in a 50/50 proportion and leave it in for an hour. Oh, and raw honey if possible – much more antibacterial and therefore much more effective.

Give yourself an energy boost

We’ve all been there… blood sugar levels drop and you feel a bit flat. On occasion, it can make you feel faint. So you reach for a quick fix. But don’t grab the nearest sugary treat. Unlike our appealing but not-so-healthy friend refined sugar, honey is absorbed directly into the bloodstream so it’s a much faster, more efficient source of energy. Hurrah!

You can boost your gut health

More and more these days, we’re learning of the importance of looking after our microbiome – the community of healthy bacteria and other organisms that live in our digestive tract and help us to stay healthy. Honey is great for inhibiting the harmful effect of mycotoxins (they sound pretty grim) and can improve your gut microflora.

Fight off that pesky cough!

Is there no end of the power of that golden nectar? Having a cough is a hassle, and they can last for ages. However, it’s not just an old wives’ tale: one study found that honey was more effective as a cough suppressant than strong medicines such as dextromethorphan or diphenhydramine (it’s easier to say it and to spell it too)!

Insomniacs…have you tried honey yet?

There’s nothing much worse than insomnia… unless it’s chronic insomnia. We all get the odd night where we’re tossing and turning, but if it’s night after night it’s akin to torture. So here’s a solid tip: insomniacs are recommended to take a tablespoon of honey before bed, as honey contains an amino acid called tryptophan, which helps you fall asleep. Phew.

Honey can rid you of that sicky feeling

Oh wow. Another nasty resolved by the wonders of honey. Whether it’s nausea from motion sickness, morning sickness or some other issue, it’s never pleasant. You could consider adding ginger or lemon juice to your spoonful of raw honey, but whatever you choose, it can only be an improvement on feeling sick!

You can help your own memory

We all forget from time to time – some of us are renowned for it. The good news is that there are things you can do to help your memory stay sharp, and one of those is honey. The polyphenols in honey are believed to improve both short- and long-term memory. You just have to remember to take your daily spoonful to get the benefits.

You’ve got a natural remedy for anxiety and stress

We all get anxious from time to time, but persistent feelings of anxiety can be crippling. So to be able to reduce suffering from this awful affliction simply by adding a daily spoon of honey to your routine seems sensible. The background is that honey enables the production of serotonin via the amino acid it contains, called tryptophan. Raw honey also possesses a variety of antidepressant, and anxiolytic properties.

Great news for your immune system

Keeping your immune system ticking along nicely is a must… and that daily spoon of honey is an easy addition to help. It’s like a little extra soldier on the front line – all the properties we know it has (antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-tumor) only serves to help your immune system stay in tip-top condition.

You could protect yourself from food poisoning

Ew – the dreaded food poisoning and its unpleasant effects. Not something anyone ever wants, even for a cheeky day off work! Luckily, honey has antibacterial properties and it’s thought that those properties can help protect our bodies from nasties such as E. coli and salmonella poisoning. A great incentive to add that daily spoonful of honey to your routine.

You could strengthen your heart health

The pump that powers your body is worthy of care, there’s no doubt about it. Honey contains flavonoids, which are thought to decrease the risk of heart disease by improving vasodilation (the expansion of blood vessels to allow blood flow), reducing the clotting factor of platelets and stopping the oxidization of LDLs (that’s the cholesterol we want to avoid). Can’t hurt to have a healthy heart, right?

You might reduce the risk of an ulcer

This one might seem a bit gross, but if it prevents an ulcer, it’s probably worth it. Honey is proven to fight off Helicobacter pylori (a known cause of gastric ulcers) due to the presence of hydrogen peroxide in honey. This gets into honey when bees spit into it, transferring an enzyme from their stomachs which turns into the hydrogen peroxide. Bit yucky? Better than an ulcer!

Your bank balance might feel it too

Many of the benefits of eating that daily spoonful of honey are largely attributed to raw honey, rather than the processed brands you’ll see on most store shelves. So you’ll reap the rewards but you’ll see the difference in your wallet too. But on the flip side, the health benefits might help your insurance premium. Your call!

Your manicures will look more vibrant

We all desire strong, healthy nails, and honey can be a secret weapon in achieving just that. When you make honey a part of your daily routine, you’ll notice the difference in the resilience and appearance of your nails. So say goodbye to brittle nails and hello to a more vibrant manicure with this sweet addition to your diet!

You will be supporting nature’s pollinators

The circle of life hinges on pollination, and bees are nature’s star performers in this act. By supporting honey production and bee-friendly crops, you’re indirectly ensuring these tiny workers continue their vital work. The crops they pollinate form the foundation of our food chain. So, every time you enjoy honey, remember that you’re not just indulging your taste buds.

You’ll be more flexible

At first glance, the connection between honey and flexibility may seem like a stretch (pun intended). However, honey, with its treasure trove of anti-inflammatory properties, can be a boon for those creaky joints and morning stiffness. Commit to a daily dose of honey, and you might just find those yoga poses becoming a tad easier.

You can ditch the toner

Incorporating honey into your skincare routine can offer moisturizing and anti-inflammatory benefits, potentially reducing the need for some cosmetic products. Its natural antibacterial properties can also assist in warding off acne, giving your skin a radiant and clear appearance.

You’ll be supporting sustainable agriculture

Beekeeping and honey production play a crucial role in promoting sustainable agriculture. Bees, responsible for pollinating countless crops, are vital to our food supply. So, when you enjoy honey, you’re not only nourishing yourself but also playing a part in supporting a more sustainable and ecologically balanced world.

Reduce your risk of kidney stones

Kidney stones can be super painful and disruptive to your daily life. Luckily, the antioxidant properties of honey can actually be a powerful tool in reducing the risk of them forming. Adding honey into your daily diet, to help keep your kidneys in tiptop condition and lower the chances of developing these painful stones.

Boost your libido

Honey has been revered for centuries in various cultures for its aphrodisiac properties. Its rich composition of minerals and amino acids, can invigorate blood flow and hormone levels. Incorporating honey into your diet could be the sweetest way to enliven intimacy.

Keep your mood in check

Life’s stresses getting you down? A spoonful of honey might just be the sweet remedy you need. The natural sugars present in honey play a role in serotonin production – the ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter. Regular intake can help uplift mood and combat daily stressors.

You’ll be at reduced risk of cataracts

Your eyes are precious, and taking steps to protect your vision is essential. Honey’s antioxidant properties can combat free radicals that contribute to cataract formation. A daily dose of honey will not only satisfy your sweet tooth but is also a proactive step toward making sure you’re seeing clear for years to come.

Protect your gum health

Enjoying a daily spoonful of honey, is like gifting your gums with a protective shield. Honey has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties and contains powerful antibacterial agents. Daily consumption creates an inhospitable environment for nasty bacteria, significantly lowering your chances of falling prey to gum diseases.

Keep your skin quenched

Everyone longs for moisturized, glowing skin, right? Honey might just be your elixir. It’s nature’s humectant, meaning it naturally attracts and retains moisture. Daily consumption ensures that your skin gets the hydration it craves from the inside out. Couple it with topical use, and you have a double action plan to give your skin that radiant appeal.

Your hair will turn heads

Who doesn’t wish for shiny hair that commands attention? Honey is packed with nutrients and antioxidants that can add a shimmer to your strands. Eat your daily honey to provide your hair with a natural conditioner from the inside. The result? Hair that’s not just healthy, but gleams with a vitality that’s hard to miss.

Reduce your risk of uncomfortable UTIs

The discomfort of urinary tract infections (UTIs) can be quite taxing. Enter honey – regular consumption fortifies your internal systems, making it tougher for bacteria to gain a foothold. So, with every sweet spoonful, envision a protective shield building up, guarding against these pesky infections.

You’ll ‘bee’ supporting bee populations

Every jar of responsibly sourced honey contributes to sustaining vital bee colonies. By eating ethically harvested honey, you’re playing a role in helping the preservation of these essential pollinators, which in turn supports the ecosystem and promotes biodiversity.

Enhance your endurance

Need a natural pre-workout? Honey’s composition of natural sugars offers a quick energy boost. So grab a spoonful before engaging in physical activities, it may help in increasing your endurance, allowing you to push your limits and perform better.

Improve blood circulation

The importance of a robust circulatory system can’t be overstated. Honey, enriched with antioxidants and minerals, supports the health of your blood vessels. A daily dose ensures the free flow of blood, enhancing oxygen and nutrient delivery to all your organs. It’s not just about feeling good; it’s about every cell in your body thriving!

You’ll be at reduced risk of eye infections

Eyes are often called the windows to the soul, and they deserve utmost care. Honey’s antibacterial qualities are an asset here. A consistent intake helps guard against infections and inflammations, keeping your vision clear and your eyes shining bright.

Greenhouse gas emissions are remarkably low

While livestock contribute to a staggering 51% of global greenhouse gas emissions, honey production paints a different picture. Without the need for large machinery or fertilizers, raising honey bees has a minimal carbon footprint. Choosing honey is a sweet step toward a sustainable future.

Experience improved skin texture

A velvety touch and radiant glow – isn’t that what we all desire for our skin? Honey, with its exfoliating properties, serves as nature’s gentle scrub. When consumed regularly, it not only nourishes your skin from within but can also lead to a noticeable smoothening of your skin’s surface. The result? Skin that feels as good as it looks!

You’ll be helping the rainforest

Choosing honey is choosing nature. Honey production relies on bees and flowers, which flourish in undisturbed lands. Unlike other agricultural practices, it doesn’t lead to deforestation, or loss of native habitats. By opting for honey, you’re backing eco-friendly practices that preserve our vital rainforests.

It’ll help keep your lungs in tip-top condition

Breathing easy is something we often take for granted, until problems like asthma come knocking. Regular honey consumption has been linked to alleviation of asthma symptoms and enhanced overall lung function. Imagine each spoonful as a breath of fresh air, rejuvenating your respiratory system from the inside.

Your skin will look more youthful

Collagen is the key to maintaining youthful and supple skin, and honey can be your ally in enhancing collagen production. A daily spoonful of honey will help give your skin the nutrients it needs to maintain its elasticity and radiance, ultimately helping you look and feel your best.

Say goodbye to painful post-workout recovery

You pushed too hard at the gym, and now your muscles are making sure you know. When consumed post-exercise, it helps to restore the energy balance and eases muscle fatigue. Replace that wince with a smile the next day, and enjoy a quicker bounce-back after your workouts.

Experience improved starchy food digestion

Carbs are a staple in many diets, but sometimes, our digestive system can struggle to break them down efficiently. Honey can help, as its enzymes play a supportive role in digesting complex carbs, making the process smoother. As you drizzle honey over your morning toast or stir it into your tea, know that you’re giving your digestion a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Help your body utilize nutrients

It’s not just about what you eat, but how well your body can harness its benefits. With honey on your side, you’re ensuring that the valuable vitamins and minerals from your meals aren’t going to waste. Its unique composition can enhance the body’s absorption capacity and optimize nutrient uptake.

You’ll reduce your risk of liver disease

A healthy liver is vital for detoxification and metabolism. Honey, with its cocktail of antioxidants, plays a gentle guardian role. Regular consumption can combat oxidative stress, and even diminish the risk of various liver diseases. So, by consuming it daily you’re taking a proactive step towards liver longevity.

You’ll get long locks in less time

Dreaming of long flowing locks? Honey might be your hair’s best friend. Packed with a range of nutrients, it’s believed to stimulate hair follicles and boost hair growth. Consistent consumption can pave the way for stronger, healthier, and longer locks.

Soothe those pesky mosquito bites

Got an itch that won’t quit? Reach for the honey jar! Your daily teaspoon means you’ll always have easy access to one! No need to run to the pharmacy, honey’s natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties can help reduce the itchiness and swelling of mosquito bites. Dab a little onto the affected area and let nature’s sweet healer work its magic.

Experience enhanced oxygen delivery

The vitality of our body hinges on the seamless delivery of oxygen to each cell, ensuring they function optimally. Honey’s anti-inflammatory properties coupled with its rich mineral content can help optimize blood flow. Think of it as your personal concierge, ensuring oxygen reaches its destination, rejuvenating every part of you.

You’ll reduce your risk of gout

Gout, a form of inflammatory arthritis, can unleash sudden and severe pain. It’s spurred by an excess of uric acid in the bloodstream. Honey’s anti-inflammatory attributes act as a natural buffer. While it’s not a direct antidote, regular consumption of honey can work towards maintaining a balance of uric acid, potentially reducing the likelihood of gout flare-ups.

Keep your bones in tip-top condition

Honey – especially of the manuka and gelam varieties – is high in calcium, meaning its a great tool for help keeping your bones at their very best. A teaspoon of raw honey every day can help to combat osteoporosis, and the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties also means your bones stay stronger for longer.