We Bet You Can’t Remember All This About The Wombles!

Of all the TV series of the 70s – 90s, one of the most harmless sets of characters has got to be the wonderful Wombles! Living in Wimbledon Common, they used to go about picking up littler and generally making the place better for everyone, let’s take a look back at some of the characters and other Wombling memories, including their “hit” songs.


There were 7 best-known Wombles in the original series, do you remember them all?

Great Uncle Bulgaria

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The father figure of the Wombles, Great Uncle Bulgaria was old and wise. His full name was Bulgaria Coburg Womble and the rest of the tribe of Wombles would be lost without him.


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The handyman amongst the Wombles, he is bright and cheerful and very useful to have around the place, too!

Madame Cholet

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The mother figure of the Wombles and the one who ensures the rest of the gang will never go hungry, Madam Cholet was a wonderful cook who could put whatever she could forage to good use.


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Probably one of the most popular amongst the fans, and one of the most recognisable and memorable Wombles, Orinoco was well known with the rest of the Wombles for being a little bit lazy and greedy!


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A shy yet very clever Womble, Wellington was a very friendly and useful member of the clan to have around when you needed help solving something.


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Kind of the “jock” Womble if there is such a thing, Tomsk was well-known for being the sporty one of the group and the strong one when strength is needed.


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Every group has to have a character who is bossy and excitable and who can’t help but be seen and heard as much as possible and the Wombles are no exception and they had Bungo in their group!

Their Home

Wimbledon Common

The Wombles’ home is in London, more specifically in Wimbledon on Wimbledon Common.

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The Wombles made this place their home but wanted to share it with people in the best possible way by making it lovely for people to go to by picking up all the litter they can find.

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Aside from the catchy theme song,

“The Wombles of Wimbledon, Wombling free, The Wombles of Wimbledon Common are we…”

The Wombles have had something of a musical career, and they have an official and specific line-up too:

Orinoco – Vocals and Saxophone

Wellington – Lead Guitar

Madam Cholet – Bass Guitar

Great Uncle Bulgaria – Violin

Bungo – Drums

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Songs released by the Wombles as singles are:

“The Wombling Song” in 1973

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“Remember You’re A Womble” in March 1974

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“Banana Rock” in June 1974

“Non-stop Wombling Summer Party” in September 1974

“Minuetto Allegretto” in October 1974

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“Wombling Merry Christmas” in November 1974

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“Wombling White Tie and Tails” in April 1975

“Superwomble” in July 1975

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“Let’s Womble To The Party Tonight” in November 1975

“The Womble Shuffle” in November 1975

“Rainmaker” in 1976

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“Remember You’re A Womble” in March 1998

“The Wombling Song” in June 1998

“I Wish It Could Be A Wombling Merry Christmas Every Day” in 2000

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“Wombling Merry Christmas” in 2011

Did you have any idea they had released that many songs? I certainly didn’t! How many did you have on Vinyl, Cassette, CD or download?

So what are your favourite Wombling memories? Has this brought back some of your favourite Wombling moments? What have we missed? Who was your favourite character? Let us know in the comments as always!