10 Video Arcade Games From The 80s That You Spent All Your Money On!

Before home gaming systems were in full effect, we had to go to the arcade and spend our quarters on full sized video arcade games.  Each one was different and often times you would have to wait in line to play.  The ultimate prize in playing these games was getting your name on the screen as the highest player.  We honestly built reputations around this!  If you can remember those days then take a look at this list and see if you were the master of any of these domains:

1. Pac-Man (1980).

In this game, we had to eat all of the dots before the ghosts got to us and if you were any good at it, the ghosts would move faster to catch you.  If was intense!

2. Donkey Kong (1981).

This guy needed to get to the top of this structure to save the princess all the while a giant Kong would though barrels down to stop him.

3. Frogger (1981).

This poor frog just wanted to get across a busy street.  We learned to never try this at home!

4. Qbert (1982).

This game was about bouncing around a pyramid to change the color of the blocks.

5. Ms. Pac-Man (1981).

Equal rights!  Enter, Ms. Pac-Man.  Now we can all have a little face ball to represent us while we’re eating the dots on the screen.

6. Galaxian (1980).

This was about trying to shoot all the flying objects that are dumping bombs on you.

7. Turbo (1981).

This racing game taught us how to drive and shift a screen car.

8. Defender (1981).

A shooting game that took place on a distant, fictional planet where the player must defend against aliens.

9. Tron (1982).

This was so popular that they made a movie about it.

10. Asteroids (1980).

We didn’t want to get hit by any of these while flying through space.