People Share Unforgettable Stories Of What The ‘Weird Kid’ At School Did


No one trolls quite like a school kid with too much time on their hands – and no one was a more combustible presence in school than ‘the weird kid’. Every school had one: Whether they were telling tall tales, setting up pranks or just generally causing mayhem, the unpredictable, often notorious ‘weird kid’ could always be relied upon to help keep the students and teachers alike on their toes.

Childhood’s a time when imaginations run wild, but you’ll hardly believe the mischief that sprang from the minds of some of the more eccentric kids in the classroom. It’s also pretty incredible to hear the wildest behaviours that teachers and parents would turn a blind eye to.

From the hilarious to the horrific, here are some of the most unforgettable ‘weird kid’ antics ever witnessed and told on Reddit.

1. Keeping it formal

In high school, he’d hand out business cards to everyone he’d see in the halls that read “congratulations, you just met ______, the most interesting man in the multiverse.”

Eventually we graduated high school and ended up going to college together, and to celebrate this, he bought a unicycle, taught himself to ride it, and proceeded to ride it every single day to class.



2. Bug adventures

He put a Christmas beetle up his nose while we were at the local pool for swim lessons. We then had to all leave early on the bus so the principal could drive him to the hospital to get the beetle out.


A week later he did a small speech at the Friday school assembly about his beetle nose experiences and showed off his beetle in a jar.


3. The motorist

He made car noises (acceleration, changing gears, screeching brakes) and steered an imaginary steering wheel through the halls. He was late to class one time and said, “Sorry, I ran out of gas.”


I wonder what he’s doing now. He had some serious imagination.



4. Master of deceit

Pretended to have diabetes because he wanted to eat lollies in class, even went so far as to drink litres of water so they’d urinate more frequently. Bought in blood glucose monitors and everything to “check” his sugars.

Was caught at parent teachers interviews when his homeroom teacher commended him on how well he managed his disease, only to have the parents inform them that he was not in fact diabetic.



5. Strange behaviour

This kid always stank and was always fascinated during dissection classes in biology. By 14 he was an active hunter and could skin a deer in under 10 minutes with an almost perfect pelt.


We thought he would grow up to be a serial killer but instead he grew up to dedicate his life to being a foster dad who takes in the least privileged kids.

I found out via a conversation with him a few years ago at a mutual friends party that he was neglected as a kid and his weird hobbies that made him the “weird kid” was how he ate because his parents didn’t feed him regularly so he now takes in kids in a similar situation to give them a good life.


6. Star-in-training

Walked around the school cafeteria wearing a monk’s robe chanting the Latin from a comedy sketch in Monty Python’s Holy Grail ( “Pie Jesu domine, dona eis requiem”) while hitting himself in the head with a textbook.


I guess I should also add, he eventually attended Harvard University and won a Pulitzer prize for Drama… for I Am My Own Wife.



7. Glass eye

My mom likes to tell this story: One day we had a substitute teacher, and everyone acts up when there’s a substitute. There’s also this guy, let’s call him Bob. Bob has a glass eye and is able to take it out.

During the middle of class, everyone is throwing paper airplanes and the sub yells out “stop throwing paper airplanes, you’re gonna poke someone’s eye out.” The sub then left and everyone wanted Bob to pretend his eye got poked out.

So when the teacher came back, someone threw a paper airplane at him, and he pretended his eye popped out, when it fact it was just his glass eye. He then walked up to the teacher and the teacher let out a horrifying scream and ran out of the classroom.



8. The great mouse detective

Kid in my French class told the teacher he was late because he had been catching a mouse on the way to school. (This was in 1st year of high school in Scotland, not sure what the equivalent is elsewhere).


Teacher refused to believe him, we all thought he was talking s***, too. He was adamant it was a true story and offered to show the teacher the mouse in his bag. Teacher peered in the bag and nearly jumped out the window when he saw a real mouse in the guy’s bag. I can’t remember what happened next but I’m pretty sure he was asked to go home for the day.


9. Budding hacker

I knew a kid like this. Encrypted all the teachers’ files cause he was bored and had to spend detention decrypting them.


Very nearly got done for breaking the terms of use contract we signed but he was otherwise a good student so they let him stay.



10. An artist

I’m not sure if he did this with anyone else but he drew a picture of spongebob and charizard brutally killing me and my friend and then willingly showed it to us.

I couldn’t help but laugh but it was actually very well drawn. I liked that kid.



11. Yearbook secrets

He wrote in my yearbook “When I was 6 years old, I went into a cornfield. I didn’t realize it was a maze. I was stuck for several days without food or water.”


“When they found me, the doctors said I’d never be the same. Good luck in college!”


12. Sonic the Student

He said he was Sonic The Hedgehog, when someone asked his name he would say “I am Sonic” and run away as fast as he could.


He even wrote his name as Sonic on homework and tests. Most people never knew his real name.



13. James Bond’s nephew

Guy in Jr. High had an unsightly amount of ear wax and was obsessed with James Bond, who he claimed to be his uncle.

He would loudly proclaim that “James Bond will kick your ass” to anyone who questioned his affiliation with James Bond, made fun of James Bond in any fashion or denounced James Bond’s skills. He would literally get into fistfights to protect the honor of James Bond.



14. Free pet

We released thousands of crickets and a rat in the hallways as part of our graduation pranks and obviously the school sent everyone home.


So while we are congregating out front the weird kid came out with the rat, petting it, hopped into his friend’s car and drove off with it.

15 Flavourful

In high school, I was talking to this girl and she’d been eating this cheese bread. When she finished it she proceeded to eat the napkin the cheese bread had been wrapped in. Why? Because it tasted like the cheese bread.


I was freaked out and walked away.



16. Everyone’s a critic

He would pretend to be Gollum from LOTR, imitating his voice, crawling around on the floor from class to class.

One time he started a fight with someone who criticized his “my precious” line for not being “Gollum enough”.


Image result for gollum


17. Cookie king

There was this huge guy, tall and wide, in our classes. To support his impressive body, he ate a lot. He’d bring an entire roll of cookies (like 20+) and stack them on one side of his desk.


Then he would take on bite out of cookie number 1, and put it to the other side of his desk. Then he would take one bite out of the next cookie and place that one on top on cookie number 1. He’d go through the whole stack, until all cookies were partially eaten and in a neat stack on the other side of his desk. Then he would do it again, take one bite of the top cookie and place that in the original side of the desk, bite the next cookie etcetera.

After maybe 15 minutes of biting and stacking, the whole lot was gone. Now we weren’t even supposed to eat in class, but he always got away with it somehow.


18. Would-be thief

I’m from a small town. There was this weird kid who was a year older, but he was so weird that even the younger kids would pick on him. I didn’t really know him, but I put him in the weird but harmless category.


He graduates, and then decides to rob the local Taco Time with a shot gun. Well, it is a small town. The kids working at the Taco Time all know him, and pretty much everybody in the Taco Time also knows him. He got two years.



19. Wild imagination

She naruto-ran everywhere, and told everyone her dad was Harry Potter (at age 12).

Most memorably, [she] came to school bawling her eyes out because she said she had laid an egg and her parents had eaten it for breakfast.



20. Long Live Cheesus

After “Cheesus” would finish his nachos, he would take the cheese cup for dipping and tilt it up towards his mouth like he was going to take a shot. Instead, he would aggressively lick the container clean. Since the plastic was clear, you could see his tongue whirling around to lap up every last bit. This happened everyday at lunch.


That was many years ago but I hope he is still enjoying nacho cheese as much today. Long live, cheesus.


21. Thrill seeker

Okay so one kid got dared to put a protractor in his mouth and he did it curved side first so naturally it then got stuck and he got sent out of class had to go to the school office.


The same kid got dared to shoot a staple gun at himself so he went ahead and staple gunned his arm and had to be taken to A&E to get stitches.

There were loads of other things he did that I can’t remember now, but it got to the point that if someone did something totally stupid and/or dangerous kids in our year began to refer to it as “pulling a [X]” after him.



22. Fashion doll

While in college there was a girl that always carried with her an anatomically correct doll that was about twice the size of a Barbie.

She’d set it up to watch the class with her and its outfit changed daily.



23. Ninja rampage

Robbed a gas station dressed as a ninja, armed with a katana. Stole cash from the register, all the cigarettes he could carry, and a bunch of lottery tickets.


He then fled across state lines with a 17 year old girl (he was 19). Not a great result for him.


24. Undercover Scotsman

A new lad in my primary school pretended his “real voice” was a deep Scottish accent.


… He didn’t always use the deep Scottish voice. Usually he would have a normal sounding voice from what I remember but then he would say to us quietly, “this isn’t my real voice – ma real voice is like this” kind of thing.



25. Meg Griffin’s boyfriend

Told everyone he had built a time machine that not only traveled back and forth in time but also took you to an alternative universe.

He claimed to be dating Meg Griffin from family guy.



26. Skipping rope strangler

The weird kid in my Elementary School always tried to strangle me with a skipping rope in the breaks.

One time I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings and she wrapped the rope around my throat from behind and tightened it.


If it weren’t for my friend who pushed her away and freed me, I’m sure I could’ve died there.

The teachers and my parents always said that she must have a crush on me and tried to gain my attention that way. Well guess what, almost being f***ing strangled to death doesn’t feel like an act of love. She moved away a year after that.


27. Big dreams

He wanted to be a fire truck when he grew up and used to run down the hallway making loud siren sounds.


He got pretty damn close to his dream considering he worked in the FBI and the NYPD.



28. Eating flies

He would chase flies and eat them. He would brag about being a frog. One day he slapped his desk and killed a fly.

He was so excited and yelled “Mr. Smith! Look I’m a frog!” and proceeded to lick the entire length of his desk. Devouring the fly and had a smile on his face doing it. That was the last day he was at school.



29. Raising babies

was the weird kid…I once wore a 70s-era maroon leisure suit (that I found tucked in the back of my stepdad’s closet) to school because I could.


I also freaked the f*** out of my teacher in Home Ed because we did that assignment where you have to carry around a doll (or a bag of flour or an egg) for a couple weeks because you’re learning what it’s like to be a parent and I flat out refused to name a father on the baby’s birth certificate…. I named him Elvis after having a long, private discussion with myself over whether I wanted a boy or a girl.


30. Digital signatures

I was the weird kid. During 6th form (1996/97) I became fascinated with computer viruses and was writing them and experimenting with them on a non networked PC in the study room. I was proud of them and digitally signed them.

The fad passed and I moved on leaving 3 or 4 dormant but nasty viruses on said PC.


About 18 months after I’d finished my A Levels and left school I was contacted by the police, my virus had found its way onto the networked PCs in the school and completely destroyed the office network including but not limited to exam results, reports and staff time sheets. All digitally signed by me.

Luckily I was living in rural Scotland by this point and was able to prove that I wasn’t in the midlands at that time and the virus was unable to be activated remotely so no action was taken against me.



31. Grand entrance

He showed up to our year 12 formal (prom) in a coffin, in the back of a hearse, dressed like Gerard Way circa 2005.

The driver pulled up, opened the back doors of the hearse, pulled the coffin out on rollers, lowered it, then opened it.


Up popped weird guy, in a black suit with a red tie. He had shoulder length black hair, slightly oily. He even did his makeup for the occasion. Super white face with red eye shadow.



32. Feline friend

He spend most of his breaks with the janitor’s cat and let it take bites of his sandwich.

The cat didn’t look healthy.



33. The heckler

One day in fifth grade, my history teacher Mr. Geiger brought his acoustic guitar to class to perform a song he had written for his son. His son was in the class with me so I can’t imagine how embarrassing it must’ve been considering how bad Mr. Geiger was at singing.


Anyway a girl named Brandi basically called him out for his terrible performance and Mr. Geiger, enraged, picked up a desk and hurled it across the room smashing the wall of the annex trailer we were in. Surprisingly he didn’t get fired.


34. Somersaults

In grade school the was a kid that rolled up into a ball and did somersaults like a f***ing Goron all recess.


Literally from bell to bell – non stop rolling.



35. Ninja Turtle crush

One girl in junior high really liked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Like, had a crush on Raphael. How bad a crush?

Well, at the end of junior high she had to fill out the form that shows what your name should look like on your diploma. She put “Raphael” as her middle name. No one knew about it until graduation, her parents were PISSED.



36. Tango enthusiasts

Pretty sure I was the weird kid in high school…. I was forced to do a dance number in PE.


I performed a not very subtle take on El Tango de Roxanne with my girlfriend. In a conservative, religious all-girls school.


37. The biggest yawn

Yawned very f***ing loud in the middle of class. The whole room was silent after. And, plot twist, it was me.


To be fair, it was only first grade. Though I did have a habit of making cat noises and talking about cats too much until about 4th grade.



38. Silent artist

Last year in high school, we got this really quiet guy, never talked, isolated himself, always scribbling away in a notebook with headphones on.

He was known for not speaking at all, whenever someone spoke to him directly he just nodded or shook his head, if it wasn’t a yes or no question he’d shrug and walk away.

… Last day of high school ever he doesn’t show up, never saw him again, we go into the classroom and on each of our desks is a page of the journal he always carried around, with each of our portraits so realistically drawn they could’ve been photos. Turns out he was a sweet guy, just incredibly, painfully shy.



39. Walking backwards

[One kid] told everyone he raised dragons and carried a staff everywhere until he threatened other kids with it and they took it away from him.


[Also] one of my friends was suspended for walking backwards to school every day. I dunno if that counts.


40. The fortune-teller

In 4th grade, this girl had quite a large mole right in the middle of her forehead, and told us that was her mark as a reincarnation of Buddha. Everyday she would do fortune telling and we were all believers.


Everyday at nap time (at school) we would ask for more fortune telling lol. Comes to think of it, she was only 9. Maybe she just had a fun imagination, because her friends kept asking for more.



41. Star musician

Walked by the music practice rooms one day and he was KILLIN IT blasting Billy Joel piano solos like nothing I’ve ever heard. He would daily draw a crowd including teachers and tons of girls, playing all kinds of stuff from jazz to classical.

He also ran a super in depth astronomy website, in high school when people’s mastery of technology extended no further than using Myspace and AIM to chat. He was a real interesting kid. I’ll never forget those piano chops tho, damn.



42. Vegetables for everyone

Not really a big deal but he named everyone in class a type of vegetable or similar.


I’ll never forget just because during that time I was outcast and I was still included. I was a Lima bean.


43. Crafty tactics

Some of my friends told me about this. They were playing soccer against another school and the weird kid picked his nose and then pointed his finger at the opposition teams defenders and chased them away, which allowed my school’s team to score.


Seemed like a pretty solid tactic.



44. Trend setter

He ate an orange, peel and all. Made eating the peel a thing amongst younger peeps. Started a loan shark business, somehow made friends with all the clicks.

He wore hoodies and shorts forever.. shorts were always under pants btw.



45. Badass move

One weird kid would run through the hallways making car noises, like he was driving a race car. He ended up being a tow truck driver.


Another kid climbed onto the roof in elementary to get our ball back. No idea what happened to that kid after elementary. Wherever you are Russell – that was a badass move.


46. Blindfolded pianist

A dude a few years older (highly intelligent, I think) walked in blindfolded into my class and started playing a very difficult classical piece of music on the piano that was in the class room.


Then he walked out like nothing happened.



47. The Kool-Aid kids

We had this one group of kids in high school that would sit in the back of class and take turns snorting Kool-Aid powder.

They came everyday with a different flavour and would react different every time. Eventually they resorted to mixing it with other stuff because they ran out of flavours. Have no idea why they did it.



48. Fashion sense

Weird kid always dressed funny and did his homework. One day he came to class wearing a baby blue shirt, black bowtie and pink pants.

People started laughing at him. I’ve always been an underdog and getting bullied, like him, so I saw this as an opportunity to be on top for once. So I blurted out “There are easier ways to tell us you’re gay!” (f*** me, I know).


He just smiled at me and said “Oh, I’m not homosexual, I’m just so certain about my sexuality and style that I dare to be myself. Besides, colours make me happy.” Everyone went silent after that.

Trust me, the past ten years I’ve lived by those words, now people are laughing at me because of how I dress, and I couldn’t care less. I dare to be myself. Thank you Lucas for the wise words.


49. Strange snacks

I was the weird kid. I ate an entire stick of butter during math class because I thought I would make friends that way.


Don’t ask me how I thought that would work, I was weird and not much of anything I did made sense lol.



50. Fake pregnancy

I was the weird kid in middle school. Once, to get out of a stupid project I lied and said my mom was pregnant.

It was one of my biggest mistakes, and the fact that I just kept the lie going made it worse. One girl even gifted me a teddy bear and baby clothes for my “sister”, and in return I said my mom had decided to name the baby after her. Even the teachers knew.



51. Budding composer

Andrew Hooker – he made an album of electronica called “Hook anthems” and each one was a soundtrack for different mundane tasks of his life.


He sold only one copy to a maths teacher – and it’s also one of my life regrets that I didn’t buy one too.


52. Juice hoover

He poured his juice on the table at lunch and suction cupped his mouth over it.


He inhaled it all like a hoover when you put it directly onto a hard floor. He’s a lawyer now



53. Animal antics

A few days before a pep assembly, anonymously posted signs all over school that said “the cock is coming.” Teachers and school administrators were obviously concerned but clueless.

Smuggled a live rooster into the assembly and partway through the opening speech at the assembly, whipped it out over his head as it went apes***. Entire gym full of kids stood up and started chanting “Cock! Cock! Cock!”

Was not seen at school for a few days after that.


He hacked into the grading system multiple times, leaked the school districts spreadsheet of student names, addresses, and financial situation, and would always say he’d take over the world. He also swooned over my sister and creeped her out.

Last month he was arrested by the FBI in a raid for being the ringleader of a global Bitcoin farming scam using stolen identities

Props to him for pursuing his dreams.


54. The kidnapper

She “kidnapped” a kindergarten from the bus stop and brought her to school claiming it was her daughter.


…My HS didn’t notice until like 2nd period and by that time the police were involved. The little girl was returned and the girl who did the kidnapping just had that stigma following her for the rest of high school.


55. Uncontrollable

My brother is a high school teacher… a kid (not even from his class) randomly ran into the classroom, took some binders out of a bookcase and started jumping up and down on them.


Then he ran out of the classroom again.



56. World domination

He hacked into the grading system multiple times, leaked the school districts spreadsheet of student names, addresses, and financial situation, and would always say he’d take over the world. He also swooned over my sister and creeped her out.

Last month he was arrested by the FBI in a raid for being the ringleader of a global Bitcoin farming scam using stolen identities

Props to him for pursuing his dreams.



57. Energetic

He would always go like crazy hard in PE. He wasn’t an athlete, but he would run and wall jump like friggin Mario and land on the floor, then look around the room sneakily to see if anyone was impressed.


Or he would throw dodgeballs literally as hard as possible, missing the target completely, and they would whip against the back walls and echo through the room.


58. A nasty shock

Circa 1986: He built a homemade “stun” and brought it to school. The Vice-Principal confiscated it, but that was about it.

This was per-“bring a weapons to school and you are expelled” days. The VP put it in his pocket, walked about three steps, and was visibly and painfully shocked by the device.


This was not a modern Taser-like muscular disruption device but just a crude shock and pain type thing.

I ran not the VP several years alter and we recounted the event. He thought it was funny as hell.



59. Alien language

He would look through the narrow door windows when walking down the hall to classes and wiggle his fingers while speaking “alien”.

He would speak that to you randomly too. Strangest s*** man.



60. Secret reader

Joke’s on you I was the weird kid… I used to bring books to classes and read them under desks when I got really bored.


Surprisingly, I don’t think I ever got bullied for it, except for the occasional trolling but that was manageable. My school was full of nice kids I guess. Some of them even used to help me read under desks, as in alerting me when the teacher was coming towards me or started noticing.


61. Screaming

Bell rings, play ground doors open, weird kid walks directly to the center and screams for a full minute.


I thought it was weird then, but now I can relate.



62. Grasshopper snack

I ate a grasshopper for a few dollars, and I was always “that kid who ate the grasshopper”. This was like 4th grade I believe… this one kid there became a cop and just my luck, he happens to arrest me one night for dui (not said proudly just fact) and goes on to tell every cop we see plus a few inmates in the process of putting me in jail.

Jesus I was ragged on but I became a big fan of Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmerman and came to find this is actually a delicacy in places and rather normal to some. I feel vindicated.



63. Towering child

I know I was pretty damn terrifying as a child. In 7th grade (11 years old I think) i was 5’11 215 pounds and had a beard.


Everyone thought I was going to be a giant but I never f***ing grew another inch lol. I stayed 5’11 200 some pounds all through school.


64. Spider-Man

I had a guy in kindergarten who used to eat glue all the time. When I asked him why, he said it would allow him to stick to walls like Spider Man.


A few years later, in 4th grade I think, he transferred to my class, where I then asked him if he could stick to walls now. Apparently he was in fact able to, but wouldn’t do it in class, because he’d get locked up and dissected by scientists.



65. Beloved mascot

So one time I got to go out onto the roof through an upstairs window and hug the huge bison statue that was our mascot!

Yup, I was the weird kid.



66. Fire alarm impersonator

I was one of those kids. I had this whole thing where I could imitate the fire alarm screech pretty well and I would try to get teachers to send us all into the hallways before they noticed it wasn’t the actual fire alarm.


It worked a few times for me but after like a week? Yeah I was just screeching.


67. Little butterfly

A guy I went to elementary with… jumped on top of the desks and screamed “I’m a little beautiful butterfly”.. like, he crouched down, and as he stood up, he made his body wiggle, and also held his hands up to his ears and wiggled them like wings. All while screaming that.


The class f***ing died, the teacher was screaming at him, then he started running across all the desks.



68. Fake foreigner

I had a kid at my high school who faked knowing very little English with a German accent.

Kid made it through 3 and a half years half-a***ing every assignment until he was busted and kicked out.



69. Sword collection

Mine was the nerdy kid who collected swords & Johnny Cash albums. Once when I did a group project with him, he spent and hour and a half “summarizing” Les Mis (the movie) since it had just come out and I told him I thought it was, quote, kind of interesting.


He was voted senior class president.


70. The hall runner

We had one like this, called himself a hall runner, always throwing his hands back behind him as he took off down the hall. He was definitely liked by everyone.


One time he showed me the worn off grips on the bottom of his shoes, telling me he needed it for better sliding and turning around hallway corners. This was indeed in high school.



71. Printer hack

Every printer in my middle school was networked, so I wrote a program to print a variety of quotes at random times throughout the day to a random printer. There is no spoon, god is watching you, etc.

I then installed it on multiple machines throughout the school. A few times it kicked off and printed to a classroom I was attending at the time. It was still running when I left.



72. Gory bus incidents

There was a kid on my bus in high school who stapled his forehead one day and had to be taken to the doctors immediately to get a tetanus shot.


A few months later he was telling this story to a bunch of the girls on my bus and was getting enough attention that he did it again. I think my bus driver was so fed up!


73. Lady Gaga worshipers

Me and one of my high school friends made a fake religion about Lady Gaga. Referred to her as Mother Gaga and tried to come up with hidden meanings in her song lyrics and such.


It was fun, but we never got any more followers.



74. Double debt

In 7th grade, I used to buy overpriced snacks from the concessions stand for people (with my lunch account card), in exchange for cash repayment with interest ($1 for the first week, double debt every subsequent week).

I kept a record in a notebook, so most kids paid up, even if the debt doubled. One kid still hasn’t repaid me for a $1 can of soda.

A rough estimate indicates that if it were binding, he would owe me $1,852,673,427,797,059,126,777,135,760,139,006,525,652,319,754,650,249,024,631,321,344,126,610,074,238,976, making me the real richest person on the planet.



75. The jester’s cap

He was generally very weird and erratic. One day he extracted a huge slimy booger out of his nose, turned around to me and a friend and told us full of glee: “guys, look!”
Then he stuffed it back into his nose…


One day I asked him why he was so weird and he told me with the straightest face: “The jester’s cap affords one many liberties.” So I don’t know if he was just weird or a secret genius, maybe a bit of both.