Ugly Duckling Transformations That Will Leave You Stunned

We have all had our fair share of years when we were not the proudest of the way that we looked. No one likes to talk about those years and we always try to push away those memories to the back of our minds. We also try not to talk about those memories and unless a great transformation has happened, we would never bring out those pictures of shame to the public view. Some people have undergone a massive transformation and they are no longer the ugly ducklings that they used to be. Here are some before and after pictures of these people and their transformation should inspire you to get out of your cocoon and become a butterfly from a caterpillar.

5 Years Later

This woman lost 75 lbs within a matter of 5 years and she went from multiple chins to a smoking hot diva. She also says that she picked up a skincare routine, improved upon her makeup skills, shortened her hair, and got bangs on her forehead. In her own words, she is still working on getting some confidence that will help her achieve a glow at any age. No one will ever call her an ugly duckling anymore and she will surely be one of the hottest people in any room, all kudos to her hard work and dedication to look her best self. People will surely appreciate her transformation and proudly show her old pictures to amaze people with some of her awesome stories.

Pratt To Hemsworth

Remember the scene from Avengers: Infinity War when Thor joins the Guardians of the Galaxy? The group discusses how Chris Pratt looks fat compared to Chris Hemsworth and mentions how the former has gained a lot of weight around his chin. The above pictures show a transformation where someone went from looking like Chris Pratt to looking like Chris Hemsworth. This guy has lost quite a lot of weight both around his face and around his body, and the decision of not wearing glasses is surely doing wonders for his looks. He went from having a curvy body to having chiseled features that might as well put him on the same pedestals as some of the Greek Gods.

Puberty Hit Her Hard

On the left, you see a girl who is on the heavier side and some would even joke that she is the sole person in the family who eats all the food. We are sure that she would not have been popular in her school except for being the butt of fat jokes. The picture on the left was taken when she was 13 years old. Scroll forward in time and 14 years later, she has dropped all those pounds, and now the fat is accumulated in all the right places on her body. The boys who made jokes about her health in school would surely have dropped their jaws when they might have met at some reunion and regretted their decision not to be her friend when they had the chance.

Miles To Go

You would never believe that this transformation took only 4 months. The guy literally went from sagging skin to a muscular body. His story is quite inspiring and one that might just motivate you to pick up a new fitness routine of your own. He was feeling depressed, lost, and demotivated because of chronic tinnitus and hearing loss when he decided to change his life and take charge of some of the things in his life. These included a new fitness regime that allowed him to undergo such a massive transformation within the short span of 4 months. While he continues to suffer from hearing impairments, he surely does not look like he did a few months ago and he says that he still has a lot of transformation to cover before he fully realizes his dreams.

Dropout To Ph.D.

This guy got the picture, on the left, clicked when he was 25 years old and was a college dropout who was living in his car. Soon after, he realized that he had to make some changes in his life that would ensure that he was having a better quality of life. He decided not to give up on things when they got hard and took the decision to go back to school. Not only did he graduate but also went on to get his Ph.D., which was when the picture on the right was clicked. During this time, he also worked on his body and shed a few pounds to make himself feel better. This is one of the rare transformations where the person felt the change in his body and his mind.

Not So Drastic

This transformation may not seem like much but it is there on our list nonetheless because this guy did put in a lot of hard work for his body to look better. He was already on the skinny side but decided to shed a few more pounds so that there was visible weight loss around his face too. He also decided to cut his hair to get a cleaner look and that has gone a long way to improving his image from being the dorky kid in high school to being one of the smarter kids on the block. You know he has decided to hit the gym at least 3 times a week, as is evident from the visible veins on his arms. He has also improved on his posture and today, he has more squared shoulders that give him the look of being elegant.

Farewell To Years Of Depression

Now, this is a transformation that is worthy of notice for everyone on the internet. This girl was suffering from depression when she was 19 years old, mainly because of the way that she looked and how no one in her social circles thought that she was pretty. She took the picture on the extreme left when she was 19 and decided to change her life for the better. She had dropped enough pounds in a couple of years and decided to celebrate that by getting her hair dyed and some curls at the ends too. She took the middle picture when she was 22 years old, and finally, a couple of years later, she felt that her transformation was complete when she was 24 years old (pictured on the far right). She looks cute and pretty after her final transformation.

One Nose Job Later

The picture on the left is from when the girl was 15 years old while the one on the right is from when she was 21 years old. The transformation is exquisite and she went from being the studious girl with her nose in the books to the popular girl whose attention is craved by the jocks. This goes on to show that when you put in the effort, even the people who were once thought to be the social pariahs could become popular and hot. Of course, this girl had to go through a nose job and also had to lose the glasses to become hot but in the end, it was all worth her time.

Simply Unbelievable

The picture that you see on the left is from when she was 13 years old and in school. We are pretty sure that the pictures were taken for the school yearbook and the cornrows on her head made her one of the cuter children in the school. However, fast forward 13 years later and when she was 26 years old, she has become one of the hotter girls on the block. We are sure that when she goes out in the street, many people are catcalling after her and are hankering after her attention, desperate to get a date with her. This is one of the craziest transformations that you will ever see and we can safely say that we are so proud of this girl.

The Rawr Hand

These are three different decades of this girl’s life. In the first picture, top left, she is 10 years old and anyone could mistake her for a boy, mainly because of her hairstyle. 10 years later, pictured bottom left, there is no doubt that she is a girl but there is still the question of her weight, which made her not so popular among the social circles. This is when she decided that she was going to make some changes in her life. This led to an extensive workout routine that she followed for 10 more years, which led her to look like she does in the picture on the right. We can safely say that she is one of the most beautiful girls that you will ever see and the tattoos that she has are also great topics of conversation.

Puberty Was His Friend

Just look at the dorky kid on the left. If he was to look like that when he grew up, you would surely think of him working in the middle executive segment, probably as a coder or a tech support person. He has that look which you would expect from someone who does not deal with public and was mostly behind the phone. However, he got a big helping hand from puberty and he was able to move out of the dorky phase of his life. Today, he is a handsome young man who looks like he has a small-to-medium business enterprise. He is no longer the guy behind the phone but is the front face of his company, dealing with important people on a daily basis.

Therapy & Exercise

“Therapy and excersice certainly made a change mentally and physically. Still struggling with confidence and selflove but all good things take time. Slow and steady.” The picture on the left was from when she was 19 years old. One look at the picture, and you might have also guessed that she was a middle-aged soccer mom who would soon be rushing to pick up her kids from practice. But fast forward four years and she has become a completely new person. Now, at the age of 23, she looks like she is still a sophomore in college and will soon start getting ready to go to a frat party. Oh how the tables have turned and we are just in love with her transformation.

Picking The Right Lbs

This guy dropped the pounds that he was carrying on his body and picked them up in the gym. Many of us get an epiphany when we look in the mirror and see the fat hanging from our body. That is enough motivation for many people who decide to join the gym. During his transformation, this guy shed the pounds on his body and picked up the weights in the gym. He went on Reddit to say that he dropped 73 lbs of fat from his body after he picked up the 65 lbs of weights in the gym. This transformation is for all the people who are considering a workout in the gym and just need the last push that will motivate them to join the gym.

Hiding The Buck Teeth

This girl had full frontal buck teeth back when she was 10 years old. She had all her hair pulled back and the full attention was on her buck teeth. Fast forward eight years when she was 18 years old, and there was a little change that came over her in her looks. Her hair were now brought forward and there was no more attention on her big forehead. She had also started wearing teeth braces that pushed her buck teeth a little inside her mouth. This was the time when she was going to enter the final phase of her transformation. fast forward a decade and the picture on the right is from when she was 29 years old. You can see that the transformation is complete and her buck teeth are fully pushed inside her mouth, and she has transformed into a beautiful young woman.

A Little Goes A Lot Along The Way

A little effort goes a long way when you are putting it constantly. The picture on the right is of the girl when she was 13 years old. These flashbacks to the old days must be quite painful for her, given the fact that she has now grown up to be quite a beautiful young girl. The picture on the left is from the time when she was 26 years old. The transformation is beautiful and we hope it inspires all the girls out there who are looking to make some changes in their lives. If you are one of them, try starting your workout regime today so that every little effort that you put in today and regularly every day, will one day show up in a transformation where even you would not recognize your reflection in the mirror.

Self Hate To Self Love

The picture on the top left is from when the guy was 16 years old. He had been battling with self-hate and depression for years when he decided to do something about it. Since the only thing that he could really make a change in was his appearance, he decided to join the gym the work on his body. The result is in front of you. He went from being a skiny guy to a lean muscular guy. You can see how chiseled his face is and how he is going to ensure that girls follow his strut anywhere he goes. We aare also sure that he is not going to be battling with self-hate anymore because he has become a prize stud.

Decade Old Transformation

The first picture that you see above was taken when this guy was 18 years old. Even though he has an arm around his neck, you just know that he is not one of the popular guys and is more of a loner. He looks like he is the butt of every joke even among his own friend circle. Admit it, we all have that one friend who we ensure is always put down. However, he seems to have gotten tired of all the jokes when he decided to make a change in his life. He went from being a geek to being the guy who brings the party to life. In the pictures below, we see how he has made important changes in his lifestyle and looks and all the new ways that he has found to look cool.

Puberty Hit Her Like A Bus

If the girl above was to grow up the same way that she did when she was younger, we are sure that she would not have landed hot dates for every weekend. She was the kid with the braces who was a little overweight and always trying to hang around the cool people and failing desperately. However, she made important changes in her lifestyle, cut back on fast food, and also started exercising and working out to get in better shape. The result of that was pretty amazing. Rather pretty and amazing. She has gotten slim in all the right places and looks like a goddess straight out of a fairy tale. Girls often aspire to look like that when they grow up and this girl has achieved all her dreams with hard work and dedication.

Dropping All The Fat

The pictures that you see above were taken when the guy was 12 years old, 19 years old, and 20 years old, respectively from left to right. He says that he was always conscious about the way that he looked but it was not until he was 19 years old that he decided to do something about it. Everyone can clearly see how hard he worked to get rid of all the fat on his face and get a tight jawline. This hard work is further accented by the fact that it took him only one year to get the results that he wanted. Clearly, he has worked day and night to ensure that he gets rid of the fat on his face. We commend the hard work that he put in to get the desired result in a short span of time.

Bad High School Pictures

This guy was pretty embarrassed about the picture that was taken during his middle school and he said that middle school sucked for him. It was probably because he looked like just another random guy that is in your class and there was nothing special about him. He had geeky looks in school and was just another run-of-the-mill boy with whom none of the girls talked. There are many children like that in schools but only a few of them decide to make changes in their lifestyle and go after the handsome looks that some of the other guys are naturally born with. He was one of the people who did and fast forward to when he was 30 years old and you can see that all the changes he made transformed him from an ugly duckling into a handsome hunk.

A Proud Achievement

The picture on the left was taken when this girl was somewhere between 18 and 19 years old and the one on the right was taken when she was 21 years old. This goes on to show that you can become a swan from an ugly duckling within a small matter of a couple of years. The transformation was finally completed when she had reached her target weight and also lost the glasses that gave her the cute look that she wanted to achieve. We are pretty sure that her confidence levels surged when she stopped looking like the girl in the picture on the left and that she found a new outlook to life, a life that she now could be proud of.

Oscar Wilde To James Potter

This is one of the more interesting transformations on our list. Prior to his transformation, he somewhat resembled Oscar Wilde and that is saying something considering that he was just 18 years old in the picture. He looked way too mature for his age and probably also belonged to one of the geeks’ clubs in his college. However, he decided that enough was enough and made some changes in his life. He dropped a few pounds in his body weight and cut his hair short. After a few years, around the time when he was 25 years old, he began to realize that his transformation was complete. Now, he looks more like James Potter from the Harry Potter universe and could easily be mistaken for a college kid.

A Lot Has Changed

Whenever we find an old phone lying around the house, we are always amazed to see the pictures that we clicked with the phone. Since we are changing phones every couple of years, the difference is often not noticeable in the pictures and the way that you look today. However, when you pick up a really old phone, say from 8 or 9 years ago, you will surely find some embarrassing pictures that you would not want to be seen by anyone. You would do everything in your power to keep them from seeing the light of the day. This guy found one such picture in an old iPhone and he put it up on Reddit proud of the fact that he had transformed his body quite a lot from when he was 12 years old to now when he is 20 years old.

Growing Up Nicely

When he was a kid, there was something about his teeth that made everyone believe that he was not going to grow up to be a handsome man. However, they were wrong as nature began to take action to improve the life of the young kid. He went from being a dorky kid to being one of the guys who got regular dates on the weekends. This transformation happened within a matter of eight years and it was quite a wonderful one. We are sure that the girls in his school are now regretting not going out with him back then and are hankering after him, trying to score a date with him. Well, bad luck for the girls!

Unbelievable Changes

This girl went on record to say that she could not believe the changes that her body had gone through in a matter of a few years. She says that if she had not seen the change with her own two eyes, she would never have believed it to be true. The picture on the left was taken when she was 17 years old and had lots of pounds on her face and body. She decided to make changes to her lifestyle and brought upon a strict regime where and when the freckles around her eyes settled down a bit and the acne disappeared from her face, along with the fat on her body, she became one of the hottest girls that you will ever see. It’s hard to imagine the transformation that she had in just three years.

Ever So Cool

Now, this girl was cool even back then. The picture on the left was taken when she was 12 years old and you can see that she loved boating. She has her hand on the motor and she is going to steer her life into a successful and hot future. The picture on the right shows her transformation to be complete and you can see that she has lost that innocent little girl features and has gained some sharp features that make her quite appealing. The latter was taken when the girl was 26 years old. When she posted this on Reddit, there were a few people commenting that she is using excessive filters to make herself look better. However, considering the fact that not all girls are liars, we are inclining to believe that she indeed has completed her transformation.

A Week’s Change

This just might be the shortest span in which we are witnessing a transformation on our list. The guy clicked two pictures a week apart and you can clearly see that he does not look the same today as he did a week ago. That is because he decided to shave up his patchy beard. Clearly, it was a wise choice since the beard made him look shabby and homeless. Now that he has shaved it all off, he looks quite smart and someone who is going to crawl the bar scenes every weekend. Kudos to the choice and we hope that more guys are sensible enough to make it and break the beard.

A Wild Ride

It takes quite some time for changes to become permanent. Some take a couple of years while others a bit longer. This girl was a part of the latter and she took more than 11 years to finally reach her goals. The picture on the left was taken when the little girl was merely 12 years old. She surely looks friendly but we are not sure if she had many friends when she was in school. Perhaps, this is because we are judging her by her looks and that is not quite fair. However, take one look at the picture on the right, which was taken when she turned 23 years old and all the thoughts that you had of her not being pretty in middle school will fly right out of the window because she has turned into quite a smoking hot girl.

Rocking The Bow

This girl went on to reminisce all the times when she thought that she was really rocking the bow on her hair. However, as you can see, she needed a lot of fashion advice before dressing up. Perhaps there was no one around her to tell her that her style was not suiting her. Fortunately, she did get some friends who told her all about the malfunctioning and out-of-the-fashion-wardrobe bow. The first picture was taken when she was 14 years old while the second one, the one on the right, was taken when she was 22 years old. She says that it was a very wild ride and that she would never forget how much she thought that she was rocking the bow when it was actually not working in her favor.

Just Blossomed

She may not have been the most popular girl in her schooling days. She may always have been found sitting in the library all by herself, with her nose in the spines of the books that were there in the stacks. She may also be the one that was bullied by all the popular girls in school. However, that was all when she was 12 years old. Times have changed and so has she with the times. Today, she is a beautiful woman who has it all figured out. At 30 years old, she does not look a day above 25 and it is quite a commendable feat. We are proud of her transformation and hope that all will be good in the days to come.

From 400 To 179

This guy went from weighing 400 lbs to just a little over 179 lbs. This 221 lbs weight loss did wonders for him as you can see in the picture above. He looks happy in both the pictures but we can easily say that he looks way happier in the second picture after he has lost that weight. It is an incredible transformation but it is rather sad that he shared it with the internet because he says that he does not have friends to share the news with. Don’t worry buddy, we are here to share the joy with you and we are incredibly proud of you and your achievement.

The Effect Of The Beard

We all know that a proper beard can do wonders for a guy. While the girls put on their makeup, guys have it a bit easier when all they need to do is grow a beard. However, not all guys get the proper beards that they’d like. This guy was lucky but only after a certain age. You see, when he was 17 years old, pictured left, he did not have a beard, whiich made him quite the ugly and immature duckling in his social group. However, he did not give up hope since it is natural for some guys to get their beards a little late into puberty. He surprised everyone when he got that macho beard, and everyone must have been shocked to see his transformation 10 years later.

Out Of Norm

Some transformations are different from others. They are not all about losing weight or making the right fashion choices. Sometimes, the transformation needs to happen from without while it has already happened from within. This is one of the cases of the latter. While he was born in a girl’s body, he never felt like a girl and once he was old enough, he decided to undergo the operation and was finally able to live his life as a male that he had always felt from within himself. This is a change that is bigger than the others on our liist but it is a change nonetheless and we are proud of him.

The Borrowed Jawline

Genetics is a very interesting subject. When you study the genetics of a person, you will come to know of the various features and which side of the family did they inherit it from. But sometimes, it requires common sense and there are some features of the body that you can just tell by simply looking at the person and his parents. This guy is sure that his mother had an affair with a man other than his father because he says that there is no way that he got the jawline from his father. In reality, it was just plain old exercise that allowed the fat on his face to shed and gave him a chiseled jaw that he believes is borrowed from another man.

A Testimony To Dedication

This is one of the most unbelievable transformations that we have seen so far. The guy simply went from being a blob of fat who sits around all day to someone who could compete with the gods of strength. The picture on the left was taken when he was 22 years old while the one on the right was taken when he was 27 years old. There are some people who would say that these are two pictures of two different men but they would be completely wrong. It looks like he is of Asian descent in the picture but that is simply because of the flash photography, and the guy is actually a Pacific Islander. He got a good tan and the second picture was taken without any flash. Also, camera quality has drastically improved over the years and they are better able to capture colors now.

DIY Haircuts

There are a lot of people who avoid spending money and try to do as much as they can right at home. These DIYs can often have beautiful results but only when you know what you are doing. This girl was 13 years old when she started cutting her own hair at home. You can clearly see that she was not good at it in the beginning and should have gone to a professional salon in order to get the haircut and not be the ridicule of her schooling days. However, she was very persistent and continued to cut her own hair, even after disastrous results. Fast forward to when she was 26 years old, and she says that she still cuts her hair on her own but the good news is that she has gotten a lot better at it than when she was 13.

Hello “Uglie”

When this guy was 10 years old, everyone around him used to call him by a nickname that they had given him because of his looks. This name was “Uglie” and he could not shake it off, no matter how much he tried. You can see that he was not the most handsome dude when he was 10 years old in the picture on the left. However, he went through a gender reassignment surgery and shocked the world with his beauty. He was no longer the ugly guy with the ugly nickname but he was a hot smoking young girl who was going to steal hearts everywhere she went. It just goes on to show that people are beautiful and they might just not be comfortable in their own skin.

From Old To Young

They say that time only moves in one direction and that you cannot change the flow of time. However, there are some people who age differently than others and this can lead to others believing that these people have access to a time machine that they constantly use to travel through time. Just take a look at this girl, for instance. On the left, there is a picture that was taken when she was 13 years old, and on the right, there is a picture that was taken when she was 26 years old. You can’t believe it either? For some reason, she looks older at the age of 13 than she does at the age of 26. Puberty was probably her best friend that helped her out in a big way when she was growing up.

Sleazy Facial Expressions

There are some things about your personality that you can never change in your life. You may try hard but when it comes to these things, the effort is simply futile. For this guy, it was his sleazy smile. Right from his childhood, he had a smile that could creep out any girl at whom he was smiling. And even though he may have gone through a lot of changes in his life, he could not change the way that he smiled. Puberty hit him like a train but could not help him with the way that his eyes are just a little closed when he stretches the corners of his mouth. Apart from that, kudos brother, for turning into a beautiful, yet sleazy, swan from an outright ugly duckling.

The Piercing Blue Eyes

This guy went from being a cutie-patootie to hottie-hunky! The picture on the left is evidence of the way that he looked when he was 12 years old. All in all, he was quite a cute child. Some people say that he looked like a bully but we believe that he was just a big softie. On the right, you can see that the small kid from all those years ago is fully grown up now and has turned into quite the handsome hunk. We want to believe that he still retains his innocence and that the outer persona is just a big barrier to keep some people out. We are also sure that his dreamy eyes are all that he needs to get a date with whomever he wants.


This guy was struggling with bipolar disorder II for the better part of his life and the medications that the doctor had prescribed for him were the reason that he was gaining a lot of weight. However, there are many people who are able to kick the medications and not be affected by the disorder after a long time of staying on the meds. This guy was one of them and he stopped taking the medicines in February of the year previous to the one when he took the picture on the right. As you can see, he has lost all that weight that he gained while he was on medication and he also has his disorder in control.

Life Is Weird

You would never believe that the two guys in the picture above are the same guy, just a few years apart from each other in age. The one on the left was taken when the guy was 13 years old and the one on the right was taken when the same guy was 25 years old. 12 years of aging, going through puberty and exercising well ensured that he got a better deal, and surprised everyone with the way that he looked now. Also, the beard that he has grown now is helping his cause.

Filling Out

When you are young and skinny, people often try to call you names, like a stickman. However, if you eat right and go to the gym at the right time, you will be able to lose the skinny part of the job. Regular exercise can help your muscles buff out enough to fill out your clothes and also make you look like a formidable person. This guy did that too. He was 16 years old when the picture was first taken. This is the one on the left. On the other side of the picture is another guy, who is all buffed out and ready to take on the world with his hero pose when he was coming out of the water on the beach. This picture was taken when he was 22 years old.

The Same Smirk

This girl went from being the ignored child in the class to be the hottest girl in the class. It took her a while but she managed to drop all the extra weight and also make a few other changes in her life that made her look all beautiful. She was 15 years old when the picture on the left was clicked. It took her 15 years of exercise to reach her ideal weight and she clicked the picture on the right when she was 30 years old. It is amazing because she does not look 30 in the picture but more like 18. She also got better eyebrows and colored her hair. Even with all these changes, there is one thing that has remained the same even after 15 years, and that is her smirk.

From Audience To Cheerleader

This girl has a truly beautiful smile and it goes a long way into showing how friendly she is. The first picture gives us a glimpse of her smile when she was 14 years old and in the audience of a football match. She looks like a tomboy and her skin is severely suffering from acne. We are sure that she would have many friends because of her friendly nature but not too many love interests because of her looks. However, she was not always going to remain a tomboy and must have started working on her looks around the time she was in high school because fast forward 7 years and you will be absolutely stunned looking at her transformation. She is drop-dead gorgeous and has changed quite a lot over the years. One thing that has remained constant is her smile and the friendliness that comes along with it.

Double Trouble

Here are two friends who went through their transformations together. Both of them had shabby hairstyles when they were younger and goofy smiles that were not going to make them popular among girls anytime soon. Being a teen in those days must have been difficult for them, especially when they looked like that. That must have been when they decided to go through some changes together and make a name for themselves among the females. We are proud of their transformations and also for the fact that they stuck together through all those years of friendship. There are many people who were best friends in school but became strangers as they grew up.

From Cute To Hot

There are many girls who make the journey from cute to hot when they hit puberty. This girl made that leap quite well when she lost all the chubbiness she had when she was 15 years old, pictured left. You can see that she has all the makings of a cute girl who will have many friends but will have a hard time dating boys. However, she was not always going to remain the same cute innocent girl that she was in school. She turned into a beautiful, young woman who is quite hot for her age. Her recent picture was taken when she was 22 years old and she is smoking hot. All her chubby features have turned into sharp, chiseled looks and we are very proud of her.

Hidden Facial Features

This guy was completely unaware of the fact that he had decent facial features hidden under all the fat. At the age of 19, when the picture on the left was clicked, he realized that he needed to lose some weight since it was getting in the way of getting decent dates. He decided to start working out and within a matter of 6 years, he lost 85 kgs (187 lbs). When he clicked the picture on the right, at the age of 25, he captioned it, “Who knew I had some decent facial features underneath the fat I used to carry. I am glad I worked on myself and my appearance.”

Bowl Cut

This guy was too sad because of his body structure and even when he tried to enjoy his life, things did not go perfectly. It was then that he decided to make changes in his lifestyle and cut down on the carbohydrate intake. The pictures on the left were taken when he was 12 years old while the ones on the right were taken when he was 19 years old. It took him 7 years but he was finally happy with the way. that he looked and it is evident from the pictures of him today.

Removing The Makeup

This girl was 15 years old when she wore a lot of makeup but that was not working for her. Back in 2012, she believed that makeup would solve all her problems but clearly that was not the case. In her own words, she says that it was time and hygiene that did all the wonders. She stopped putting on makeup and that led to her skin clearing up. The second picture is from 2021 when she turned 24 years old and you can see how well her avoidance of makeup has given her a second chance at life.