Top Ways to Bet on NFL Games Online

According to some surveys, 40 million Americans say they plan on betting on the NFL games.

If you want to join your fellow sport-lovers, you might be wondering how to bet on NFL games online.

Thankfully, we have the perfect guide to show you how to bet on football, so make sure you keep reading!

Check Laws

The United States Supreme Court recently removed a federal law that prohibits betting on sports.

While things have changed since then, there are some state laws that still prohibit it. You should make sure that you check the laws for your particular state and sport, even if you are going to bet online.

Understand Odds

If sports betting is legal in your area, you better get ready for NFL preseason.

This is a great chance to practice betting on NFL games and start learning about the different odds in football. Odds will show you how likely or unlikely each sportsbook expects for something to happen.

If you see a large number with a negative sign, that means the outcome is positively favored to happen. However, if you see the negative sign, that means that the sportsbook doesn’t think that it will happen.

If there is a negative sign next to something, you’ll have to place a minimum bet of $100 in order to make a profit.

For example, if you see that the Green Bay Packers have a -100 odds of beating the New York Giants, you’ll have to place a bet of $100 to get a return of $200. This will include your original $100 plus any $100 that you won.

If you win, you always get your initial stake back unless they have rules that say otherwise.

Bet on a Moneyline

One way that you can bet is by placing a money line bet. This is where you’ll pick a team that you think will win the game. This is one of the easiest bets for beginners, and it can help introduce you to learning the game as well.

This bet is normally called a straight-up bet in sportsbooks.

Because you’ll only have two options to choose from, you’ll see that the odds are a premium for the favored team to win. The favored team is decided on by the talent and skill of the team.

For example, if the New England Patriots were favored to win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the odds might look like: Patriots +170, Buccaneers -130.

That means if you place a winning bet of $100 on the Buccaneers, you’d win $132.50. That means you get your $100 back along with $32.50 of winning. Since the Buccaneers are not favored to win, this is a riskier bet than betting on the Patriots.

Bet on a Spread

After you’ve mastered a money line bet, you can start betting on spreads. This is a way to help even the odds between two teams of an underdog and a favorite.

With a spread bet, there will be a favorite that has a number of points, but they’ll have a handicap applied to them. The underdog will get some points as well, but they’ll be given more to help give them a head start.

If you’re going to bet on the favored team to win, they’ll have to win against the underdog by more points than the handicap. If they do, then your bet will win.

But if you want the underdog to help you win a bet, you’ll need them to lose by a total that’s less than the number of points they were given as a head start. If they do that, then you’ll win your bet.

Bet on Players

If you know a lot about statistics and players, you can also try betting on players.

For example, if you think Tom Brady will throw over 400 yards in the game, you can bet over or under. For example, if you bet Under 400, and he throws for 450, then your bet will lose.

A lot of people will bet on players throwing passing yards, having over or under rushing yards for a running back, being a first touchdown scorer, having an anytime touchdown scorer, or a wide receiver receiving yards.

However, there are many more bets that you could place, especially in the playoffs and during the Super Bowl.

Bet on Point Spread

When you bet on a point spread, you’ll be guessing what the margin of victory will be.

When you choose a team, you’ll have to look at the points for the underdog and winner.

Try Live Betting

If you want to make riskier bets, you can even make bets while the game is on.

There are live lines and odds that will be open to bet on for almost every option. There are even bets for the result of a drive, where you can guess how well a team will do on a specific drive. For example, you can bet on if a quarterback will throw an interception or not.

The different odds that will be available depending on how much time the game has left. These bets should only be for more experienced bettors.

Learn More About How to Bet on NFL Games Online

These are only a few ways to bet on NFL games online, but there are many more strategies and tips out there.

We know it can be challenging learning how to bet on football, which is why we’re here to help you out.

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