Top 12 Julia Roberts Movies Of The 80’s And 90’s

Julia Roberts is one of the world’s best actresses and she has been staring in films ever since Mystic Pizza (1988) and Satisfaction (1988).

According to the reviews this wasn’t one of her best

Since these were released the public automatically fell in love with her, but her biggest success was in Pretty Woman.

She managed bag an oscar before Leonardo

She was actually nominated for an Oscar for this film, and won the People’s Choice award for Favourite Actress.

She really is a people person

On the side Julia has become involved with UNICEF and has been visiting countries to promote goodwill. Now you can see why everyone loves her so much, so we’ve put together a list of her best films during the 80’s & 90’s:

12. Hook

This is one film you would probably never imagine seeing Julia Roberts in.

That’s right it’s not a romantic comedy for once

Julia Roberts plays Tinkerbell alongside Robin Williams who plays Peter Pan.

We’re not too sure how we feel about this either

Spielberg actually worked alongside Walt Disney when he produced this film, but Spielberg abandoned the project and James v. Hart took over it.

We all wonder why he didn’t seem to like it!

The story is a quite different from the original Peter Pan, and is actually meant to follow on from the original.

11.Dying Young

This American romance film is based on the best selling novel.

Yep, that’s right Julia is trying to find love again

Julia plays Hilary who is looking for a new job and ends up caring for a well educated rich guy called Victor Geddes.

She’s been searching for so long

Victor has leukemia so Hilary steps in to help him, but ends up falling in love with him. One thing that is quite strange about this film is that we never find out whether he survives or not.

We’re still waiting to find out… ( not sure about that hat btw)

10.Step Mom

Julia Roberts starred in Step Mom in 1998.

It seems like some people don’t want Julia to find mr right..

The one and only Christopher Columbus directed the comedy- drama and it made a box office profit of $15.9 million.

Oh that’s quite a bit of money…

The film is about a recently divorced couple (Luke and Jackie). They also have two children Anna and Ben. Luke starts living with his new girlfriend, Isabel, who is played by Julia Roberts.

Some of these films seem to be turning a bit dark

Later in the movie we discover that Jackie has been diagnosed with terminal lymphoma, and Isabel still struggles to bond with Anna and Jackie, but you’ll have to watch the movie yourself to find out everything that happens.

9.The Pelican Brief

In this movie we see Julia take up a different type of film from the usual romantic comedies.

How does she manage to suit every role?

In fact this one is a political thriller.

Everyone loves a good old thriller

Julia stars as a young law student who writes a detailed brief explaining her theory on why two Supreme Court justices have been killed.

This one seems like it’s going to be dark as well…

This unfolds a whole series of action packed events, none of which I’m going to spoil for you.

8.Steel Magnolias

Steel Magnolias is set in southern America and is actually an adaptation of Robert Harling’s 1987 play version.

But does a southern accent really suit Julia?

The movie is a true story that is based on Robert Harling’s sister.

This one starts to get pretty sad too…

Julia Roberts who plays Shelby is planning for her wedding, but she suddenly goes into a hypoglycaemic state, which is because of type one diabetes.

You may need a box of tissues for this one actually

After a few months Shelby finds out that she’s pregnant, but because of her severe diabetes this could actually mean a death sentence for Shelby.

7.Mystic Pizza

This is a coming-of-age movie and has actually had a rather large cult following since it was released.

Don’t worry it’s not these guys

The movie is based around three sisters called Kat, Daisy and Jojo.

We didn’t really get the name either

Of course this film is bound to have romance in and it explores all the three sisters love lives and how they all find their happy endings, which kind of reminds me of a Disney film.

6.Something To Talk About

Something To Talk About was made in 1995 and is an American comedy-drama film that was actually nominated for a Golden Globe award.

That would be another comedy-drama…

Julia plays a character called Grace in this film, and Grace soon discovers that her husband is having an affair.

Julia really cant find love

Ever since she finds out her world is turned upside down, and ends up taking her daughter to live on her parents’ ranch.

5.My Best Friends Wedding

This film also has a very young Cameron Diaz in as well.

I know she looks the same, right?

Yet again Roberts stars in another romantic comedy, and this one was in fact a global box-office hit.

We secretly wanted them to be together too

Julianne (played by Roberts) and Michael have been friends since forever, and they even made a deal that if neither of them were married by a certain age then they would get married.

Don’t worry Julia we all feel for you

However, Michael announces to Julianne that he’s planning to get married, and as you can imagine Julianne gets pretty jealous of this, because she’s realised that she really has feelings for him.

You go girl!

Therefore she plans to sabotage his wedding.

This is really weird…

One thing you probably didn’t know is that China remade the film in 2016.

4.Runaway Bride

Rather than wanting to marry her best friend like in the previous film, she can’t stop running away from weddings in this one.

Run, Roberts, Run.

This film also stars the beloved Richard Gere, so it’s like a different version of Pretty Woman in a way.

Although we still think Pretty Woman is better

However, this movie is about a girl called Maggie who is so nervous of getting married she’s actually left three men all alone at the alter before.

Don’t worry we feel for all of Maggie’s men too

But the question is does Richard Gere manage to change her mind? You’ll just have to give it a watch.

Lets hope she doesn’t say no to this one


And again we have another romantic comedy, surprise surprise.

We never thought she’d star in one of these

This movie also stars the good old Hugh Grant, and became the highest grossing British film that was released in 1999. Plus, it won a BAFTA.

She definitely deserved this!

The story is about how Will (Hugh) and Anna (Julia) fall in love with one another.

Aww don’t they look cute

But the story gets complicated as Anna is a film star who is getting a lot of negative views from the press, plus, and ex-boyfriend gets thrown into the drama as well.

2.Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman is one of the best classic Julia Roberts films that you can just watch over and over again.

This is a scene no one will ever forget

In the film Julia plays a prostitute called Vivian who gets whisked off of her feet by Edward Lewis (Richard).

We’re sure we’d love him too if he got us all of them clothes

At first he just hires her to be his escort for a few business trips, but they fall madly in love without even realising it.

Not sure we would have picked these ones Viv

And guess what it’s classed as another romantic comedy.

1.Sleeping with the enemy

This has to be the best Julia Robert’s film of the 80’s and 90’s. In fact it really brings to light violence that can go on behind closed doors.

This ones a tear jerker

Julia plays a character called Laura who is abused by her husband in this psychological romantic thriller. Laura goes to extreme lengths to escape her violent husband.

We don’t think that hat will disguise you enough Jules

While doing this she actually ends up falling in love with another man when she moves to a new town.

Maybe she did get her happy ever after

However, Laura’s husband soon finds out where she really is…. But we won’t spoil anymore.