This White Woman Identifies As Black And Believes She’s Going To Have A Black Baby

Now there’s a headline you don’t read every day…

Martina Big is a German model who recently rose to prominence after claiming that she was ‘transitioning’ from a white woman to a black lady.

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Now it turns out that Martina and her (white) husband Michael are thinking about having a baby, leading to some confusion about what race the newborn will be.

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Martina and Michael appeared on an episode of This Morning with Holly Willoughby and John Barrowman to talk about Martina’s transition and the couple’s pregnancy plans. The model has been taking melanin injections for the past two years, which have led to plenty of bodily changes that might affect a future pregnancy.

Screenshot 2019 01 21 at 12.24.35 This White Woman Identifies As Black And Believes She's Going To Have A Black Baby

The German model, who now identifies as a black woman, explained: “The skin is getting darker and my growing hair is changing and getting curly and more dark.”

Martina also seems convinced that she and her husband could potentially give birth to a black child. When asked by the presenters if that was possible, Martina replied: “Yes, they said they’re going to be black.”

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She then continued: “We are not having plans, but I am discussing with my doctor to see if my body is okay, will I be able to breastfeed, what the baby will look like.”

Screenshot 2019 01 21 at 12.24.25 This White Woman Identifies As Black And Believes She's Going To Have A Black Baby

Holly Willoughby wasn’t as convinced and pressed the couple about how that would work: “I’m trying to think genetically how that is possible. If you give birth to a white child will you somehow think it’s not connected to you?”

“No,” Martina replied. “It’s a mix of Michael and me. I’m pretty sure it will be black or milk chocolate or a little bit light, it doesn’t matter.”

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Somewhat predictably, the ridiculous comments drew plenty of ire on social media. One Twitter user wrote: ‘Omg!! ‘The baby will be black or milk chocolate?! How disrespectful can you get? Totally mental.’

We’re not sure if Martina was listening properly in biology class. She might end up being a bit disappointed if she and Michael do ever have a baby in the future.

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So how exactly did Martina transition in the first place? She became famous after her extreme plastic surgery and tanning addiction made her look like, well, this:

Screenshot 2019 01 21 at 13.16.28 This White Woman Identifies As Black And Believes She's Going To Have A Black Baby

At first her tanning obsession seemed to be just an extremely unhealthy addiction to getting mahogany skin. But since then, Big has admitted that her desire to have darker pigmentation has led her to identify as a black woman.

In September 2017, she appeared on US TV show Maury wearing a diamante necklace saying ‘Black Girls Rock’ and publicly proclaimed that she now considered herself to be black:

More recently, the German model addressed the furore on social media: “I have recently shown you several evidences that I have not only changed my appearance but my race. The age in which one must stay in the race for a lifetime in which one was born is over.”

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“I do not ask that everyone advocate my transformation. I just want you to accept that I’m now a real black woman.”

Apparently Big is so devoted to her new race that in March last year she flew to Kenya for a week and was baptised as an African woman named Malaika Kubwa.

This White Woman Identifies As Black And Believes She's Going To Have A Black Baby

The model announced the news over Facebook: “One of my Kenyan friends told her pastor about my transformation to a black woman and told him how much I wanted to become a true African woman.

“He invited me to his church in Nyeri. There he baptized me to the name “Malaika Kubwa” 🙂 This is Swahili. Malaika means Angel and Kubwa means Big 🙂

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“In his sermon the pastor said: ‘You have to be born again and now you are a new creature.’ I’m so happy and proud to be a real African woman :)”

She even shared a video of her baptism, just in case you can’t quite believe what you’re reading:

What do you think of Martina’s views? Let us know in the comments section below!