The Daffodils are in full bloom, lambs are gambolling in the fields and cherry-blossom is dancing lazily on the breeze…not a biting, chilling breeze, oh no! Dare I say it, but it’s actually starting to feel warm outside…and things are about to heat up even more! Temperatures are set to sky-rocket to 26 degrees in some parts of the country this week. It definitely feels like now, after months of cold, miserable weather, that summer is well and truly on its way.

Ironically during these spells of hot weather, we all like to find a way to cool down…either by having a dip in a pool, tucking into an ice cream or taking a sip of your favourite ice-cold drink. If you’re a fan of the last option, then good news! Your favourite cold drink is set to become even cooler.

Coca-Cola has recently introduced the world to the very first official Coke slushy. You may think hang on, I’ve definitely had a Cola slush before at the fair and basically any seaside town around the country…and you’re probably right, but this is the first time Coca-Cola have bought out an official frozen product.

The slush will be available to buy in pouches. All you do is simply pop them in the freezer for a few hours and, when you’re ready, you take them out and give them a good massage until you reach you preferred level of crunchiness. The slush, which is a lemon-flavoured variety of the popular soft drink, has been in development for the past eight years! (crikey, that’s a long time! What have they even been doing?) But like with every good thing, there’s a snag.

These pouches are currently only being sold in Japan. They are being sold both frozen and unfrozen, which gives the buyer the option to freeze the pouches at home to enjoy in their own time at some point. And the company behind the Cola are so confident, they have even launched pouches of frozen Fanta too. To be honest, there is nothing I can think of that would be more refreshing right now than an ice-cold lemon Fanta slush. Where can we get our hands on one?

And if you’re a fan of iced-slush varieties of your favourite drink, then one thing that you’re definitely going to have to try this year is the ‘Frosé,’ aka ‘frozen rosé.’

Whilst you can’t buy it in pouches, the frozen wine treat is easy enough to make at home and can be found on menus in bars up and down the country come summer. There are many different recipes for the mixture, but the simplest variety of the drink is made by blending the pink wine with lemon juice and sugar before popping it in the freezer for six hours.

The idea for this alcoholic slushie came from Bar Primi in New York, where the general manager Justin Sievers wanted to create a new drink using rose wine that was suitable for long hot afternoons.

Sievers told Insider: ‘Somebody said something like, “Man, it’s rosé season, what should we do?” And I was like, what if we just dump a bunch of rosé into the [slushie] machine and see if it freezes. So we did!’

“Everyone seems to love it. As soon as it hit the tables, everyone sees it and is like, “What is that? I want one.”‘

And since then, the drink has took off big-time styly and is often seen on instagram as people show off their homemade varieties. So, try not to be too disappointed that we can’t get our hands on the frozen Cola just yet…simply enjoy a frozen rosé instead.