29 Things Everyone Did As A Kid For Absolutely No Reason

Growing up in the 80s and 90s was great, but there were some things we randomly used to do as kids that we just couldn’t explain today. Remember stabbing your eraser with a pencil a thousand times? Or always drawing a sun in the corner of any picture you drew? Check out the list below to revisit your childhood and realise just how many things you used to do as a youngster for absolutely no reason.


29. Running your finger along the groove in the wall at school

28. Flicking through this thing for hours trying to find the latest addition to your bedroom poster collection

27. Always drawing a sun in the corner of the page

26. Stabbing your rubber all over with a pencil like some kind of eraser killer

25. Putting needles through the skin on your fingertip for absolutely no reason

24. Watching your teacher mess about with the overheard projector at school

23. Rubbing out the condensation on the window of the school bus

22. Constantly snapping that extra bit of plastic off your pen or pencil

21. Covering your hands in PVA glue then spending hours peeling it off your hands

20. Setting the world to rights on one of these in the cafeteria:

19. Trying to push down every colour at once with one of these pens:

18. Unravelling the design on your favourite pencil for absolutely no reason

17. Buying a box of cereal just for the toy that came with it

16. Creating a rudimentary photocopier using a ball of putty

15. Drinking water straight out of the hose in summer

14. Singing into one of these and genuinely believing you were better than Michael Jackson

13. Being a proud owner of the world’s smallest pencil

12. Desperately hoping that a copy of your favourite game was behind one of these

11. Randomly rearranging all of the furniture in your room

10. Carrying one of these everywhere in the summer:

9. Swimming down to the bottom of the pool to pick up one of these:

8. Making a lightsaber out of all the felt tip pens in the classroom

7. Peeling the plastic away on your new CD

6. Stacking your painting on one of these to let it dry

5. Burning your arm on the cigarette lighter in your parent’s car

4. Trying to swing high enough to loop round the top of the swings

3. Pulling very slowly on the ticket machine to try and get another one

2. Sitting by one of these with your mates before going home for tea

1. Pulling the ticket out of this machine for no reason whatsoever:

Do you remember doing all of these things? Let us know in the comments section below!