With seemingly endless funds at their disposal, it’s no surprise that when it comes to houses, celebs tend to go big or go home.

I mean, if you had a couple (or a hundred) million pound in the bank, why wouldn’t you choose to live the life of luxury?

Still, some celebs take being decadent to a whole other level. Everyone’s heard of Michael Jackson’s Neverland Valley Ranch, where the pop superstar lived from 1988 to 2003.

Purchased for an undisclosed sum (believed to be between $19 million and $30 million dollars) from property developer William Bone, Neverland Ranch had a petting zoo, personal amusement park and railroad.

Or Prince’s Paisley Park in Minneapolis, where the singer lived until his death in 2016.

The huge, purple 65,000 sq ft of personally designed space featured a giant mural of the star’s eye, as well as four recording studios, a sound stage and even a nightclub!

Even less flamboyant stars are known for taking things to extremes when it comes to their living quarters.

When Taylor Swift purchased her second mansion from the son of iconic film producer Samuel Goldwyn in 2015, the chart-topper spent months carefully restoring the Beverley Hills home to its former glory.

Swift and her architects returned the building to how it was when purchased by Goldywn and his wife in 1934, on top of the $25 million she’d already spent buying the property.

In America, Lost Angeles seems to be the hotspot for most celebrity pads, but the top spot for big names are the Bird Streets in the Hollywood Hills. This is where Dre’s $35 million mansion is located.

His neighbors include Leonardo DiCaprio, Keanu Reeves, and Google exec Eric Schmidt. (DiCaprio also owns a penthouse condo in Manhattan’s Battery Park City and in December, sold a three-structure compound in Malibu Colony for $17.35 million, down from the initial ask of $23 million.)

Another popular spot include the Pacific Palisades, home to Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Adam Sandler and Kate Hudson.

Some celebs, such as Beyonce and Jay Z, favour the high-rise apartments of Manhattan, New York, where they are away from prying eyes.

Here’s 17 more jaw dropping celeb houses that will make you more than a little bit jealous.

1. Jon Bon Jovi

When musician Jon Bon Jovi bought his 7,452 sq ft Soho duplex in 2007, the rocker paid $24 million.

The value has since skyrocketed to almost double that at $42 million!

The apartment can be found at the top of New Museum’s 158 Mercer Street building, and features five bedrooms and seven bathrooms!

Seriously, who needs more bathrooms than bedrooms?

The penthouse also includes 11 ft high ceilings and three terraces, not to mention TWO chef’s kitchens and a dressing room.

“You Give Love a Bad Name” was Bon Jovi’s first US number one hit, but it was very nearly a miss.

Before its release, Bon Jovi and co-writer Richie Sambora considered giving it another band, Loverboy. They didn’t in the end, and what a good job too!

Bon Jovi recently revealed that when he first went on the “Runaway Tour” in 1983, he was still living with his parents in his childhood home in Sayreville, New Jersey.

“The money wasn’t that quick,” the rock icon told NPR.

“The first two albums I lived at home, and it wasn’t until the success of the third one [in 1986] that I was able to even afford an apartment, let alone buy a house.”

2. Cher

Another star known for their quirky taste, Cher’s Italian Renaissance–themed property in Malibu must have cost a fortune.

The mansion features hand-polished marble, Moroccan rugs, Gothic chandeliers and copper ceilings, plus her own infinity pool that joins to the Pacific Ocean.

She legally changed her name from “Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPierre Bono Allman” to simply “Cher”.

She beat out Céline Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” for the best-selling single of 1998 with “Believe”.

Cher holds the record for the the longest gap between #1 hits (“Dark Lady” 1974, “Believe” 1999)

Cher recently brought CinemaCon to its feet after she made a surprise appearance to promote Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

The pop superstar, 71, surprised convention-goers in Las Vegas with a rendition of the ABBA hit Fernando.

She emerged from behind large fake palm fronds wearing a sparkly gold pantsuit and platform heels to perform the number along with a coterie of dancers.

The sequel to the 2008 musical blockbuster, that grossed more than $600 million worldwide, ‘is set on the Greek island of Kalokairi and goes back and forth in time to show how relationships forged in the past resonate in the present.’

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3. Naomi Campbell

With eccentric taste to rival Prince, Naomi Campbell’s estimated $390 million mansion in Turkey is shaped like a giant eye.

Resembling the Egyptian Eye of Horus, which is also the name of the isolated island it’s found on, the property was a 41st birthday present from the supermodel’s billionaire boyfriend Vladislav Doronin and has 25 rooms!

Campbell’s first public appearance came at the age of seven, in 1978, when she was featured in the music video for Bob Marley’s “Is This Love”.

Campbell has recently urged Vogue to launch an African edition of its magazine.

The supermodel made the comments when she was in Lagos, Nigeria to walk in two shows that were part of Arise Fashion Week, an event that calls itself Africa’s premier fashion showcase and displays 45 designers from 14 countries.

Campbell, who is British Vogue’s contributing editor, explained that she believes the launch of an African edition of the style bible would be an appropriate way to recognise the continent’s contribution to the global fashion industry.

“There should be a Vogue Africa,” she told Reuters.

“We just had Vogue Arabia — it is the next progression. It has to be,” she said.

4. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Before their dramatic split last year, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie legitimately owned a real French castle!

Worth $60 million, the property had 35 rooms and it’s own vineyard!

Brad Pitt recently announced that he is going to produce a film based on the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

It is claimed that the film will be based on journalists Jodi Kantor and Mean Twohey’s Pulitzer prize-winning New York Times reporting on Harvey Weinstein’s many alleged victims.

The pair are said to have recently been at odds over the custody of their kids since separation.

But it seems Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may finally have come to an agreement over how to look after Maddox, 16, Pax, 14, Zahara, 12, Shiloh, 11, and twins Vivienne and Knox, nine, with Brad finally being allowed more time with them.

After reportedly being “stubborn” about letting him see them, Ange is said to have softened when she found letters in Shiloh’s bedroom, Woman’s Day reports.

Though the letters were never sent, it appears to have had an emotional impact on Ange, 42, with her changing her tune and letting her former hubby of 10 years more time with their brood.

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5. Bradley Cooper

The Guardians of the Galaxy actor owns a 3,335 sq ft mansion in LA’s Pacific Palisades.

Worth a whopping $4.7 million, it includes four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a swimming pool.

However, the former bachelor pad was recently renovated to make way for the star’s 1-year-old daughter Lea De Seine, whose mother is his model girlfriend Irina Shayk.

Did you know that Bradley Cooper is fluent in French?

He even did an interview, promoting The Hangover Part II (2011) entirely in French.

In 2011 he was named “The Sexiest Man Alive” by People magazine.

Cooper is set to star in the film ‘A Star Is Born’ alongside Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga convinced Cooper to sing live for the role.

The pop star told the actor that a pet peeve of her’s was watching actors lip-synch to pre-recorded music in movies.

“‘What I can’t stand in movies is when it’s playback,’” Cooper said Gaga told him, before debuting a new trailer for the film at CinemaCon.

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6. Cameron Diaz

We don’t blame Cameron Diaz for retiring from acting, not with a home like this to lounge around in.

The star’s Manhatten apartment has featured in the pages of Elle Decor, and is worth $4.25 million.

The pad is 1,400-square-foot and comes with two bedrooms.

However, this isn’t the former-actress’s only home – she also has a $8.5- million villa in Miami!

As a child, Cameron Diaz’ friends nicknamed her ‘Skeletor,’ because she was skinny.

The 45-year-old actor, whose film credits include There’s Something About Mary, Charlie’s Angels and Gangs of New York, confirmed the news of her retirement during a sit-down with her co-stars of 2002 comedy The Sweetest Thing Christina Applegate and Selma Blair.

After a discussion about the trio reuniting, EW reports Diaz as responding: “Maybe I should, you know, I mean, I’m down. I’m literally doing nothing. I’m semi-retired, too, and I am actually retired, so I would love to see you ladies.”

Rumours surrounding Diaz’s retirement surfaced earlier this month following an interview with Blair in which she stated: “Cameron’s retired from acting. She’s like ‘I’m done.’” Blair later retracted the comments on Twitter.

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7. Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake

With a combined networth of $250 million, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel could easily afford their $20.2 million penthouse apartment.

Located in the couple’s favourite spot in Tribeca, the 5,400 sq ft flat contains four bedrooms, six bathrooms (again with all the bathrooms?), and an indoor swimming pool with adjacent Turkish bath, plus a paparazzi-proof rooftop!

Justin Timberlake started out in the Mickey Mouse club as a child alongside other celebrities, such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Ryan Gosling.

Justin Timberlake was Britney Spears’ first kiss.

Biel recently revealed that she and her husband go on gym dates together.

“An ideal day for me would be to start off with some sort of fantastic yoga practice in the morning—that way, I get it out of the way and get it done and have my day starting with clarity and space and time for me.”

“I’ve definitely been known to be in the gym late night, even 10 or 11 P.M. Keep in mind, that is ‘late night’ for me these days.”

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8. Ellen DeGeneres

Why anyone would sell this place we’ll never know, but for some reason Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia De Rossi are upping sticks.

As well as more bathrooms and bedrooms than any normal person would need, the $45 million property includes a boat house, tennis court, entertainment pavilion and a swimming pool.

Before she found her calling as a stand-up comedian at age 23, DeGeneres was a college dropout who waited tables, shucked oysters, served as a bartender, painted houses and worked as a legal secretary.

Just goes to show kids, if you work hard, you’ll make it one day!

Ellen famously came out as gay on her own ABC sitcom.

Her character said: “Okay. You were right. Susan, I’m… I can’t. I can’t even say the word.”

“What’s wrong with me? There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Why am I so afraid to tell people… I’m 35 years old.”

“Why can’t I just come out and say… I’m gay. You hear that? I’m gay. And, it sounds pretty darn good. And it sounds pretty darn loud. Oh my God.”


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9. Ivanka Trump

Let’s face it, when your dad is President of the United States, wherever you live is going to be glam.

Before packing their bags for Washington D.C., Ivanka, husband Jard Kushner and their three kids live in a $4.1 million NY apartment.

The family now live in a six bedroom, seven bathroom house in the Kaloma area of Washington, not too far away from the Obamas!

In 2007 she successfully joined forces with a diamond vendor, Dynamic Diamond Corp, to create Ivanka Trump Fine Jewellery, a line of diamond and gold jewellery, sold at her first flagship retail store in Manhattan.

Ivanka’s father is soon set to meet the Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un.

He recently told reporters in the Oval Office that he thought Kim was an ‘honourable’ person.

“We’re having very good discussions,” he said.

“Kim Jong-un, he really has been very open and I think very honourable, from everything we’re seeing”, Mr Trump told reporters in the Oval Office.

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10. Chloe Grace Moretz

She might barely be out of her teens, but 21-year-old Chloe Grace Moretz haas already purchased a $3.4 million home in Studio City.

The mansion includes six bathrooms, five bedrooms, walk-in closets and a jacuzzi, not to mention the outdoor spa and pool!

Did you know that she was considered for the role of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games.

Her favorite song is “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt.

By the time she was 17 she had starred in seven remakes: The Amityville Horror (2005), The Eye (2008), Jack and the Beanstalk (2009), Let Me In (2010), Dark Shadows (2012), Carrie (2013) and The Equalizer (2014).

Mortez has recently split with son of footballing hunk, David Beckham.

For a long time she was dating Brooklyn Beckham, but it seems that the pair have split following photographs of Beckham kissing a model.

Moretz liked a meme posted by a fan account of her giving the middle finger with the caption “Greetings to Brooklyn Beckham from me motherf***er,” seemingly suggesting that the split wasn’t amicable.

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11. Hilary Duff

The Lizzie McGuire star turned fashionista is known for her excellent taste, so it’s no surprise she opted for this $6.2 million Mediterranean-inspired beauty.

Located in one of San Francisco’s posher districts, this 9,277 sq ft apartment sits on half an acre of land and features five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a gym, a wine cellar and a game room.

Plus, no less than three garages and a pool!

Duff accepted Accepted the lead role in A Cinderella Story (2004) because Charles Perrault’s story “Cinderella” was her favorite fairy tale when she was growing up.

Duff has recently been talking about how she was unhappy with her body after she became a Mum.

She said in an interview: “Being a new mom was one of the happiest times of my life, but how I felt about my body really sucked.”

“It was so strange. I don’t think I had postpartum depression or anything like that. I was super happy with Luca. But I felt like my only purpose was just to be his mom and be able to feed him.”

“I also held onto all the “baby weight” for a long time.”

“I wasn’t one of those women who just could nurse and lose the weight.”

You still look great to us Hilary!

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12. Harry Styles

Clearly taking his moniker seriously, Harry Styles’ Hollywood Hills home is to die for.

The ex-One-Direction-singer-turned-actor spent $6.87 million on the property, which includes a high-end security system, screening room, hot tub, pool and spa.

Due to nerves, Styles was regularly sick before performing with One Direction.

The first song Harry knew all the words to was ‘The Girl Of My Best Friend’ by Elvis Presley.

Harry absolutely loves getting naked. He said: “Stripping off is very liberating, I feel so free.”

It has recently been reported that Harry Styles surprised his Australian fans on Friday night when he performed a cover of Daryl Braithwaite’s The Horses at Qudos Bank Arena.

And it appears that he got the inspiration to sing the classic the previous night during a private dinner party at Darlinghurst’s Verde with a number of music industry bigwigs, including Delta Goodrem.

According to sources, the pair belted out a number of Aussie classics, including The Horses and John Farnham’s You’re The Voice.

‘It didn’t take long before we all heard them singing at the top of their lungs,’ revealed a diner at the venue.

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13. Bella Thorne

She may be young, but actress Bella Thorne already has an impressive real estate portfolio, including a mansion in Sherwood Oaks, L.A.

Worth $2 million, the 4,500 sq ft building comes with six bathrooms, six bedrooms (that’s an en-suite for every room!), a walk-in closet for her incredible wardrobe, and a wine bar.

Outside features another bar, a barbeque, pool and spa.

Can we please spend out summers there?

Fans of the actress have recently praised her for showing off her makeup-free face.

The 20-year-old actress posted selfies on social media Sunday to show off her “peanut butter brown” hair, which was dyed ahead of her next film role. Though Thorne is no stranger to winged liner, glittery lids, or a statement lip, she opted to photograph herself without makeup.

While many stars have posted bare-faced photos recently, Thorne’s selfies are particularly notable given her struggles with cystic acne.

She’s been open about her strategies for covering up pimples with makeup, but didn’t let her skincare woes stop her from sharing her all-natural selfies with her followers.

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14. Jessica Alba

As well as being an A-list actress, Jessica Alba also spends her time investing in various properties.

This how the star, who has an impressive networth of $340 million, came across her dream home in Beverley Hills.

The home is 8,829 sq ft and includes seven bedrooms and eight and a half baths, and surprisingly cost the Hollywood beauty less than $10 million to purchase!

Alba had a very difficult childhood, as she suffered from numerous physical maladies, including collapsed lungs, pneumonia, ruptured appendix, and tonsillar cyst.

Jessica was actually kidnapped after having received telephone threats during the production of Flipper. She was found unharmed in the trunk of a car.

Recently, Jessica Alba hit the town with her almost four-month-old son on Tuesday.

The 36-year-old mother-of-three was seen out with baby boy Hayes in her arms as the two enjoyed some fresh air.

Keeping cozy in a long grey cardigan, the actress showed off her experience while juggling he child along with a cardboard beverage mug.

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15. Jaden Smith

When most of us move out on our own for the first time, the best we can expect is a shared flat with dodgy plumbing.

Not Jaden Smith.

Son of Will and Jada, the 19-year-old moved into a five bedroom, three bathroom property his parents purchased back in 2003.

Even better for the young star, his girlfriend Odessa Aldo lives less than a mile away from the $4 million mansion.

Some people really do have all the luck!

Recently, Jaden Smith stripped down to his $44 Calvin Klein ‘Pro-Stretch’ boxer-briefs to shoot a music video on a Cartagena de Indias beach in Colombia on Wednesday.

It was a surprisingly scantily-clad look for the 19-year-old son of Will & Jada Pinkett Smith, who’s known for his eccentric, gender-neutral sense of style.

It’s unclear which single the Icon rapper was envisioning from his debut studio album Syre, which dropped last November.

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16. Cheryl

Former Girls Aloud singer and X-Factor judge Cheryl’s Hertfordshire mansion is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also eco-friendly.

The unique estate is worth $5 million, and comes with six bedrooms and a heavenly-looking swimming pool.

Cheryl rose to fame in late 2002 when she auditioned for the reality television show Popstars: The Rivals on ITV. The programme announced that Cole had won a place as a member of the girl group Girls Aloud.

Cheryl Cole occasionally appeared doing dance recitals on different television shows in the UK, such as Gimme 5, in 1993.

According to sources, Girls Aloud are set to reform five years after disbanding.

The pop group – who have, since their split in 2013, been mired by rumours of acrimony – are said to be reforming to mark their forthcoming 20th anniversary.

Apparently, the reformation is the brainchild of Cheryl, who came up with the idea and approached good friends Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts about it.

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17. Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus’s future husband splashed $6.8 million on his 1,980 sq ft Malibu property.

The three bedroom, three bathroom home boasts polished concrete floors, a multi-level deck and a swimming pool, not to mention a ridiculous amount of windows.

We bet his famous brother Chris’s house is just as nice.

Chris has recently starred in what has become the fastest selling movie of all time, Avengers Infinity War.

Liam starred as ‘Gale’ in the movie franchise ‘The Hunger Games.’

Hemsworth landed his first big acting job on Australia’s popular TV series Home and Away.

So there you have it, I’m sure reading this post has made you as just as jealous as we are looking at all these nice houses!

We better start saving.