There are many people who still dream about getting a picture taken with a celebrity. These people admire the work that celebrities do and look up to them for new trends, fashion choices, and much more. They are punctual about watching celebrity appearances on television so that they remain up to date with what is happening in the industry. However, at the same time, they can be pretty oblivious to the presence of the celebrities even when it is right in their background. Let’s have a look at some pictures that people took without realizing that a celebrity was photobombing them.

Krasinski Makes An Appearance

Seriously guys, how didn’t you notice that John Krasinski was sitting behind you? Do you even know who he is? Just one of the most famous actors nowadays, mostly known as the funny guy from ‘The Office’. The best part about this picture is that John is looking straight into the camera as if he is a member of their crew.

Hemsworth By The Pool

This lovely couple couldn’t even imagine that the one and only Chris Hemsworth was casually standing behind them and posing for this picture. But he did and the final result is awesome, just look at it! They will now have a great memory from this trip, and for sure they have already framed this picture.

Jack Black & Tom Hanks

How many times will you see one celebrity photobombing the other? Well, not that often, and that’s what makes this picture even more interesting. Tom Hanks was posing with a happy fan when his colleague decided to make this picture even more special, Jack Black showed up behind them and made a hilarious face. We can bet that this lady was more than happy because now she has a picture with not one but two celebrities.

The Swift Appearance

One more case of double trouble! Now we have musicians instead of actors. This lady was lucky enough to see Keith Urban and take a picture with him, but little did she know that another big star was standing just behind them, ready to join in the fun, Taylor Swift. She didn’t want to interrupt them so she just stood there and smiled. How cute!

Perfect Timing

Talking about the perfect timing! This picture is just too good to be true, and we have to give it a special shout-out! So, this adorable granny was wearing a Slash T-shirt when something extremely odd happened. Someone photobombed her, none other than the Guns N’ Roses guitarist! What an irony, don’t you think? You just cannot make this up.

Spot The Gyllenhaal

Many celebrities try to hide whenever they see a camera nearby, but apparently, Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t one of them. Quite contrary, he likes photobombing regular customers at this restaurant. He was at the right spot at the right time and he managed to make this picture so special. This is probably the best selfie that this couple has ever taken.

Keanu Makes It Special

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life, and you want to cherish it forever. Not to mention all the pictures that you take that day since they are the best reminder of that moment. But, let’s be honest, no one will ever have better wedding pictures than this couple. Because they were photobombed by none other than Keanu Reeves.

Do You Spot Yorke?

Radiohead is one of the best bands ever, and its frontman Thom Yorke is widely famous, yet quite humble. In his free time, he acts normally and visits places just like we all do. Here, we can see him in an art gallery where he is casually photobombing this woman. She wanted to take a picture with these amazing paintings, and while she did that, she also got one big artist in the background.

Mutants Meet

This family was extremely delighted to take a picture with an amazingly talented Hugh Jackman. Just imagine their reaction when they noticed that there was one more celebrity behind them and that man was Patrick Stewart, a star of ‘X-Men’ movies. They must have been thrilled, mostly because Patrick was giving them a huge smile from the background.

The Lovable Jonah

Two for the price of one! It is a special offer so grab it while you can! This lady just wanted to have a picture with TV host Jimmy Fallon, but she ended up having one more celebrity, Jonah Hill. He wanted to goof around behind them and ruin this picture, but he made it even more interesting. What a memory!

Bruce Springs For A Picture

Going to a concert of your favorite artist is a dream come true, but imagine being able to take a picture with a couple of them. Sounds great, but is that really possible? Well, based on this picture, we can deduce that it is. This girl was so lucky because Bruce Springsteen photobombed her picture and made this experience very magical.

Will Wheaton Jokes Around

‘The Guild’ was a comedy TV show that was airing for six seasons, and we all loved watching it. Therefore, it is not a surprise that everyone wanted to have a picture with some of these TV show stars. These two were excited to see Felicia Day and pose with her, not knowing that one more ‘The Guild’ member was lurking behind them. That was Will Wheaton, he wanted to give this picture a small twist.

Hello, It’s Me

Hello, hello, how are you, people? Yes, it is me, the one and only amazing Adele. Can I please take a picture with you? Imagine turning back and seeing Adele just standing there and getting ready to take a picture with you. That doesn’t happen every day, but apparently, this couple was lucky enough to experience that.

Cera Photobomb

Michael Cera is the photobombing king, and it looks like that is one of his favorite activities- making random pictures special. He just appears behind you from nowhere, becomes a part of your picture, and then just moves on. It takes special skills to do that constantly, and we have to say that he is a true professional.

Cooper Crashes A Wedding

Yet another wedding day that was improved by the presence of one famous actor. But probably you can all recognize who this is. Hollywood’s finest, Bradley Cooper. He was visiting his old college when he saw these two getting married. So, he decided to give them the best wedding present ever and to photobomb their pictures. Brilliant!

Mr. Prime Minister

It is everyone’s dream to get married on the beach. It is probably the most romantic place for a wedding, and the memories you make that day is forever. That’s why this picture is even more special. If you don’t know who is the person behind the happy couple, we can help you with that. He is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who enjoys spending his time outside.

Run Forrest Run

Tom Hanks is hands down everyone’s favorite actor. He is known to be extremely nice and kind to everyone, so it comes as no surprise that during his walk he stopped to take a picture with newlyweds. He wished them all the best and moved on. They were shocked and you can see that by the look on their faces.

Neil Flynn In The Background

I spy with my little eyes on someone in the back, who maybe doesn’t want to be seen. That is Neil Flynn. Sadly, he is not as famous as Eric Stonestreet, so this guy didn’t want him in his picture. Even though he wasn’t invited, he managed to find his way through. He just stood behind them and gave them a spooky face.

Reeves Makes It A Habit

It seems that Keanu Reeves likes crashing other people’s weddings and taking pictures with the bride and groom. Maybe this is his hobby and we have to say that it is a pretty good one. Keanu looks really happy here, and we can only assume that the newlyweds were honored to welcome this famous actor to the celebration.

Garfield And Stone Having Dinner

Of course, you are going to take a picture of celebrities if they are sitting behind you in the same restaurant. This girl spotted two major celebrities sitting behind her, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. They were having dinner when this girl tried to photograph them. They noticed that and decided that they would make her photo even better. So Emma made a crazy face.

Inviting Adam Sandler

If you can, who would you choose to intrude on at your wedding? It has to be a celebrity, of course, the one you really like. This couple had the honor to see Adam Sandler, and they asked him to take some pictures with them. This made their wedding day even more spectacular, and for sure they will remember it forever.

The Perfect Guest For A Beach Wedding

OMG is that really Jason Momoa and is he photobombing our wedding photo? Well, apparently, he is! He looked just like a modern Aquaman while walking along the beach when he spotted something special. A couple getting married and he decided to join their photo shooting. The result is incredible and this picture is undeniably unique.

Amy Schumer Passes By

Sorry guys, I am a bit sweaty, but can I join you? It is just me, Amu Schumer, maybe you recognize me. I am only a very, very successful comedian. Amy was very sweet and she stopped to take a picture with these guys, who got new Instagram-worthy material. Did we mention that this was their engagement photo? Pretty cool, right?

Cera, Can You Stop?

As we have already mentioned, Michael Cera enjoys photobombing random people in the middle of the street, and here he has done it one more time. This guy’s photo was already pretty special because he was holding two parrots, but why not make it even better? Michael did that effortlessly, he just appeared behind him and smiled.

She Had No Idea!

How awesome is this? Imagine being photobombed by Jimmy Fallon, Chris Pratt, and Chris Evans all at once! This amazing picture was taken during the Super Bowl back in 2015, and these three prankers wanted to make fans’ pictures more memorable. And we have to admit that they did just that! Who wouldn’t like to have a picture with these celebrities?

Segel In The Middle

Such a lucky couple, we hate you! Just joking, but let’s be honest, we would all like to have a picture like this. You, your significant other, and none other than Jason Segel. He is one of the funniest actors, so we are not surprised that he decided to photobomb these two. They look pretty excited and we can understand why.

The Hangover Guy

It is always nice to see celebrities acting like regular people. Ken Jeong, whom we all know from the movie ‘Hangover’ showed us that he is just like the rest of us. Therefore, he decided to pose with these girls, but he did that behind their backs. He gave them the memory they will probably keep forever, a picture with a celebrity who photobombed them.

Making Rihanna Miserable

It is not always easy to be world-wide famous. You don’t have your privacy and people are constantly bothering you. In this picture, we can see gorgeous singer Rihanna and a fan who was determined to take a picture with her. She wasn’t very happy, just look at her miserable face, which says it all.

A Family Picture

Ladies and gentlemen, one more time, the all-mighty Jimmy Fallon. He is probably the best photo bomber in the celebrity world and he rarely acts alone. Usually, he has the help of some of his fellow celebrity friends. Here he and John Hamm photobombed the entire family in New York. The result is hilarious and we are in love with this photo.

The Prince Of Photobombs

Yes, people, you can see clearly that the person in the background is a member of the British royal family, Prince Harry. You would think that he is always dead serious, but this picture proves us wrong. He spotted that the people in front of him were about to take a picture, so as a true prince, he decided to join. His reaction was very amusing, and we love it!

Spacey Stops

If you think that celebrities don’t go to public places just like the rest of us, well, think again. It is not that uncommon to see them walking around and this picture is perfect proof. This woman was enjoying her walk when all of a sudden someone familiar decided to photobomb her picture. To her surprise, it was Kevin Spacey. You can see that she was shocked to see him standing next to her.

Ed Sheeran Gives The Bird

When you are a huge fan of a football team it usually means that you hate rival fans. In case you don’t know, Ed Sheeran is a big fan of Ipswich Town Fc. So, he decided to photobomb his rival’s picture and in order to do that, he showed them the middle finger. It seems that everything is allowed in love and sport, so we won’t judge him for this action.

The Hanks Prank

We can never get enough of Tom Hanks, so here is one more picture of him. Except in this one, he is not alone, he joined this poor boy, who fell asleep not knowing that one of the greatest actors would photobomb him. The boy was probably shocked when he woke up and saw the picture. Who wouldn’t be? This is probably his favorite picture ever!

Cera Bombs Again

Hi there, Michael Cera. Long-time no see! We’ve warned you that there will be a lot of his photobombed pictures on our list. In this picture, he is not the only celebrity photobomber, he was joined by Alia Shawkat. The two of them made this picture way better, and we can bet that these guys are forever thankful for it.

Game Of Photobombs

Oh, hi Maisie Williams, what are you doing behind that guy? Giving him a picture of a lifetime? Great job! Even though this picture is blurry, we can clearly see the GOT star behind this boy, he couldn’t even dream that he would ever have a picture with Maisie. And not just any picture. Pretty unique if you ask us.

Spot Wiz Khalifa

Who can spot the celebrity in this picture? Try your best to find him, we will give you a few minutes. If you have succeeded, good work, if not, we can help you. The man sitting on the left next to this big family is Wiz Khalifa. The best part is that no one noticed him, he was just sitting there. Of course, now they know that they were photobombed by the famous rapper.

Ballers Meet!

The Rock just being The Rock! It is known that Dwayne Johnson has a great relationship with his fans and that he is always willing to take pictures with them. Here we can see that! Even though he was in a hurry, he found the time to take a picture with his fan. His reaction is hilarious and this is for sure one of our favorite pictures.

Smile Your Majesty

This is just spectacular! Ladies and gentlemen, please behave yourself, Queen Elizabeth is here! It is probably impossible to take a picture with her, but you never know when she can photobomb you and smile from the background. These two girls were lucky enough to be ambushed by the queen herself, and of course, they were thrilled.

A Job At Microsoft

This is the best-timed picture ever! This man was excited to visit Microsoft’s office and to take a picture in front of its sign. That was all he wanted! But just look at what he has gotten! A picture with Bill Gates himself in the background. This is probably once in a lifetime opportunity and we are happy that this man was lucky enough to experience it.

Fight Of The Titans

Oh no Stallone, I’m not gonna let you take that picture! So, please, let me photobomb you. It is me, your friend Arnold, can’t you see? These two were always rivals and Arnold decided to finally beat him, so he just casually didn’t allow his fellow fighter to take that picture with his fan. He had to be in the center of attention, and as you can see, he managed to do that.

Arnold In The Frame

Arnold Schwarzenegger for the win one more time. This time he photobombed the entire group of tourists in beautiful Paris, in front of the Eiffel Tower. He stopped cycling just in front of them, and this group now has a picture with two iconic things on it- the tower and the Terminator. What more can they ask for? It cannot get any better than this.

Mr. Heisenberg

OMG that is Ty Burrell from ‘A Modern Family’. So, it is normal that this girl wanted to take advantage of the situation and take a picture with him. But, if she only took a closer look, she would notice that one more big star was behind them, ‘Breaking Bad’ star Bryan Cranston. He just showed up and casually joined them and this is the result.

Wave To The Camera!

Move baby, this picture is all about me because I am Nic Cage. Look at me! I am waving at the camera. This woman was probably surprised to see this famous actor goofing around behind her. It is not that common to see Nic at the store, and not every time he wants to be photographed. But for the purpose of this picture, he photobombed it and made it hilarious.

Third Wheel?

Sorry, sorry, I’m just passing by, please don’t mind me. Yes, right, as if it is that easy not to notice Dave Chappelle, the famous comedian when he is behind you. He just appeared from nowhere and stood behind this lovely couple. Their picture is amazing, and Dave’s presence makes it even more awesome. So, on their behalf, thank you, Dave.

The Princely Photobomb

Obviously, Prince (now maybe ex prince) Harry really likes to joke around, so once again he photobombed someone’s photo, and for this one, he stuck out his tongue. Maybe you wouldn’t expect a royal member to do that, but look at this picture, it will prove you wrong. This photo is completely about him now and that was probably his intention from the start.

Trudeau Takes A Peek

Who says that politicians can’t be funny? At least, we have found one that has a good sense of humor. Once again, we have Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on our list, and here’s why. These ladies took a photo in front of him and he decided to make it more interesting. So, he gave them a mesmerizing smile to match theirs.

Finding Elijah Wood

Is that our favorite hobbit behind those three guys? Oh, yes, it is! It is Elijah Wood, the most famous hobbit in the world. He didn’t have to photobomb this picture, but he decided to do it and to give them a memorable photo. And what better way to do it than just to stand behind them and drink your beverage.

Somebody Stop Cera

Sorry if you are getting bored, but we have to include one more Michael Cera photobombing. He obviously enjoys doing this and who are we to tell him to stop! Also, he is pretty good at it and most importantly he makes his fans happy. Quite often celebrities can be rude and untouchable, so it is nice to see that not all of them are like that.

Braff Walks On The Crossing

Great job Zach, that’s how you do it! This is the perfect example of photobombing and what better place to do it than Manhattan! This couple had their wedding photoshoot there and out of nowhere, someone decided to join them. Believe it or not, that was Zach Braff from ‘Scrubs’. He stopped, smiled, and moved on. Awesome!

Timberlake’s The Best

It is very important to respect your fans if you want them to respect you back. Justin Timberlake can be a role model for all his colleagues because everyone should act like this. During one of his concerts, his fans were taking selfies, Justin noticed it and decided to be a part of it. For them, that was probably the best part of this event.

Watch Out For Clinton

Hello mister President, nice of you to join us. He wanted to photobomb this little girl, but sadly she wasn’t even looking at the camera. So, this picture is all about Bill Clinton, the former President of the United States. Even important people can sometimes act childish and show us that it is good to have fun from time to time.

Norman Reedus In The Background

You are never safe, not even when you are taking a picture with the cast of “Game of Thrones”. You never know who can be behind you and ruin your picture, or improve it, depends on how you observe things. These people were posing with Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage when someone else joined them. The star of yet another famous TV show ‘The Walking Dead’, Norman Reedus. What a crew!

Steven Tyler Poses

Hi there, can I pose with you? Because I am Steven Tyler, and like it or not this picture will be all about me. And that actually happened. When we look at this picture, all we can see is the frontman of ‘Aerosmith’ and his more than unique fashion style. He is so special that it is impossible not to stare at him. Sadly, this lady didn’t know that he was behind her, so she couldn’t take a closer look at him. Boomer!

Look At Aaron Paul

One thing is for sure, if you go to Coachella, there is a big possibility that you will see a few celebrities who are just walking around. But not that often will they photobomb your selfie. Of course, there are always some exceptions and Aaron Paul from ‘Breaking Bad’ is one of them. He perfectly photobombed this couple’s picture and then continued enjoying the concert.

Keanu Is The Best

In the end, we have a compilation of Keanu Reeves’s photobombed pictures. He does it all the time to everyone, everywhere. He just cannot be stopped! Hopefully, he will continue to make his fans happy in this way, because we all enjoy watching pictures like these. They are fun and surely, they make us smile. So, Keanu, keep up with the good work.