These Jerks Got What They Deserved And Were Destroyed In The Comments

Whenever you log on to the internet, and in particular if you’re browsing social media or online forums such as Reddit, you are most probably going to see a lot of people who are randomly just putting on a display of their ‘wisdom’ even when no one asked for it.

Sometimes, what they say is right. However, on so many occasions, the ‘wisdom’ that is put out on the internet is wrong and often questionable. In such instances, Karma luckily appears in the form of some far more intelligent people who use their wit and quippery to put down these people for the entire world to see.

The targets can be anyone from Covid deniers to anti-vaxxers to flat earthers and extreme right Trump supporters who support the Capitol riots or similar bursts of terror. We have collected some of these comments from Reddit and they will show you how to murder people with words.

Some People Are Just Dense

This person does not understand the basic difference between needs and surplus. A poor man desperately needs the $600 while the rich man can afford to keep the money around or invest it in so as to get future profits.

Finally, Some Good Luck

This person compared the flu with COVID and wondered if he will ever meet someone with a worse experience of the flu. He was just asking for the comebacks when he said that he had not met Michael who had suffered from COVID and Michael replied that it was his good luck not meeting Spencer.

Explaining In So Many Words

What if we did not create this entire list and instead just used headings, pictures, and explanations to show you how dense Jack Posobiec was trying to explain the correct way to deal with a vaccine? If you have to read this again, you deserve to be put down by Omar too.

Difference Between Love & Marriage

We love eating fast food but it does not mean that we are going to marry a burger and have a pizza as a mistress. It is a basic understanding and yet we are amazed at how much people need explanations for simple things.

The Right Way To Respond

We are very proud of Pagan Federation Ireland for putting down a person like Sarah in this manner. She deserved being ignored not just by the organization but everyone in Ireland for her views on mixed-race and gay marriage.

Ignorance Towards Mental Health

This person needs to learn the way in which mental health is important and how it affects people who suffer from it. You cannot just treat depression by simply putting on shoes and going for a run in the fresh air.

Elon Musk Needed A Lesson

We are not sure why Elon Musk went on to tweet such a thing. Being a public figure, he has to be aware of the repercussions of his words. After all, thousands of people read his tweets on a daily basis and we are not sure that he is sending the right message here.

Room Temperature IQ

There is a lot of debate that goes on in US regarding their lax attitude towards gun laws. When someone tried to congratulate UK for trying out the vaccine, someone from the US said that it is because they did not have a choice. Shots were fired and one person responded that people in the US with low IQ are given the right to buy a gun.

Wearing A Mask For Viruses

Karen here tried to say that masks were not necessary for preventing the spread of viruses since we do not wear them to stop the spread of herpes, AIDS, and hepatitis. Someone had to swoop in and explain to Karen that the spread of these viruses is prevented by wearing condoms.

The Gay Wars Of ’07

And here we have a FOX news guest who tried to compare the LGBTQ rainbow flag to the Confederate flag, essentially comparing homosexuality with slavery. People were outraged and they came up with quippy responses of their own.

Keeping The Same Energy

When a black person is killed by the police, there are many people who rise up in support of the police, saying things like the person should have complied and shown respect towards law enforcement. However, when a white person is killed by the police, these are the same people who rise up and say that the police were wrong here.

Milk From Which Cows?

A person tried to rile up the internet by saying that all the cow names were traditional girl names and there was a deep connection between misogyny and consuming animals. One user decided to show her that it would be physically impossible to suck the milk out of a bull named Gary simply because it is cows who provide the milk and not the bulls.

They Are The Same People

If you can understand this, congratulations. You are one of the intelligent people who acknowledge that COVID is a real threat and that you cannot pray away homosexuality from a person.

Fantasy And Reality

There are many people in America who fantasize about a scenario where they would do anything for their country, like carry guns, live in bunkers and fight the end of the world. However, in reality, when they are asked to be kind, they break down into nothingness.

All Lives Matter

Someone laid out a very good trap on this post by asking the person if he believed in All Lives Matter. That person replied that indeed he did and then person two replied “Except for a 108 year old woman apparently.” Well said sir.

The Dinner Party

There are many people who are against people using their doctorates to describe themselves as Doctors. Evan here had a doctorate in music composition and he said that he would be very upset at a dinner party that had someone introducing themselves as “Ben Shapiro”.

The Most American Thing Ever

How can you justify not paying your employees for the work hours that they put in? Rather than saying that they are paying their employees for the hours that they work, they said that they would be adding billions of dollars to the labor costs.

Surviving The Vaccine

There are people who put many controlled substances in their bodies without giving it any second thought but they would protest getting a vaccine simply because they do not know what is in it. We wonder how many of these people read the ingredients for the substances that they put in their body.

Wear A Mask

We fail to understand why people would not just wear a mask. If everyone would simply wear a mask, the spread of COVID-19 would have been very limited and everyone would be happy for it.

Breaking Stereotypes

Read through this thoroughly and you will understand how we can break stereotypes and how women actually feel when people objectify them. It is very well said.

The Right Way To Write A Memoir

There are many people who criticize Obama for everything that he does and did during his presidency. When he wrote a memoir, people called him an egotist, not realizing that memoirs are always written in the first person.

Vaccine For The Virus

This man here does not understand the basic need of a vaccine. He wants to not be vaccinated since he has not come in contact with the virus just yet, not understanding that it is the vaccine that provides you the immunity that you need.

The Importance Of Teachers

Here is an individual who questioned the requirement of teachers. He compared the average salary that a teacher makes and asked why should we let them influence the kids of tomorrow. One such educated individual put him in the right place and told him the importance of teachers.

The Sects Of Islam

This is what happens when you make a statement without knowing what you are talking about. Here is someone who talked about Islam and a user trolled him asking him about the sects of Islam while mentioning exotic dishes from India.

Why Censorship Is Legal

When you question the motives of a private company, you should keep in mind that Republicans in the United States made sure that a private business can refuse service to anyone they like, the same way that they refused to gay wedding cakes.

Giving People Strokes

There is a difference between heart disease and strokes and COVID-19. While there are many diseases that cause annual deaths, COVID is a disease that spreads when an infected person breathes on another person.

Supply, Demand, & Use

If you are going to mention basic economics in your argument, you should know the basics of economics before you make your argument. For instance, he mentioned that the price of a thing drops after multiple uses but the price always depends on the supply and the demand.

Not A Charity Handout

There are people who say that universal health care is bad and that it is some people who are financing other people’s problems. However, that is not true and this guy got destroyed by another who told him that firefighting should also work in the same way then.

Saying No To Kids

There are many people who say that immigrants would take over a country simply because they are not reproducing at the same rate. These people need to be told that the rent of the apartments is very high and the jobs that they get are being paid very low-paying.

For Sale Sign

This store was very particular about letting people in while they are not wearing a mask. They are always happy to discuss about the importance of masks once the pandemic is over and they come in to buy the stuff of their dead parents.

Global Warming

One person sarcastically blamed Global Warming on the coldest temperatures being recorded in Spain. However, there was another user who explained that it was actually due to global warming and went on in details to show how it was the reason.

Talking About Fantasy Worlds

There are many people who go on in great details to argue about the smallest details in a show. However, when someone talked about the feminine armor of a Mandalorian, a feminist could not stay silent and had to put the user down.

The British Museum

It is widely known that during Colonization, the British Empire took artifacts from all over the world and they proudly display them today in their museums as their own. It is something that feels British because of its current geographic location but is not actually British.

Terrorist By Definition

It is almost sad to see the number of people who came in support of the riots at the Capitol recently. It goes on to show how even the best of education sometimes does not work if you are prejudiced to follow a madman from the beginning.

The People Who Lie

There are many people all over the world who do not understand the pandemic that COVID has caused and they are quick to spread the lies in order to insinuate that the virus is nothing to be afraid of. However, one healthcare professional rose up and explained how deadly the virus is.

A Worthy Response

People take the Gospels on their word without any proof and continue to apply the teachings in their everyday lives. While some of these ancient teachings are still effective today, there are many that should have been changed with time.

Listen To Ben Franklin

This is for all the people who say that the vaccines did not exist all those years ago and that humans got by fine even then. If you are one of these people, you should read the words of Ben Franklin from over 200 years ago and understand that vaccines existed even then and were able to save lives too.

Smart Is The New Sexy

There are many women all over the world who are being objectified for their body and told that their body is the main reason that guys find them attractive. However, read this reply by a woman who is now writing a AAA video game for one of the biggest studios of the world and you will understand that women are smarter and more talented than men believe them to be.

Comparing Humans To Bears

How can you compare a human who is asking for just enough to eat with a bear who you are not supposed to feed? The simple reason that you do not feed a bear is so that it does not lose its natural foraging interests and starts relying on humans for food.

A Taste Of Your Own Medicine

This guy has truly double standards. When George Floyd died, he was publicly destroying his legacy after he was dead. However, when Ashlii Babbitt was shot dead, he wanted to keep her legacy clean.

The Right To Spit On People

The reason behind wearing a mask is simple. If you have the virus, it will not spread to others because your spit and breath will be kept in check. However, people all over the world complain that they are not able to breathe through the masks. They should talk to the doctors who wear the masks daily.

Human Rights In China

China is one of the few countries in the world who is still denying basic human rights to its population. People around the world may not hear about most of the atrocities simply because they control what gets out. And they had the audacity to celebrate Human Rights Day.

Light Language?

You should always be aware of who you believe. People around the world are liars and shamans and they might say that they are in the healthcare sector but that could turn out to be a lie. Always verify credentials before you follow someone’s advice.

Truly Privileged

While the world was suffering from a pandemic and was told to stay indoors, Kim Kardashian was out celebrating, kayaking, dancing, riding bikes, swimming near whales, watching movies on the beach, and so much more. She should know how it makes others feel.

Your Argument Is Not Valid

This person was very confident saying that lions do not wear masks and that he would not too. Clearly, he had not read the news that four lions had also been tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Perhaps they should have worn masks.

America Only Looks Good To Americans

There are problems in every country and yet the Americans do not see the problems in their own country. They are quick to make quips about others and someone explained quite well how there are a lot of problems in America and that the country has become a sad joke for people around the world.

A Lying Drama Queen

We cannot understand why people find it so difficult to breathe when they are wearing masks. Surgeons wear masks all the time and they perform complicated surgeries while they wear the masks. Somehow, through some miracle, they never complain about not being able to breathe properly.

Disabled Parking Times

Daniel here was being a real jerk when he suggested that disabled parking should only be validated during business hours from Monday to Friday. He implied that disabled people were not allowed to have any fun and if they wanted to have fun, they could park without any reserved spots.

Women Drafted In War

This guy was being a wise-ass when he suggested that women should simply stay silent when matters of war are being discussed. Colonel Kim Olson gave a befitting reply to that man and we are in total support of her.

A Different Career

One of the students asked his medical class professor what they would do if he did not feel comfortable treating someone who was a member of the LGBT community. The professor gave a savage reply that the student should consider other career options.

Smart And Beautiful

There are many men around the world who underestimate women simply because they are pretty. They believe that women who are pretty are not able to do much when it comes to using brains. People were in disbelief when they read that this beautiful woman could code.

30 Minutes Late To Work

This guy is a complete racist and the insane thing is that he still has not deleted the tweet. There are many people who are talking about the tweet in the thread and yet the person remains unashamed.


There are many girls who pride themselves on being prettier than their ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend. One of the guys in her following replied to her tweet saying that her ex is not going just for looks anymore and that he has now learned the lesson that looks don’t mean everything.

Kill With Kindness

A guy was trying to get a rouse out of the Quba Islamic Institute by offering to donate bacon sandwiches and a bible. However, the Quba Islamic Institute were very kind with their reply and they said that they would accept the donation since knowledge is always welcome and they could feed the homeless in the area with the sandwiches.

The Wedding Cake

There are many homophobes in this world and they are outright disrespectful to the LGBT community. These bigots denied a lesbian couple their wedding cake and were fined for it. The media covered the fine but left out the other part of the story where the Christian couple leaked the lesbian couple’s information and sent them death threats.

The Children Of Immigrants

The children of immigrants are bilingual in order to adapt to the community and retain their cultural values. However, the media never covers that because it is less impressive since they are not always rich.

The Printing Needs

The school had put up a notice to make sure that students did not misuse the printer. The notice read all the costs of running the printer each month. A student put a note below the original note, saying that the university made much more money than that and that they should be allowed to print whatever they want.

Every Job Deserves Respect

This comment was posted on reddit and you can see how condescending it sounds. There are many people in this world who find delivery jobs demeaning and they think that it is not something to be proud of. What they do not understand is that without people doing these jobs, their own lives would not have been so easy.

Florida And Abortion

When it comes to abortion laws, USA is one of the countries where things are really messed up. They want to give kids to girls who they think are not mature enough to have an abortion but are mature enough to handle the responsibility of having a kid.

Sharing Cake

This guy wanted to make sure that 90% of the birthday cake that Bernie Sanders got should be given to other people, not realizing that it was this way exactly how the birthday cake sharing works when you have friends. You have a slice or two while the rest of the cake is shared among friends.

Marrying The Right Person

If you are looking to marry someone, never marry someone who plays games with your emotions by making you beg if you want to talk to them. Instead, you should be with someone who is loving and open to communication.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Women around the world are looking for feminism and they want to be treated as equals to men. However, when it comes to situations like this, they want the privacy that comes along with being a woman. They cannot have it both ways and that is what the reply made her understand.

Mr. Snowflake

Someone tried to make Arnold stick to action movies and asked him not to enter the world of emotional movies. Arnold had a very befitting reply to that person and he said that he welcomes all the new titles that come with his characters and choices in life.

Wearing A Mask In Public

These women wore paint masks and claimed that they were following the law by wearing a mask in public. And then someone from Scotland replied on the picture that while they were wearing paint masks, people in Scotland were wearing actual masks and the benefit of that was counting deaths in single digits and long life expectancy.

Socialized Healthcare

After the Obama administration was over, people criticized his healthcare policy, Obamacare, saying that socialized healthcare is going to be a failure in America. However, one person said that her husband underwent complicated brain surgery, and the biggest expense was the parking and stress eating snacks.

Living In The Same Building

Meghan was trying to complain about the state of Manhattan, saying that it looked like a war zone and that this was not the America in which she believed. She complained that the leaders had let the American cities be burnt to the ground. Kristen lived in her building and said that she just walked outside and everything was fine.

The Best Chef In The World

Gordon Ramsay asked his daughter what it was like being the daughter of the best chef in the world and she was a savage like her father with her reply. She said that Jamie Oliver was not her father and that she wouldn’t know what it was like being the daughter of the best chef in the world.

Serving Hot Coffee

Someone said that it was stealing money when a woman sued McDonald’s over spilled coffee. However, they did not realize that someone would go into detail explaining why the woman actually sued McDonald’s. If you are going to post your opinion on the internet, make sure that you do your research.

The Actual Bible Verse

Someone had a bumper sticker that asked people to pray for Trump along with a reference to a Bible verse. However, when you google the reference, you will see that prays for his days to be few and that another should take his office.

No Active Warrants

There are many incidents where you see that the police officers have killed an innocent man and it is always reported that the man was “a suspect” so that the news does not report it to be a death of an innocent man.

Develop A Skill

People are always scared that an immigrant would steal their job and they think that it is better to just go on Twitter and complain about it rather than develop a skill that would actually land them a job.

The Strange Way Of Conveying

This guy was complaining about Black Lives Matter and that it led to canceling family gatherings because his family did not invite him because he was offensive towards Black Lives. However, in reality, they just did not want to hang out with a racist person.

A Slap In The Face

Elizabeth Warren wanted to cancel student loan debt and people were against it because they thought that it was not fair to the people who struggled and worked hard to pay off their loans. Clearly, you can see the irony in the statement where you want people to be free of student loans and yet, they do not want people who will bring about the change.

A Jewish Perspective

There are many things in the Bible that were right for the time when it was written. However, considering the times that we live in today, it might just be a good thing to change a few of the teachings within the Bible.

The Crippling Debt Of An Education

There are many people in the United States who join the military just because they want to avoid student loans. These are the same people who would not vote to cancel the student loans just because they feel that they have a good alternative where they run the risk of getting killed in action.

The Government Ethics

Donald Trump wanted to advertise the book that his son wrote in order to sell more copies. He was not expecting that someone would simply write down a rule from the government ethics that forbids the use of a public office for private gain.

The Alternate Headline

People are always complaining that the millennials are too focused on their careers and are not at all focused on marriage and kids. However, people do not consider the fact that the prime reason why the millennials are focused on their careers is that the generation prior to them ruined the economy.

Adult Size

The only reason that the company does not make the T-shirt in the size of an adult is that if you do not vaccinate a child, you will not need to order the T-shirt for an adult because unvaccinated children do not grow up.

Numbers Do Not Lie

Just look at these numbers above and you will understand that video games are not responsible for gun homicides, which are simply a result of the gun laws and not the children playing video games all day.

Killed In A Police State

Matt Schlapp insinuated that the statues of Jesus will be next and that it will be the end of godliness in the USA. However, someone was a quip about the response and said that Jesus was in fact the first brown man to be killed by a police state.

Spending In The Right Place

Someone was upset about the Democrats being upset about Trump’s defense hike and that they did not have any problem when Sanders spent the huge amount per year. Someone replied quite aptly saying that it was like comparing samurai swords to groceries.

Getting Unemployment Checks

This guy was complaining about working hard in Amazon while wearing a sweaty mask while some people got unemployment checks just by sitting at home. The other person who replied to the tweet made complete sense by saying that this guy was being underpaid by a huge company and that his problem was that someone out of work was getting a few bucks just so they could afford to live.

Flipped Over Phone

If you are on a date or with someone over a meal, make sure that you are not busy on your phone since it looks very rude. This guy said that he did not flip over his phone because he was hiding something but because he wanted his date to know that he was focused on her.

Masks Don’t Work?

This guy was complaining that the masks do not actually work and that people were just being conditioned by the government. Another person made an apt reply asking if the masks did not work, why would the medical professionals be wearing them for decades?

Doing The Right Thing

This aunt was being overly ignorant about the LGBT community and the daughter read the text. Charlotte decided to send in her own thoughts to her aunt Marie and we can see how people just exploded with the reactions.

Saudi Arabia And Alabama

You can always spot Islamophobes on Twitter who are constantly worried about it not being safe when Muslims enter their community. However, there are others who are replying to these Islamophobes, comparing Saudi Arabia and Alabama.

Saved From Burning

People always claim that it was an Act of God that the cross did not burn while the church around it did. However, they do not consider the basic science in it where the melting point of gold is higher than the temperature of the flames.

Closing The Door

It is a common thing to blow off some steam in your teenage years when all you want to do is stay in your room, release some stress, and then stuff the socks on the side of your bed. However, you should let the doors and windows open some time so that there is some fresh air circulation in your room.

Saying It Correctly

When an officer of the law is involved in a crime, the news reports always choose their words so as to send a somewhat positive message. However, when the same crime is done by a normal person, they say it in words that hurt the sentiments of the people.

Denying The Vaccine

This woman was trying to lie by saying that she did not allow the nurse to vaccinate her son and that the nurse actually appreciated her for taking a stand. However, the woman forgot that the nurse was her friend on Facebook and that she could also reply and actually tell the truth.

Violence And Video Games

There are people who claim that the violence in video games is causing the younger generation to become more afflicted with violence. This user asked game developers to come up with a positive game, not realizing that there are many titles that are actually trying to reinforce positivity and kindness in children.

In The Beginning

This person claimed to have read the Constitution and said that there was not a single sentence in the book that supported a collective nature. However, the user seems to have forgotten that the Constitution starts with a collective.

Spelling With Autocorrect

It may be true that our generation heavily relies on autocorrect for the right spelling but it is just wrong to assume that we did not learn to spell the old-fashioned way. There is something about making assumptions and we all know that.

Kirk Got It Wrong

Charlie Kirk was trying to put Bernie down by saying that his policies are all wrong. However, someone just edited the picture, showing how wrong Charlie was and that people would actually be making more than they are now if Bernie’s system was put in place.

Gross Incompetence

Trump should not have been the President if he did not know that a president could be impeached for gross incompetence. He asked it on Twitter, expecting a reply in the negative. We feel sad for him.