These 25 Celebs and Their Doppelgangers Will Make You Look Twice

They say everyone has a twin somewhere on the planet. A photographer even did a study on it back in 2012, matching strangers with their lookalikes from around the world.

Celebrities are in the public eye pretty much 24/7, meaning they’re even more likely to find their physical double than the rest of us mere mortals.


After all, if pictures of your face are being splashed across entertainment websites, newspapers, and magazines a hundred times a day, people are bound notice if you’ve got a clone running around.

Some of the similarities between celeb lookalikes can be put down to Hollywood pushing an “ideal” appearance on actors and actresses.

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Such as the desire for long shiny locks and a skinny waist on women, and killer muscles and stubble on its male stars.

Abigail breslin chloe moretz 002 These 25 Celebs and Their Doppelgangers Will Make You Look Twice


Not to mention the rise in plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures such as botox and fillers.

Still, a lot of good looks are down to genetics, which sadly we have no control over.

This is why some famous doppelgängers make us do a double take just by how similar they really are.

Here’s 25 celebs with their famous lookalikes that will make you look twice – you won’t believe you haven’t noticed some of these before!

Brittany Murphy and Lili Reinhart

celebs look like other celebs 1526031819 These 25 Celebs and Their Doppelgangers Will Make You Look Twice


Brittany Murphy was a teen idol while Lili Reinhart was still in nappies, but the Riverdale star shares a shocking resemblance to the late actress.

In 2017, Reinhart told Buzzfeed that people compare her to the 90’s icon all the time.

“Everyone says Brittany Murphy—everyone. They think I’m her reincarnated”, she shared. “There are a lot of pictures of us side by side where we look crazy–alike. If you just Google Lili Reinhart and Brittany Murphy, you’ll see it.”

We certainly can!

Ellen Degeneres and Niall Horan

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We doubt this is a comparison either party is flattered by. I mean, what 24-year-old bloke wants to be compared to a 50-year-old woman, and vice versa?

Still, the resemblance is there, and the hair cut isn’t helping things.

Although, we doubt they’re losing much sleep over it.


Niall released his first solo album last year, and his post-1D career appears to be going from strength to strength. Whereas Ellen continues to be a TV megastar.

Nevertheless, we’d love to see Niall appear on The Ellen Degenres Show, so they can compare hair and fashion tips. (Someone make this happen!)

Victoria Justice and Nina Dobrov

1472046158 4 These 25 Celebs and Their Doppelgangers Will Make You Look Twice

To be honest, we’d kill to look like either of these ladies. The Victorious star and Vampires Diaries actress could easily be sisters!

Still, any close relation between the two is unlikely, as Nickelodeon alum Victoria grew up in Florida, while Bulgarian-born Nina was raised in Toronto, Canada.

Sadly, while Nina’s career continues to soar (this year she will playing a lead role in CBS’s new series Fam), Victoria has appeared in anything notable since the Rocky Horror Picture Show tribute in 2016.

Nevertheless, she’s a red carpet regular, at least according to her Instagram.


Sienna Miller and Mollie King

1472046159 15 These 25 Celebs and Their Doppelgangers Will Make You Look Twice

Another gorgeous pair that could be from the same family tree.

The boho waves, the cheekbones… Hell, the actress and the Saturdays singer even have the same taste in barely-there make up!

Next month ex Strictly Come Dancing star Mollie will be starting a new job as a co-host for BBC Radio 1 alongside Matt Edmondson, appearing on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.


Sienna’s career slowed after she gave birth to daughter Marlowe in 2012, but has been steadily picking up the pace again, with her starring in The Catcher was the Spy and The Burning Woman, both out later this year.

Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood

1472046162 21 These 25 Celebs and Their Doppelgangers Will Make You Look Twice

The hobbit and the boy-who-lived have more in common than just being the lead in two extremely popular film franchises – such as matching jawlines, blue eyes and a love of chin stubble.

Since starring in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, critically acclaimed actor Elijah has expanded his repertoire by taking on a number of varied roles.

This includes Celeste and Jesse Forever, Green Street, and The Last Witch Hunter, as well as doing a range of voice over work.

Daniel Radcliffe has also tried to keep his portfolio as wide-ranging as possible, and since Harry Potter wrapped has starred in horror film The Woman in Black, thriller Imperium, and historical LGBT drama Kill Your Darlings, as well as appeared on stage.


Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry

1472046166 1 These 25 Celebs and Their Doppelgangers Will Make You Look Twice

Big eyes and fluttery lashes? Check. An obession with vintage fashion? Check. A love of a full fringe? Check. Pre-pixie cut Katy actually resembles Zooey more than her real-life sister – fellow actress Emily Deschanel – does.

Speaking of cuts, Zooey recently underwent the chop herself, exchanging her famous long brunette locks for an adorable bob (we love how she still kept her iconic bangs!) Her new do got an impressive 461, 910 likes on Instagram.


Katy herself is a known hair chameleon, and is currently sporting a blonde crop that we’re sure boyfriend Orlando Bloom loves as much as we do! 

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Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan

1472046167 18 These 25 Celebs and Their Doppelgangers Will Make You Look Twice

The Spanish actor and The Walking Dead star could very easily be mistaken for one another in a police line-up.

We think it’s the eyebrows, or possibly the brown eyes, silver beard, jawline…


Academy Award winner Javier is best-known for his turn as psychopath Anton Chigurh in Coen Brothers’ classic No Country for Old Men, as well as Skyfall.

He is married to Penelope Cruz, and together the couple are the only Spanish actors to have won an Oscar.

Before he was Negan, TWD’s number one bad guy, Jeffrey was best-known as Winchester patriach John in Supernatural, as well as playing Denny Duquette on Grey’s Anatomy

Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain

today celebrity doppelgangers 150610 2 inline large These 25 Celebs and Their Doppelgangers Will Make You Look Twice

We swear, it’s not just the ginger locks that confuse us with this pair – it’s everything else! The smile, the dimples, the perfect skin…

Daughter of Happy-Days-icon-turned-director Ron Howard, Bryce was always destined for stardom.

After starring in two M. Night Shyamalan movies and as baddie Victoria in the Twilight saga, Bryce really hit the big time after appearing in Jurassic World opposite Chris Pratt in 2015.


Jessica was nominated for an academy award in 2012 for her role in Zero Dark Thirty, and has appeared in sci-fi blockbusters Interstellar and The Martian.

Next year she will be appearing in the sequel to 2017’s top horror movie, Stephen King’s IT.

Bryce and Jessica actually appeared together in film The Help in 2015, but as both look unrecognisable in their 60s garb, no one noticed the resemblance.

mgid ao image mtv These 25 Celebs and Their Doppelgangers Will Make You Look Twice

Sarah Hyland and Mila Kunis

1472046170 8 These 25 Celebs and Their Doppelgangers Will Make You Look Twice


Modern Family actress Sarah could very easily pass for a young Mila Kunis. Not that Mila is old or anything…

Like Mila, Sarah’s acting career took off in her teens when she was cast as Haley Dunphy in sitcom Modern Family.

However, she hasn’t starred in anything interesting since the 2017 made-for-TV remake of Dirty Dancing, in which she played Baby’s older sister Lisa Houseman.

Mila became a household name after playing Jackie Burkhart in comedy That 70s Show, alongside now-husband Ashton Kutcher.

She was only 14 at the time, but lied about her age to get the part.

It paid off, as she’s since become a holiday A-lister, starring in Ted, Friends with Benefits, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Joe Wicks and Aidan Turner

wicks turners gl 5jun17 getty These 25 Celebs and Their Doppelgangers Will Make You Look Twice

Tall, dark and with a head full of curls – what’s not to love?


Fitness fanatic Joe Wicks and actor Aidan Turner are most girl’s dream man – and there’s two of them!

Joe once told The Sun that he regularly gets mistaken for the Poldark actor, and the pair have actually crossed paths while out and about in Celebland: “I met him a while ago at an event, he’s a good-looking bloke, and he’s got a better body than me. He’s a hunk with great abs.” Ok Joe, but we imagine your “Lean in 15” honed torso is hard to top.

Rachel Bilson and Kaia Gerber

today celebrity doppelgangers gerber bilson 170419 inline large These 25 Celebs and Their Doppelgangers Will Make You Look Twice

The O.C. star and the daughter of Cindy Crawford/Rande Gerber share an uncanny resemblance.

From the brown, almond-shaped eyes, right down to the cute button nose and wavy locks.

Makes you wonder why Rachel has never considered a career in modelling!


As the offspring of a supermodel, Kaia was always going to be a beauty.

Signed up to IMG Models, the 16-year-old is following in her famous mother’s footsteps.

Like Kaia, Rachel also comes from a showbiz family, as the daughter of writer/producer Danny Bilson and the granddaughter of director Bruce Bilson.

Despite her first professional appearance being in a Subway commercial, she’s gone on to have a pretty impressive career herself, but to us she’ll always be The O.C’s Summer Roberts!

Helen Mirren and Jennifer Lawrence

today celebrity doppelgangers 150610 6 inline large These 25 Celebs and Their Doppelgangers Will Make You Look Twice

Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence is the spitting image of legendary actress Helen Mirren in her youth – there’s definitely worse people to be compared too!

Despite resembling a Hollywood icon and winning an Academy Award, Jennifer has been having a bit of a rough time of late.


Last year she was nominated for a Razzie award for Worst Actress thanks to her role in Mother!, and her spy movie Red Sparrow didn’t exactly open to rave reviews. Still, we know she can turn it around!

Helen has been acting for over five decades, but unbelievably didn’t win an Academy Award until The Queen in 2007.

Despite her impressively long career, Helen shows no signs of slowing down, and is in four films this year alone!

Kris Jenner and Selma Blair

This is just trippy. It’s pretty easy to see why Selma Blair got the role of Kris in the FX true crime series The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story.

The Kardashian matriach clearly approved of the casting choice, posting this selfie with the actress to her Instagram.


Although she’s starred in a number of Hollywood films, Selma is best known for playing naive Cecille Caldwell in 1999 teen drama Cruel Intentions, as well as starring in both films in the Hell Boy franchise and as Reese Witherspoon’s love rival in Legally Blonde. 

Lily Collins and Jennifer Connolly

today celebrity doppelgangers 150610 12 inline large These 25 Celebs and Their Doppelgangers Will Make You Look Twice

Lily could easily pass as a young Jennifer, which is probably why the pair were cast as mother and daughter in Stuck in Love back in 2013.

The daughter of musician Phil Collins, Lily has carved out a name in her own right, working as an actress, model and writer.

She’s even been nominated twice for a Teen Choice Award, once for her turn as Snow White in Mirror, Mirror and for her role in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.


After starring in Labyrinth as a teenager, Jennifer Connelly is Hollywood royalty. Alongside the classic musical fantasy, she is best known for playing herion addict/prostitute Marion in Requiem for a Dream and for starring in biopic drama A Beautiful Mind.

Margot Robbie and Jaime Pressly

today celebrity doppelgangers 150610 9 inline large These 25 Celebs and Their Doppelgangers Will Make You Look Twice

These two could not only be sisters, but perhaps twins – they even have matching facial expressions!

Still, their acting careers are rather different.

Margot’s star status as soared in recent years, after her break out role in 2013’s The Wolf of Wall Street.

She received critical acclaim for her role in last year’s I, Tonya, and has been named one of Forbes 100 Most Influential People.

Jaime is better known as a TV actress, in particular for her role as Joy Turner in My Name is Earl, for which she won an Emmy, a Screen Actor’s Guild, and a Golden Globe Award. She is currently starring in the TV sitcom Mom.


Dax Shepard and Zach Braff

today celebrity doppelgangers 150610 4 inline large These 25 Celebs and Their Doppelgangers Will Make You Look Twice

Zach has admitted he’s often mistaken for Dax, and now they’re side by side we can see why!

Despite ending eight years ago, Zach is still best known for playing J.D. in hospital sitcom Scrubs, for which he was nominated for a primetime Emmy Award.

He also directed cult film Garden State in 2004, and more recently has focused on stage work.

Dax is best known for movies Without a Paddle, Zathura: A Space Adventure, and Employee of the Month.

He also starred in TV sitcom Parenthood from 2010 to 2015. He is married to actress Kristen Bell, and the pair have two daughters – Lincoln Bell Shepard (5) and Delta Bell Shepard (4).

Zoe Saldana and Jada Pinkett Smith

Zoe Saldana Jada Pinkett Smith These 25 Celebs and Their Doppelgangers Will Make You Look Twice


Actresses Zoe Saldana and Jada Pinkett Smith share the same cheekbones, glossy locks and face shape, not to mention killer style!

Zoe has become known as a sci-fi queen in recent years, thanks to roles such as Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy, Lt. Uhura in Star Trek, and Neytiri in Avatar.

Whereas Jada, who is married to fellow Hollywood A-lister Will Smith, is best known for her roles in The Nutty Professor, Ali, and the Matrix franchise.

Millie Bobby Brown and Natalie Portman

millienatalie These 25 Celebs and Their Doppelgangers Will Make You Look Twice

Millie Bobby Brown is basically a mini version of Natalie Portman, and we aren’t the only ones who’ve noticed.

Twitter user @quinn_grace611 shared these side by side snaps of Millie and a young Natalie, and the resemblance is uncanny.

Natalie even played Eleven, Millie’s character in Stranger Things, in a Saturday Night Live parody sketch back in February.


The similarities don’t end there though, Natalie was also a big sci-fi star growing up.

Natalie made her name for herself playing Princess Amidala in Star Wars Episodes I, II, III, while Millie will return for season three of Stranger Things next year.

Helen Hunt and Lee Lee Sobieski

Helen Hunt Leelee Sobieski These 25 Celebs and Their Doppelgangers Will Make You Look Twice

These two actresses were both big stars in the 90s, but they also look REALLY similar.


Helen is best known for starring in the sitcom Mad About You, playing Jaime Buchman.

She won four Primetime Emmy awards for the role, which she held from 1992 to 1999.

She also won an Oscar for As Good as It Gets, and starred in Twister, Cast Away and What Women Want.

Lee Lee achieved recognition for her roles in Deep Impact and Eyes Wide Shut, as well as receiving Emmy nominations for playing Joan of Arc in the TV movie of the same name. However, in recent years she’s been focusing on her art work instead.

Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon

Mark Wahlberg Matt Damon These 25 Celebs and Their Doppelgangers Will Make You Look Twice

I’m not ashamed to admit that it took me a while to realise Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon weren’t the same person.

However, one is a former rapper and the other is friends with Ben Affleck.


After his career as the lead man in “Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch” didn’t work out, Mark transitioned into acting.

He has since starred in several blockbusters including Planet of the Apes, The Italian Job, and The Departed, for which he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Matt himself has won an Oscar, two Golden Globes and six Emmy awards, and is best known for writing and starring in Good Will Hunting alongside BFF Ben.

He was praised for his roles in Saving Private Ryan and The Talented Mr Ripley, before becoming the lead in the Bourne franchise.

Confusingly, Matt has also starred in The Departed.

Josh Holloway and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Josh Holloway Nikolaj Coster Waldau These 25 Celebs and Their Doppelgangers Will Make You Look Twice

These two fantasy stars have got the rugged-and-slightly-mysterious look down.

You may remember Josh from his days as James “Sawyer” Ford in Lost, playing the love rival to group leader Jack Shephard.


He has since ditched the long golden locks to play William Bowman in sci-fi drama Colony.

Danish actor Nikolaj is one of the biggest TV stars in the world right now, after spending the last seven years playing Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones.

His character has also recently changed his ‘do in favour of a shorter style, and will be returning for the franchise’s final season in 2019.

Liam Payne and Nico Mirallegro

Liam Payne Nico Mirallegro These 25 Celebs and Their Doppelgangers Will Make You Look Twice

The only difference between the singer and the former Hollyoaks actor is Nico’s freckles!

Beginning his music career in One Direction, Liam has recently gone solo. His first single “Strip That Down” made it to number 3 on the UK singles chart.

He’s also in a relationship with former X Factor host Cheryl, and the pair have a one-year-old son called Bear.


Nico rose to fame playing emo Barry “Newt” Newton in soap Hollyoaks.

However, many will also recognise Nico’s cheeky smile from his time as dreamy Finn Nelson in My Mad Fat Diary.

His most recent TV appearance was in Murdered for Being Different in 2017.

Abigail Breslin and Chloe Grace Moretz

abigail These 25 Celebs and Their Doppelgangers Will Make You Look Twice

She may be all grown-up, but most of us remember former child star Abigail as the adorable Olive Hoover from the critically acclaimed film Little Miss Sunshine.

Abigail Breslin Chloë Grace Moretz These 25 Celebs and Their Doppelgangers Will Make You Look Twice


Despite only being 10-years-old at the time, she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

More recently, she has starred in Fox’s horror-comedy show Scream Queens, as well as playing Baby in the TV movie remake of Dirty Dancing.

Chloe is also an ex child actress. She began her career at just seven-years-old, playing Chelsea Lutz in the remake of The Amityville Horror.

She then went on to star in (500) Days of Summer and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, before making a name for herself as Hit-Girl in superhero franchise Kick-Ass.

She is one of few child stars too successfully adapt to an adult career in Hollywood, with three films being released in 2018.

Patrick J. Adams and Joe Thomas

Patrick Adams Joe Thomas These 25 Celebs and Their Doppelgangers Will Make You Look Twice

36-year-old Patrick is best known for his role in US legal drama Suits, alongside new royal Meghan Markle.


In the show he plays Mike Ross, a college dropout with a ridiculously high IQ who works as an unlicensed lawyer.

Patrick is also a talented photographer, and has received recognition for his photo series Suits: Behind the Lens.

Joe Thomas is best known for his role as Simon Cooper in British teen sitcom The Inbetweeners, as well as playing Kingsley Owen in uni comedy-drama series Fresh Meat.

He is currently starring in BBC comedy White Gold alongside fellow Inbetweeners alum James Buckley (Jay Cartwright).

Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly

Leighton Meester Minka Kelly These 25 Celebs and Their Doppelgangers Will Make You Look Twice

It must be like looking in a mirror whenever these pair get together!

American actress Minka is best known for her roles in TV shows Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, the TV reboot of Charlie’s Angels, and the American adaption of British supernatural TV show Almost Human. 


Minka Kelly Leighton Meester These 25 Celebs and Their Doppelgangers Will Make You Look Twice

Leighton’s career took off thanks to her role as Blair Waldorf in teen drama Gossip Girl.

She has since appeared in a range of films including The Roommate, The Oranges and Monte Carlo.

She has also made her Broadway debut playing Curley’s Wife in the stage adaption of John Steinbeck’s iconic novel Of Mice and Men.

So there you have it, 25 celebrities and their twins! It’s scary how two people can not be related but look like they were separated at birth. I’ve yet to find anyone unfortunate enough to look like me, but it is said that we all have one out there somewhere, roaming around in the big wide world. Have you managed to find yours yet? If you have, why don’t you comment with a picture of you and your other-self.