The bright and colourful world of Rainbow Brite. A young girl called Wisp, is brought to a grey, dull, land, with a mission to bring colour to the fictitious world, by locating the Sphere of Light.

She befriends a fury, Sprite creature, called Twink, and a horse called Starlite. They come across a baby, who Wisp discovers is the key to her mission. The adventure begins…


Wisp rescues the seven Colour Kids who have been trapped by the King Of Shadows. The Colour Kids then help Wisp to bring colour and rainbow to the grey land, each Kid is in charge of their own colour, which they spread across the land. Making the entire land bright, colourful and beautiful.

Wisp is renamed Rainbow Brite. The land becomes, Rainbow Land.


Rainbow Brite was first introduced in 1983, by Hallmark Cards, USA. The animated series began in 1984. With the debut on 24th June 1984, with, Peril In The Pits.

In 1985 a film was released by Warner Brothers, Rainbow And The Star Stealer.


Hallmark licensed Mattel in 1984, to produce their dolls, toys and other merchandise.

The original American TV commercial which advertised the Rainbow Brite doll, starred child actress, Heather O’Rourke, from the Poltergeist films.

There was lots of merchandise to collect, including –


Sleeping bags.

Doll outfits.





Red Butler and Romeo Sprite.

YES!!!! A Sticker album! An 80’s kids favourite! Got.. Got.. Need.. Got..

There was also books, stationary, clothing, videos of the animated series, colouring books, costume jewellery, puzzles, suitcases, a breakfast cereal, records, cassettes, comic books, slippers, curtains, bicycles and much, much, more.


Rainbow Brite is a very clever girl, full of strength, bravery and she never gives up.

Her loyal friend, is the Sprite, Twink. Twink is left in charge whenever Rainbow Brite goes away. He was originally a red Sprite, until the villain Murky Dismal removed his colour, leaving him white.


Starlite. The faithful friend of Rainbow Brite, who has one powerful back kick, which can help get them out of tricky situations.

Starlite is fast, strong, sails through the rainbows and skies. It has been known for Starlite to be jealous of other horses, if competition is shown!


The Colour Kids –

Red Butler.

Charming, dashing, adventurous, daring Red. He is always ready to help anyone in distress.

He is in charge of the colour Red. He is also one skilled trumpet player.

Red’s personal Sprite, is called, Romeo. Who is one very affectionate Sprite.


Lala Orange.

Lala is in charge of the colour Orange.

This girl is romantic, stylish, flirty, feminine, who always means well. Her Sprite is called O.J.

Lala has a secret crush on Red Butler.


Buddy Blue.

Athletic, valiant Buddy, who is in charge of the colour Blue.

He loves sport, exercise, health and a good diet. When he’s not being active he can be found meditating. He also plays the tuba.

His Sprite is called Champ.


Canary Yellow.

Yes Canary is in charge of the colour Yellow! Canary has a sunny, cheerful personality, who is a skilled flautist and a good dancer. Canary’s Sprite is named, Sparks.

Patty O’Green.

Patty is mischievous, lively, loves jokes. She loves life, nature, and playing her clarinet.

Yes, you’ve guessed it, Patty is in charge of Green! Her Sprite is called, Lucky.



Yes in charge of the colour Indigo, and, get this, cooler shades of Purple too!

Indigo is dramatic, creative, a performer, who longs to be an actress. She also plays the drums.

Hammy Sprite is her Sprite, the name came from Indigo ‘hamming’ it up, as the budding actress does.


Shy Violet.

As her name suggests she is shy, though she always speaks up when she has advice to offer.

She’s in charge of the colour Violet and warmer shades of Purple.

Violet is an intellectual, resourceful. She really enjoys reading and writing too. I.Q. Sprite is her Sprite.


Rainbow Brite, Twink, Starlite and the Colour Kids, protect Rainbow Land from the villains…

…The Dark Princess, Murky Dismal, Monstro Murk, Robot Brite, Lurky, Glitterbots…


…The King of Shadows, Sgt Zombo, and Count Blogg.

Tickled Pink.

Rainbow Brite had seven Colour Kids friends, however in the film and some later animated episodes, Tickled Pink shows up unexplained! She was in charge of looking after the pastel colours. Tickled Pink is one talented baton swirler. She has no personal Sprite.


Rainbow Brite and her adventures with her friends was always a treat to watch. Which of the villains would be on the scene? Who would be trying to steal the colou? Brave Rainbow Brite and her team of loyal friends would always save the day and save Rainbow Land and all of its beautiful colours.