The Most Valuable ‘Sylvanian Families’ Toys

Rare Sylvanian Families, like Beanie Babies and Care Bears, can be worth a lot of money. Some of the most valuable include the Vintage Mansion House, the Grand Hotel With Eight NIB Furniture Set, the Vintage Timbertop Bear and the Super Rare Large Chocolate Rabbit.

Most of us will probably remember Sylvanian Families from the countless TV commercials that seemed to be advertising them at all times of the day. However, they were also a popular toy for many young children in the 80s and 90s, and if you’ve still got some of the figurines or toy sets in your attic then they could be worth a fortune in today’s money.

1 23 The Most Valuable 'Sylvanian Families' Toys

There are lots of Sylvanian Families collectors out there who are always looking for rare items or special edition toys, so we’ve put together a list of the top ten most valuable sets according to recent eBay listings. Some items have managed to fetch over £1000 online so it’s worth digging around to see if you have any vintage Sylvanian Families items available to sell.

Just remember that you’ll probably need to include the original packaging and any extra accessories that came with the set to really drive up the price of your Sylvanian Families kit.

2 20 The Most Valuable 'Sylvanian Families' Toys

Scroll down to find out just how much your old toys could be worth today…

9. Vintage Mansion House – £125

1 22 The Most Valuable 'Sylvanian Families' Toys

This Vintage Mansion Doll House has been valued at a whopping £125 on Ebay – some sellers have been claiming that there aren’t many complete mansion sets available, which is pushing up the value online.

One seller from Newcastle managed to sell his Sylvanian Families house for over £100 despite the fact that it had undergone several repair jobs over the years – collectors must clearly be desperate to get their hands on one of these vintage mansion houses!

18 12 The Most Valuable 'Sylvanian Families' Toys

The items come in blue or green variations and feature three storeys plus a balcony for your Sylvanian teddies to sit outside when it’s sunny. It might be worth checking if you’ve got one of these lying around next time you’re up in the attic!

8. Sylvanian Families Figures Bundle – £222

2 19 e1623404575649 The Most Valuable 'Sylvanian Families' Toys

Several people have been selling ‘bundles’ of Sylvanian Figures for huge sums of money. If you’ve managed to acquire a few different families over the years then you can sell them in a bundle and rake in a nice little pay day for yourself. Some Ebay bundles like the one below have been selling for over £200. Auctions often start at 99p, but eager collectors are always ready to splash the cash on a large quantity of Sylvanian family figurines.

Whilst you’ll have to make sure that they’re in excellent condition, you don’t need to specify which sets the characters come from in order to start flogging them on Ebay.

19 7 The Most Valuable 'Sylvanian Families' Toys

You also don’t need an accompanying toy set to rake in a decent amount of money with some of the figurines, so why not start having a look through your old toys next time you need some extra holiday cash?

7. Applewood Department Store (Harrods Edition) – £259

3 18 The Most Valuable 'Sylvanian Families' Toys

You might well remember playing with the Applewood Department Store as a child (or seeing one of the hundreds of adverts for it on TV at least). However, did you know that this bit of Sylvanian Families kit could earn you over £250 on Ebay?

One seller managed to flog theirs for a whopping £259 – apparently the set above is worth extra money because it formed part of a special Harrods edition and contained black stickers which allowed you to turn it into a mini ‘Harrods Department Store’.

The Most Valuable 'Sylvanian Families' Toys

If you have one of these in the attic somewhere, it’s worth checking whether it contains the Harrods stickers because if so, you could be sitting on a goldmine.

6. Sylvanian Families House on the Hill – £280

4 19 The Most Valuable 'Sylvanian Families' Toys

These Sylvanian Families ‘House on the Hill’ sets were originally retailed at £39.99, so anyone still in possession of one who hasn’t given it to a charity shop will be pleased to hear that it’s now worth a lot of money.

Upon its release in 2002, the House on the Hill became the largest home made by the toy brand – it contains three floors with two balcony areas and a nursery on the top floor.

5 15 The Most Valuable 'Sylvanian Families' Toys

One Ebay seller recently listed their House on the Hill in ‘hardly used’ condition. The item ended up fetching £280 at online auction – just be aware that if you do have one at home, you’ll need to present it in the original packaging to get a better price.

5. Grand Hotel With Eight NIB Furniture Set – £325

8 15 The Most Valuable 'Sylvanian Families' Toys

One seller started the bidding for this particular set at a measly £25, and ended up raking in a whopping £325! Collectors went crazy for the Grand Hotel with all of its accompanying furniture, which includes over 26 figures and other accessories.

This set is one of the fancier Sylvanian Families toys out there, and features an intricate chandelier and even stained glass windows for any figurines you have that might one to stay there. Surprisingly, the Grand Hotel is still available to buy in Tesco today but it doesn’t contain any extra accessories, which might explain the high asking price.

9 16 e1623404769323 The Most Valuable 'Sylvanian Families' Toys

Again, the set was sold for over £300 thanks to its pristine condition and original packaging, so make sure your Sylvanian Families toy is in good nick before putting it online.

4. Vintage Timbertop Bear – £460

10 14 The Most Valuable 'Sylvanian Families' Toys

This Vintage Timbertop Bear doesn’t look all that remarkable, but it managed to fetch a whopping £460 on Ebay! It was released in the 1980s which makes it one of the older models out there – collectors are always willing to pay more for toys that are over 30 years old.

You might also have noticed that this bear is slightly larger than the average Sylvanian Families figurine – it measures approximately 11 inches so it’ll be hard to miss if you’re having a look round the attic for one.

11 16 The Most Valuable 'Sylvanian Families' Toys

The collector who managed to sell his toy for £460 did mention in the description that the bear was “in very good condition for its age” – although it did have some wear and tear, plus a slightly yellowed t-shirt. However, this didn’t seem to matter to the nine bidders who started fighting over it!

3. The Japanese Doll – £500

12 13 The Most Valuable 'Sylvanian Families' Toys

The Sylvanian Families randomly released a ‘Japanese Doll’ back in 2003, which featured a rabbit wearing a rather fetching pearl tiara and yellow rose dress. This particular model came mounted on a plaque reading ‘Doll of the Year’, so it was definitely aimed at serious collectors.

Only 100 of these figures were ever made, according to one Ebay seller from Derby, which means that collectors will be more than willing to drive up the asking price. The figure pictured above started the bidding at £99 and eventually sold for over five times that amount!

13 12 The Most Valuable 'Sylvanian Families' Toys

However, bear in mind that you’ll need a certificate to prove this is a genuine ‘Japanese Doll’. It’s also worth finding the original packaging and the shiny display plate, otherwise collectors might not be as interested.

2. Super Rare Large Chocolate Rabbit – £599

Screen Shot 2018 08 10 at 15.44.02 e1623404831992 The Most Valuable 'Sylvanian Families' Toys

This is another example of a larger figurine that is currently listed on Ebay with a starting price of £599. According to the seller this is a ‘super rare’ rabbit which measures approximately 11 inches and is wearing a red and white spotted dress.

Apparently the rabbit formed part of a rare Sylvanian Families promotional campaign and only a few people managed to get their hands on one. It comes with extra accessories such as a dress, underwear and even a Christmas hat/gown combination for the festive season.

Screen Shot 2018 08 10 at 15.44.09 The Most Valuable 'Sylvanian Families' Toys

Bidding is still ongoing with this particular item so we won’t know for a while how much the final bid totals. However, we’re sure it’s going to be pretty high if the seller can get away with that kind of starting price and doesn’t even have the original white box packaging.

1. Old Mill Windmill – £1,100

16 8 The Most Valuable 'Sylvanian Families' Toys

And finally, by far the most valuable Sylvanian Families toy on the list is this Old Mill Windmill, which features red and green detailing plus a rooster sitting on the top. Apparently it’s a very rare first edition of the windmill toy and comes complete with two pieces of furniture.

The seller is asking for so much because they’ve kept the windmill inside its packaging for years, meaning that none of the seals or card popouts have been broken. Even the outer box itself has been stored carefully so that the colours on the main box haven’t faded with time.

17 10 e1623404906106 The Most Valuable 'Sylvanian Families' Toys

Again, bidding is still ongoing so we can’t wait to see how much collectors actually pay for this original, untouched ‘Old Mill Windmill’.