We first met the Simpsons in 1989 and they have been a permanent fixture on our TV screens ever since. The Simpsons is now the longest running American scripted prime time TV show. You might be surprised to learn that the early star of the show ‘Bart’ is voiced by a female voice actress. Nancy Cartwright has provided the voice to Bart and many other characters on the show throughout its run. You might be interested and even more surprised to learn about some of your other cartoon favourites voiced by Nancy. Let’s have a look at 12 of Nancy’s best characters!

1. Bart Simpson

We have to start with Bart. Nancy originally auditioned for the part of Lisa Simpson. She found the character boring and asked the creator, Matt Groening if she could audition for the role of Bart and the rest is history! She also provides voices for Nelson Muntz, Todd Flanders, Ralph Wiggum and many more!

2. Chuckie Finster

Shy and timid Chuckie Finster was one of our favourite Rugrats and another great example of Nancy Cartwright providing a very convincing male cartoon voice.

3. Ethel – Twighlight Zone Movie

In an early on screen appearance, in 1983 Nancy played the role of Ethel, a young girl who was put inside a television and chased by cartoon monsters.

4. Flat Freddy Fender

Galaxy High was an 80’s cartoon favourite and Nancy Cartwright provided the voice of humanoid alien, Flat Freddy Fender.

5. Bright Eyes

Another 80’s favourite were The Pound Puppies. Nancy provided the voice of Bright Eyes in The Pound Puppies Movie. Bright Eyes was the youngest member of the gang and she was great at cheering everyone up.

6. Toon Shoe

Nancy Cartwright voiced the character who sadly met its demise in the cracking movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” as Judge Doom plunged the poor little shoe into the dip. Toon Shoe is seen screaming in agony as it melts into paint.

7. Woody

Popeye & Son was a popular 80’s spin off in which Nancy Cartwright provided the voice of Popeye’s son’s best mate Woody.

8. Mindy

The Animaniacs burst onto our screens in the early 90’s. The character of Mindy was chosen by the daughter of Executive Producer, Steven Spielburg and who better to provide the voice…. yep, you guessed it!

9. Daffney Gilfin

Nancy provided the voice for beauty queen Daffney was an aspiring actress in The Snorks.

10. Arabian Prince

Possibly the most obscure voice in our list is the Arabian Prince who joined Alvin, Simon and Theodore in the 1987 movie, The Chipmunk Adventure.

11. Pistol Pete

Goof Troop was another early 90’s cartoon, in which Nancy provided the voice for spoilt Kindergarten pupil Pistol Pete.

12. Cynthia

In 1985 Nancy successfully auditioned for the part of Cynthia on the hit show, Cheers! The part was only a guest spot but it is fitting how someone who has gone on to provide such an iconic voice made an appearance in such an iconic show. Cheers Nancy!