Your wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. There’s dancing, cake, delicious food and all of your friends and family gather around to celebrate the love you and your partner have found together. Also, since it’s a day that’s all about you and your spouse, you have almost total control when it comes to decision making, so you can bring your vision for your dream wedding day to life, regardless of how weird or wacky it is.

Nowadays, incorporating an unusual theme into your big day is no big deal. Even including an unusual ritual, whether it’s a traditional party game or a choreographed first dance, is pretty mundane. With that said, sometimes the bride and groom push the envelope too far, turning what should be a whimsical and fun experience into a nightmare for their guests. From drunken meltdowns to excruciatingly niche themes to the odd dress codes, here are the cringiest things happy couples ever did on their wedding days!

1. Vows from the bucket seat

Long ago I worked at a banquet hall and witnessed, amongst many other bizarre ceremonies, a fully NASCAR themed wedding. During the reception, they played the audio of the proposal going out over the PA at the track. It was completely unintelligible.

It basically just sounded like: BZZT GABBAGBGA MRRRY MEZZZZZ RROOOOOWWWVROOOM. In the end, we had to call the police because the bride, in her gown, climbed over the bar to steal more sweet sweet MGD after we had closed the taps and the event was over.


2. Not part of the family

I was a photographer for a wedding where the bride was marrying a man with two kids from a previous relationship. I was in the bridal suite when the bridal party was getting ready and all of the bridesmaids had matching silk robes. The flower girl (groom’s daughter) was there too.

They asked me to take a group photo of the bridal party and one of the women in a silk robe was standing awkwardly to the side. I thought she was just shy or something so I waved her into the photo. Big mistake. So at that point, the room got DEAD silent.

The bride was like “oh no, we don’t want her in the photos” and glared at me like I should’ve known that! Apparently, the woman was the groom’s ex-wife and was there to take care of the flower girl but WHY DID YOU GIVE HER A MATCHING BRIDESMAID ROBE!


3. A fresh start

I was at a wedding where the ceremony was also the “Name Reveal”. The couple changed their last name because they didn’t want to be stuck to their heritage and didn’t want anything to hold them back. That in itself is not a terrible idea. However, the couple didn’t really understand what a name change meant.

It turns out they actually changed their name thinking they could erase their mountains of debt or at least hide from it. Turns out you can’t live under two legal identities, and they got in significant trouble for not informing everyone of the name change and properly consolidating their assets and debts.


4. Dry wedding, dry DJ

I went to a wedding with my ex-boyfriend a few years back. It was one of his fraternity brother’s wedding, and apparently, the bride’s parents were ridiculously conservative. The raucous fraternity energy and the overprotective family… did not mix.

The parents were so conservative that they had to have super-edited versions of every song the DJ played, including bleeping out the word “shots” from “Shots” by LMFAO. Also, it was a dry wedding, so this rendition of the song was almost too on the nose…


5. Can’t take the heat

This is the only Bridezilla I encountered in ten years of working as a make-up artist. This girl was so self-centred that she kept everyone waiting at her outdoor ceremony for more than an hour while she was pampered in the makeup chair, making up her vows at the same time.

Her aunt came in and very gently reminded her people were waiting on her and that it’s been more than an hour and she threw a tantrum, screaming, “I feel like everyone’s forgetting this is MY DAY!!!” The aunt was clearly annoyed but pretended to be apologetic.

Eventually, she came out, and things didn’t get any better. the “vows” she had made up were lame and borderline incoherent, and one of the groomsmen, sweltering under coat and vest and shirt and sun, fully passed out from heat exhaustion. Or boredom.

The officiant whispers to ask the couple if they should stop and make sure he’s okay and she goes, “Nah, he’s just being dramatic, keep going!” As the couple is headed back up the aisle, an ambulance was seen arriving to tend to the poor overheated groomsman.


6. Minion matrimony

I witnessed a minion themed wedding. No joke, cake and decorations were all minions but they treated everything else like a typical wedding. I knew the bride only as an acquaintance and she was normal and friendly and sometimes wore a minion shirt or two from Target.

I didn’t think much of it at the time. Turns out she had a much greater obsession with a fad children’s movie than a couple of shirts she thought were cute or funny. The weirdest part was seeing the bride recite totally normal vows with a yellow bouquet.


7. Unorthodox first dance

I had to go to a wedding for one of my coworkers. I’d never met the bride, but I’d worked with the groom for a few years and he was a real classy guy. I was actually pretty excited to see the ceremony, but it turned out the wedding wasn’t as high class as the guy.

During their first dance, rather than something a little more fit for the venue, which was a beautiful and intimate church reception hall,
their first dance song was Get Low, at which point they decided to do exactly what the song said, and… um, get low.

Needless to say, the entire room was horrified. All the guests looked on silently, and nobody joined in even though they were invited to. I’m even surprised the DJ played it. I left shortly after. He quit after his honeymoon, and I haven’t seen him since.


8. And the award for the best thank you speech goes to….

I was at a wedding when I was eight years old and instead of the bride and groom getting up to make their speech thanking everyone, they had set up the whole thing like an awards show. Like, it was completely themed from beginning to end, and it didn’t match the couple’s personalities at all.

So the DJ opened up an envelope, announced their names, they were handed an “awards statue” (a Barbie and Ken doll) and proceeded to thank everyone in the form of an awards speech. In the right hands, it would have been funny, but the bride and groom were incredibly shy by nature so it was just awkward. I’m in my 30s now and I still remember this.


9. Making the whole family happy

My aunt and uncle had decided to dedicate their wedding to the bride’s kids. Everything was The Little Mermaid themed and they had a huge Little Mermaid bouncy house right in the middle of everything. The kids loved it, but everyone else was nonplussed.

Their wedding was on a severely crowded beach at three in the afternoon, so there were a bunch of normal beach-goers watching the ceremony. The groom decided it would be a good idea to ride a paddleboard into the reception and it would have been an awesome idea except everyone could see him get on the board and then go out to the ocean then turn right around and come back.

The couple also decided to get incredibly high and couldn’t even remember each other’s names let alone theirs. Oh and one last thing, the groom’s vows were literally “I love you more than bacon” that’s it, that’s the only thing she said. The whole thing was a colourful and whimsical disaster.


10. A very bad buffet

I went to a potluck wedding. The attendees kept all the food in their hot cars while at the church then, when we moved to the event hall, they brought it all in to be served immediately. There was potato and macaroni salad that had been shut in a hot car for an hour.

Delicious. Those were the high-end dishes too. Some attendees brought 2 litres of soda or bags of chips, which was about as classy as it sounds. The whole buffet was gross, and it only got worse from there. At this same wedding, they also had a “dollar dance”.

Everyone lined up and paid for the chance to dance with the bride. They pinned dollars on to her dress. When they ran out of pins she started stuffing dollar bills into her bra. It could have been funny, but since a lot of the guests were family it was mostly just weird.


11. Getting to know each other

When I was fresh out of high school, I went to the wedding reception of a friend and a guy she’d met only three months prior. When everyone was seated for the meal, they had everyone, individually, stand up and introduce themselves to the room “so they can get to know each others’ friends and family”.

It took forever, and people started out unenthusiastic and only got more so as the horrible exercise dragged on. Not only that, but it didn’t help anyone to actually remember the names of the other guests. Thankfully someone talked them out of “Never Have I Ever” or whatever awful icebreaker game they were planning to do next.


12. A self-centred priest

This one was not actually the groom and bride’s fault. But the pastor marrying them talked about his own marriage and his kids for 20 minutes. It was painful, and from the expressions on the bride and groom’s faces, he probably hadn’t done it during the rehearsal.

He was obviously trying to tell and show them what marriage would be like. But he was full-on just talking about how his daughter learned to walk this way, and how his other daughter’s first words were this and that, while all the guests looked on shocked.

He then went on to say that he and his wife make love throughout the house because that’s what you do when in love, etc. The bride and groom had to stand there holding hands for 20 minutes right in front of him as the other 150 of us had to listen about his sex life and his kids. The guests didn’t know whether to look horrified or laugh.


13. A reverse bucket list

The couple was very very religious and conservative. They apparently had a list of things they decided they weren’t going to do before marriage to make sure they stayed “pure”. It went way beyond just avoiding sleeping together, which was pretty culturally common in our community.

I don’t remember the whole list, but it boiled down to basically no physical contact besides hand-holding and not being alone in settings they may get tempted. As part of the ceremony, they read the entire list out loud and then burned it. They then got pregnant on their honeymoon.


14. Weird all around

At the beginning of the reception, we all had to stand up and sing the national anthem. To be clear, this was in another country I’d never been to a wedding in before, so I thought “ok maybe this is just a tradition I’ve never heard of before here!”

Then I told this to other people, and they were all like “no, that’s just really weird.” I never would have known it was unusual otherwise. However, the anthem recitation was not the only awkward thing I had to deal with while at the wedding, it got worse.

Also, at that wedding the father of the groom ended his speech with what I’m sure he thought was an amazing joke, about how it’s easier to build a bridge to Hawaii than to understand what a woman is thinking. It would have been awkward enough had the man not also been standing between his ex and current wife as he was delivering it.


15. A wedding competition

At my sister’s wedding, the groom’s mother and father (divorced) both gave a loooooong speech that couldn’t have been more uncomfortable for me, or for the guests in attendance, or even for the poor bride and groom. It was just way too over the top and personal.

They went on and on about how they were each responsible for their son’s happiness, how they loved my sister before she was even a part of their family (grossly untrue) and how they started from nothing and yet became the sole champion that inspired their child to do great things.

In the end it was a huge ‘I was a better parent than you’ contest, and it went on for, and I’m not kidding here, TWO HOURS. And they were COMPLETELY unaware that everyone in the room was cringing hard. There wasn’t even time for anyone else to make a speech afterwards because there’s went on for so long, it was so embarrassing.


16. A tractor-themed wedding

My cousin’s wedding featured the groom driving a small tractor around the outdoor venue while the bride rode on the back, to the tune of ‘She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy’ on repeat for about 30 minutes after their vows. It was funny at first, but it didn’t last.

The guests just hung out and waited, thinking it would be a quick jaunt and then we could enjoy some refreshments and food. Nope, it took like half an hour to make sure they got good pictures and video, then even more time for pictures sitting stationary on the tractor.

It was blazing hot with no canopy or cover and I was very pregnant so I was especially miserable. The groom is not even a farmer, they live in an apartment, so I’ve no idea where the tractor fixation came from. We were all baffled by the theme, and it wasn’t executed the best either.


17. Apples to apples

My cousin’s wedding featured the groom driving a small tractor around the outdoor venue while the bride rode on the back, to the tune of ‘She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy’ on repeat for about 30 minutes after their vows. It was funny at first, but it didn’t last.

The guests just hung out and waited, thinking it would be a quick jaunt and then we could enjoy some refreshments and food. Nope, it took like half an hour to make sure they got good pictures and video, then even more time for pictures sitting stationary on the tractor.

It was blazing hot with no canopy or cover and I was very pregnant so I was especially miserable. The groom is not even a farmer, they live in an apartment, so I’ve no idea where the tractor fixation came from. We were all baffled by the theme, and it wasn’t executed the best either.


18. An unsuccessful garter toss

At my cousin’s wedding, they did the thing where the groom removes the bride’s garter and tosses it to all the single guys. I guess none of the guys wanted to be next to be married, because once the groom tossed the garter, no one grabbed it, and it fell.

It just landed on the ground a few feet in front of a crowd of motionless guys. The groom tossed the garter three times before one guy halfheartedly picked it off the ground. The bride wouldn’t look at any of those guys for the rest of the night, and I just hoped none of them had girlfriends.


19. An awkward auction

I was a bartender in a rural Kansas town. We hosted quite a few weddings since we were the largest dance hall. But this wedding took the cake, at least it would have done if the award went to the most inappropriate ceremony I’ve ever had the displeasure of witnessing.

During the reception, the groom auctioned off the bride’s panties. Yes, you read that right, her panties. Well, guess who the highest bidder was….. HER DAD!!! He then proceeded to wear them on top of his head for the remainder of the reception. Creepiest gawd damn thing I have ever seen!!


20. A tailgate wedding

I once went to a wedding with an ex-boyfriend. It was his aunt marrying the man she’d been seeing for years and years. Now, I went out and bought a nice dress and got all dolled up just to find out it was a TEXANS TAILGATE THEMED WEDDING. I felt so out of place.

Everything was tailgate themed. So things like cornhole, Texans merchandise including beer koozies as wedding gifts, and barbecue. The bride had her dress altered so that the top half was a Texans jersey. The groom was dressed in jeans and a dirty white shirt.


21. Matrimony copycats

Well, a couple copied the majority of my and my husband’s wedding ceremony. Same entrance music (it was an extremely specific pie e of music cued to a very specific part of the song), same vows (we wrote our own), and their best man’s speech was almost a carbon copy of our best man’s speech.

They got married a year after we did, and I guess they couldn’t think of anything else for their own wedding. Either that or it was some weird, malicious power play to freak us out and one-up us after the fact. I really hope it was the former and not the latter.


22. Pasta or potatoes?

I was once a part of a wedding where the macaroni and cheese was only served to the bridal party. Everyone else got mashed potatoes, that was it. No sides, and not even any condiments or gravy, which could have at least improved the potatoes a little bit.

I was a hostess so I got macaroni and cheese, after tasting it there was no way in hell they would’ve broken the bank preparing enough for everyone. It was just really tacky because people were asking for it and I had to tell them that I didn’t know much about it and I was just following directions.


23. Three themes at least

Extremely sheltered conservative Christian couple who hosted a multi-fandom themed wedding. The bride took an eternity to walk up the aisle so the entirety of the Twilight wedding song could play, then they both exchanged Tardis rings (don’t ask) and walked out to the Doctor Who theme.

But the worst part was the sole Alice in Wonderland-inspired element, which were small “mushroom-shaped” cakes that said, “eat me”. There was literally no other AIW thing there for context, there was no other cake, and there was literally no other food to speak of. Why couldn’t they incorporate some other fandom-themed foods?


24. The wrong groom

My wife and I went to a train wreck of a wedding. There were a bunch of instances that stuck out but I think the main one was after the Best Man give his speech and called the bride beautiful. It was obviously just an offhand comment, but it wasn’t taken that way.

After the Best Man said the bride was beautiful, as you usually do at a wedding, the bride took the mic and all flustered said, “My my my. It seems that I may have married the wrong man.” It was a huge yikes, and the new husband looked extremely uncomfortable.

She also insulted the groom’s friends, a whole table of them, so bad that they just got up and left. One of them said as they were leaving, “Won’t last, b***h.” She yelled at the DJ during their first dance, saying the song was taking too long too. I’ve never been to a wedding that had the vibe so ruined by just one person acting rudely.


25. A less-than-loving speech

I was at a friend’s wedding where the pastor’s sermon at the wedding was all about family dysfunction and divorce and how broken the institution of marriage is. He couldn’t have created a less festive atmosphere if he tried, and it did seem like he was trying.

He wrapped it up with a perfunctory bit about how that’s why we need God in marriage, so that it isn’t dysfunctional but it was cringey all the way through. My wife and I were sitting there horrified, staring at the other guests trying to figure out if they shared our shock.

The bride and groom didn’t seem to notice though, they were smiling happily like talking about divorce in a wedding ceremony was the most natural thing in the world. Maybe they’d specifically coached him to make that the theme of the speech? Or they were just oblivious.


26. The wrong time for a prank

The groom tried to ‘prank’ the bride, and when the wedding vows happened, he planned to say ‘no’ to the question: ‘Do you take this woman as your lawfully wedded wife’. Obviously, during your vows is maybe the worst possible time to make a joke, but he did it anyway.

For some odd reason, the way he thought it would go down is that people would realise it was a joke and start laughing. Well, the result was quite the opposite. For a start, the bride started crying and had to be escorted off the premises, leaving everyone in shock.

Fortunately, they ended up getting married after all, but for everyone there, we had to wait for a full hour before the bride was consoled by her family and the actual wedding vows happened. The groom looked sheepish and regretful the whole time, and probably got a serious talking to from the bride’s family.


27. Casual dress code

The groom and best man (his brother) came into the venue wearing football jerseys from their college, while the college fight song played. They were acting like they were at a big college game and ready to have a rowdy time, it was really embarrassing.

Then they stopped and looked around like they suddenly realized they were at the wedding, took off the jerseys and walked down the aisle to their spots. Nobody laughed, even though it was definitely intended as a comedy beat, and they sat down in silence.

I’m not sure what the bride thought about it since she wasn’t there, but it was awful for the guests and came across as something really immature people do. The groom and best man found it hilarious at least. I hope someone filled the bride in afterwards.

28. Outside in the heat

My cousin converted to Mormonism so he could marry his girlfriend who was hardcore Mormon in the Mesa, AZ Temple. Apparently, you have to schedule an appointment months in advance to get a good spot in the temple wedding schedule, and they didn’t even try.

So their wedding ended up being in the middle of June when it was like 115 degrees outside. Non-Mormons are forbidden from entering the temple so they have to wait outside on the lawn for the bride and groom to emerge, which meant a group of us waiting in the baking heat

Our family of 50 plus showed up to see them “emerge married” and ended up waiting 2 hours because the temple was running behind schedule. A few people left, the rest of us were dying of heat exhaustion, and we sat there too miserable to even talk to eachother.

We had to meet them on the lawn because they said they weren’t having a reception, just the temple ceremony. Afterwards, we found out that they did indeed have a reception and lied about it, because the bride’s mother didn’t want us dirty non Mormons there.


29. A field-wedding flop

They held the wedding in a field down the road from their house, but forgot to plan for logistics. They had bridesmaids setting up the tents and table settings the morning of the wedding, in between hair and makeup (which had to be redone because of the heat).

So everyone was already sweaty, irritated and insecure about having their pictures taken, before the ceremony even started. They also forgot to figure out how to get the food from their house to the reception site, even though it was only about a two-minute drive.

which resulted in the bride screaming at her mother right before dinner, in front of all the guests, about how she “busts [her] ass every day for these people and they can’t even get this one thing done?!” Friends ended up borrowing a golf cart to bring the food over in time for dinner.


30. No fun allowed

The bride entered to Braveheart soundtrack blasting on a boom box. The civil service lasts a few minutes starting at around 1 pm, so short that people look surprised when it ends. She leaves to the same blasting Braveheart soundtrack. The mother announces that the reception starts at 5:30 pm.

There is no food and no bar, but trays of dessert bars will be served. We are also told the venue is locked until then so there is no place to wait! My girlfriend and I leave with a crowd of people across the street to an Irish pub for drinks. A bit of a party breaks out there.

We all get told to knock it off and come wait back at the venue in the hall. So we sit in the hall on the carpet for a few hours without drinks or dinner. Bride and groom arrive and enter the venue to an “honour guard” of floor hockey players wearing hockey jerseys and holding sticks above their heads like swords at a royal wedding. More Braveheart music of course.


31. An essay for an invite

The bride and groom had their ceremony outside where there were no space restrictions, and they said that anyone who wanted to come to the ceremony could. But, for the reception, they said they had to limit the guest list to 100. Understandable so far.

Except, what was their solution to get the numbers down? They posted on their wedding website and shared on Facebook that if you wanted to come to the reception, they wanted you to submit an essay saying why you wanted to come. Incredibly awkward and petty.

You had to explain what their friendship meant to you— basically justifying why you should be invited. Deadline of X date to submit your entry. Bride and Groom said they would then read through all of the submissions together and pick who would get invited to the reception. Seriously one of the most a**-backwards, egotistical things I have ever seen anyone do.


32. Playing peasants

My cousin and his (ex) wife did a medieval wedding on the super cheap. They didn’t get anything done on time so my family pitched in and were glueing felt medieval banners together and my mom was stitching the bride into her dress. It was chaotic and it only got weirder.

Nothing else about it was medieval except their low budget costumes. The ex-wife treated my family like we were the hired help the whole time and ordered us to serve food and clean up, so I guess we were playing the role of the “dirty peasants”, even if we never agreed.

It had been suggested that everyone dress up for the wedding in costume, but no one did. It was super weird and the couple got extra huffy that everyone’s contemporary wedding outfits were ruining the theming in the wedding pictures. Awkward and uncomfortable from start to finish.


33. No vows, just judgement

We were all gathered in the church as the minister started. His first words were “Good night, open your Bibles in apocalypse”. He starts reading the part that says all the kinds of people that goes to hell, turns to my cousin and says “I know you fornicated with her, she told me.

And you are getting married here bc I told her that’s the only way for her to get forgiveness”. And, as if that wasn’t enough, the minister starts pointing out everybody in the church who was “fornicating”. He kept saying that they were going to hell, that their lives were cursed and all kinds of s**t like that.

After one hour and a half of this, he, without asking for vows or even saying the famous “you may now kiss the bride”, just said “we are over here. Proceed to the party and may God bless you all.” It was exceedingly awkward and killed the vibe for the bride and groom.


34. Out of love by the reception

The groom had been drinking way before the wedding even started, so he was totally out of it by reception time. He grabbed the mic from the DJ and proceeded to rant mostly incoherently for about 20 minutes on the dancefloor, much to everyone’s embarassment.

He would occasionally shout “It’s my wedding I can make a speech if I want!” every few minutes in between berating his wife and saying what a downer marriage was. It got so cringy that the DJ finally had to wrestle the mic away from him and make him sit down at the table with his new wife.


35. A very windy wedding

My partner and I went to the wedding of two of her friends and it was at a nice venue outdoors. Good weather and clear skies, but it was a bit windy. This wouldn’t normally have been an issue, except for the ceremony that the bride and groom had planned.

The bride and groom did this little bit in the middle of the ceremony where they poured different coloured sands into a little glass container to show the mixing of their lives. Prety cute idea, except since it was windy the sand was blowing everywhere.

And it was glittery, so people were blowing it out of their faces but still getting covered in this fine dusting. My partner and me were stuck finding glitter around the house for days. Also instead of each of them having a big jar each of their colour of sand, they each had a BUNCH of teeny vials.

So the little ceremony took way longer than it should have. It was super awkward, and once they had emptied all these little vials you still could hardly see the sand in the glass container. Really weird. They probably should have used a tarp or something, to block the wind.


36. A lie taken too far

Many years ago my aunt was bragging to her friends about how she cooked the best Pilau and, at the time, having pilau at your wedding was seen as exotic and posh. So when her close friend was getting married they asked her to cook a massive batch of pilau for the wedding to feed like 500 people.

Please note, she had no clue how to cook pilau. She made the unwise decision to show up on the afternoon of the wedding (people usually start cooking at around 5 am). Her plan was to ask for a series of more and more outlandish ingredients to make the pilau.

Then, when these inevitably could not be obtained she would announce that the pilau could not be made. Unfortunately for her, they had literally everything she asked for, no matter how ridiculous (she asked for plums to make rice). She was completely unprepared for this.

So she gives up and tells everyone to leave the kitchen so she can work … and then she leaves through the back door and flees into a nearby forest. The bride cried. Nobody got fed, and the aunt was so embarrassed that she didn’t speak to anyone from the wedding for weeks.


37. A terrifying priest

The priest at my own wedding made it awkward for a lot of our guests. My husband and I are agnostics but consider ourselves culturally Catholic and both our families were delighted with us having a Catholic wedding, so we kept some Christian elements.

But with that in mind, we chose the Bible readings for our ceremony not to be super Christian-y or Jesus-y and more about love and stuff. Well, the priest must have realized what we were doing and went full hellfire and brimstone on his sermon, without telling us.

It was really disturbing. Even our parents who are believers were like, man, that priest was intense! Our friends (some of whom were part of the LGBTQ community) were surprised that we had chosen that guy to marry us, and were even a bit offended, rightly so.

He basically dramatically emphasized that we were a heterosexual couple that would multiply and multiply or face the hellish consequences. He had been cool up until the actual wedding, so we had no idea. We had a laugh afterwards, but I couldn’t wait to get out of that church.


38. Too many first dances

The bride was a ballroom dancing instructor. The first dance was a choreographed ballroom number with the groom. Then they did a second dance, again choreographed. Then they did a dance with the whole wedding party, which was again rigidly choreographed.

Then the bride and bridesmaids performed a number. It was interesting for the first 3 minutes, then it was boring, then it got cringey. My daughter was 5, and all she wanted to do was get out there on that dance floor. Worst of all, it was a dry reception.


39. A childish theme

I was at a Nintendo themed wedding. I like Nintendo, I’m a pretty nerdy guy. At first, I thought it’d be cool, and a few of the decorations and stuff were. The Mario themed cake, with the toppers being a mix between them and Mario/Peach was cute enough.

But, only about 1/4th of the guests ‘got it’, and it kind of came off like a weird brand loyalty thing? It felt really off, a lot of the older people were just confused about why anyone would want a ‘theme’, and if they did want a theme wedding, why would it be Nintendo?

I ended up feeling embarrassed for them. They spent months planning, and tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding that looked like a very awkward 12yr old’s birthday party. I still sometimes wonder if they grew up and ended up finding it cringey themselves.

40. A flying fail

The groom arranged to rent a horse so he could ride up to his outdoor wedding. He didn’t know what he was doing and nearly trampled people along the aisle. Then he pulls out two “doves” which he purchased from a local pet store in order to save on paying for actual homing pigeons.

The plan was to release them at the end of the ceremony. He tosses them into the air at the predetermined moment and these birds kamikaze straight into the first row because their wings had been clipped. There was some screaming and stifled laughter and then silence as they hit the ground.


41. Forcing the guests to be the servers

I went to a wedding where they asked literally every person in attendance to do a small job. My boyfriend & I were asked to refill the water & punch between the ceremony & the wedding. Little did we know… this also meant making the punch from scratch with no recipes… just a bunch of ingredients sitting in a shed.

It was an outdoor wedding & the hottest day of the year. The ceremony was insanely long with all of the attendees sitting directly in the sun… so we ran to the house once it was over to get the water refreshed before making the punch, as people were desperate.

While making the punch I was then asked why none of the soft drinks were in coolers…(wasn’t told/asked to do this) and I didn’t want to make a fuss, so we went & did it… then we noticed all of the fake champagne (it was a dry wedding… which they conveniently forgot to tell anyone) was sitting in plastic-wrapped boxes… so we put that on ice as well.

Between making the punch, running ice back & forth, & refilling the water…my dress was covered in juice… at this point my boyfriend got p***ed off & left to go to the liquor store. I didn’t have a minute to socialize or visit with anyone, and the bride and groom didn’t say think you!


42. A played out idea

The groom was a competent musician, the bride was overconfident. For his vows, the groom had decided to perform her a song he wrote. The DJ started a backing track he made himself. It was heartfelt, pretty corny, and over in a minute, so most people liked it.

The bride had a song too. But she got out a guitar. She went through 3 or 4 verses with a chorus between each, she could not hold pitch to save her life, and the guitar was out of tune. It was 3 or 4 minutes long, but it felt like half an hour. People were glancing at each other and clearing their throats.

It was glorious. She insisted on a guitar solo which consisted of her strumming the 3 chords of the verse. I distinctly remember the groom watching politely and at one point when she looked up from her the fretboard he gave her a little look that was equally “mmm, great honey” and “this is my thing why are you doing this”.


43. A mother-of-the-bride nightmare

I was the MUA. Beachside wedding. Very casual, luau like, but classy. Bridesmaids wore sundresses and flip-flops, groomsmen wore boardshorts and vans. The reception was outdoors on a sand-covered patio under twinkle lights and tiki torches.

VERY casual and chill vibe. After dinner but before the cake, the bride’s mother gets up to make a toast. She’s wearing this poufy bedazzled sequined white wedding dress complete with elbow-length gloves, a tiara, and holding a sceptre. She had changed into this outfit as a surprise.

She tells everyone that she and the bride’s father had to elope bc they were pregnant with the bride, so she never got a wedding. She then goes on to say that she asked the minister to do a vow renewal ceremony right now. She keeps calls out to her husband, “honey, come up here! I have a tux for you. We can finally have our dream wedding!” And the husband was PURPLE!

He walks up to her, snatches the mic from her, says, “My apologies my wife is drunk.” And angrily escorts her off the patio. You can hear the mom sob screaming, “What about MY day!? I never get anything!” Afterwards, the bride and groom awkwardly apologized and cut the cake, but the vibe was ruined.


44. Two faces and two receptions

One of my friends decided to “save money” by having two receptions. The first reception was immediately after the ceremony and they had light snacks and appetizers. Then, the SECOND reception had dinner, games, cake, etc. So the second one was more in demand.

What was so cringey was that only half the guests were invited to the second reception, and the secret wasn’t kept for very long. They split families and friend groups in half, inviting only the guests they liked more for the second reception. It was terrible.

People who weren’t invited to the 2nd felt extremely insulted when they realized what was going on. And they lost a lot of friends that day. For example, the bride lived for free with one of our friends for an entire semester, and our generous friend was excluded from the second reception.


45. Video game wedding band

A buddy of mine married a girl we went to high school with. We always were into video games; Friday nights were spent with Halo, Guitar Hero/ Rock Band, Smash Bro’s, all the classics in the 2000-2015 time frame. Totally normal, casual hobby.

The ceremony was lacking most cringey things right up to the end with an Overwatch reference “you’re the bastion to my Sentra” but then it got worse. The bride, groom, best man and maid of honour disappear behind a curtain in the ballroom, then a few more guests, then a few more…

For like an hour, there was no music, no dancing… I was catching up with friends when we decided to see what was going on. They were setting up a TV, a PS4, and Rock Band’ (Guitar Hero with more instruments) groom plays the drums, maid of honour and best man on “guitar” and the bride is singing.

She’s changed out of her dress and into jeans, torn T-shirt, and socks on her arms with finger holes cut in them. They “perform” an 8 song set, which was actually cut short from 12 due to lack of enthusiasm from the crowd. It could have been a cute idea, but they should have set up in advance.


46. A few extra guests

We paid for our own wedding and we didn’t have much to spend. I think our entire budget was circa $750.00. For that, we got a community centre room and a buffet, rented some chairs and a tux and borrowed and begged everything else.

When we scouted the community centre it was fine. What we didn’t notice was the public pool directly next door. We only had about 40 people at the wedding if you don’t count the shoulder-to-shoulder line of little girls in bathing suits watching through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

The girls were staring with their eyes cupped while she walked down the aisle. It was one of the best parts of the day. That was 35 years and some odd weeks ago, and I still remember every detail. Another couple could have been mad about it, but it was right for us.


47. Roasting the guests

I worked at a banquet hall that was pretty upscale so I got to see my fair share of wedding cringes. One couple hired a Joan Rivers impersonator to greet and roast people as they entered. She was great, but the guests weren’t exactly thrilled about it.

Some people took her seriously and one woman, who had a mullet and was in something black suede mostly covered with cat hair and REEKED, almost attacked her and stormed off. I don’t think she knew who Joan Rivers was and just thought she was being insulted for real.


48. Surprise purple wedding!

Went to a birthday party on a farm instructed to wear the colour purple as it was the woman’s favourite. Turned out to be a surprise wedding – their only bridesmaid was their pig that wore a purple tutu down the aisle. The bride, groom, and vicar all came out on horses.

Unfortunately, the vicar was not an experienced rider, and halfway through the ceremony, he got chucked off by the horse. The wedding was never officiated and ended with an ambulance turning up. The vicar was eventually okay, but what a disaster.


49. A surprise break-up!

My dad is a DJ and rents out photo booths for weddings. I worked an event for him in 2017 that was supposed to be a normal summer wedding. I get there and the groom tells me where to go and asks if I need help setting up, I decline since no one else should help with the equipment.

He hands me the payment for the event and I carry on with my job. The ceremony started an hour later, everyone is in their seats in the courtyard, bride and groom are with the bridal party up front and everything looks really nice! I get kind of excited.

The priest welcomes everyone to the ceremony and says that the couple has something they’d like to say, Bride: “ I hope you’re happy mom, you were f**ing right.” Groom: “okay let me tell you all what happened” Bride: glaring at her mother. I watch in shock.

Groom: “So (bride) and I have talked this over and because of recent events we have decided to separate” Bride: “ This is our breakup party, welcome to the end of our relationship.” Groom: “We have rewritten our vows to fit the occasion and will be reading them to each other now.”


50. A private kiss

I went to a super conservative wedding with my fiancé. My fiancé had grown up with the bride and were childhood friends, but grew apart. Regardless, she was invited to the wedding and some of her other friends she still kept in touch with were going, so we all went.

We were sitting out in the sweltering Virginia humidity in mid-August on cut tree logs, which were laying horizontally across the ground. We got to the end of the vows and they told us that the bride and groom had never kissed, so they wanted to share the moment in private.

They went behind a curtain at the alter and then we sat through a painful acoustic set of songs for 15 minutes! The songs ended and we still sat there awkwardly for another 3 minutes and the Pastor (who was the groom’s father) tried opening the curtain. He couldn’t open it though because the groom was holding them shut with one hand. Then a minute later they came back out.


51. An unexpected gift

This wasn’t the bride or groom but a guest. We were well into the afternoon, everyone dining, dancing, having a great time when the music stopped. A woman in her early 20s had a microphone and started saying how honoured she is to have come and how she had flown in from Australia.

The wedding was in the UK. She stated that she hadn’t brought a gift but that she would be giving everyone in attendance a gift…….. with the gift of song. She then started singing Dido’s Thank You, and she sang it acapella, while the other guests sat in silence.

Maybe this wouldn’t be too bad if she was good but she was terrible, her voice was awful. Everyone looked on stunned for about a minute until the DJ just played music over the top and took the microphone off her. Very odd. She didn’t even have the grace to look embarrassed after the DJ stopped her song.


52. Planned by a child

My sister got married at 18. I was 14. She made me her maid of honour and wanted me to plan the whole wedding? And a bachelorette party. My mom ended up paying for it because, hello, I was 14 and couldn’t even drive. Let alone hold a job. I can admit I didn’t do a good job.

We all wore fedoras. And high top converse. I literally can’t make this s**t up. We had to breakdance down the aisle. Yeah. To Chris Brown’s song “Forever”. It was the same year that another couple did it and posted it on YouTube and my sister thought it was SO GREAT that we had to do it too.


53. Not reading the room

At a friend’s wedding, they had a pastor who was probably borrowed from 1856 or something. His speech lasted for almost an hour and was almost exclusively focused on preaching about the duties of a good wife (be obedient, stay at home, clean, cook, do not talk back etc, and let the man be the master and provider of the household.

It would be cringeworthy by itself, but in this context especially: my friend (the bride) is a neurosurgeon PhD, she earns all the money, she paid for the whole wedding, and the groom is her high school sweetheart who is unable to hold on to a job for more than six months.


54. Unequal effort

They wrote their own vows and the groom’s was very long and heartfelt and he recited it from memory. The bride’s was one sentence that she read from a full-size piece of paper that was along the lines of “I promise to always love you and always be faithful”.

They did the dance where they lift the bride and groom up on chairs (even though neither of them are Jewish), and the bride ended up falling off the chair pretty hard. The poor groom had the good manners not to look too disappointed or embarrassed, but his family were mortified.


55. Cupcakes and carrot sticks

My niece and her husband got money for the wedding from her father. They kept it to spend on themselves. The reception was not-enough-cupcakes for everyone and carrot sticks. Selected special guests were invited to have dinner with the couple after the wedding at a restaurant.

They hadn’t arranged for a special menu, so we all (50? 75?) had to order off the menu. It took over an hour for our orders to be taken, another hour-plus to get the food. (Those of us who weren’t lucky enough to get a cupcake we’re starving.) Then we each got a bill for our meal.


56. Staring contest

I read a thread like this one here a while back, and one of the answers was that the couple had a song play during the ceremony while they just stared lovingly at each other for like five minutes. I thought it sounded pretty ridiculous and was definitely fake.

Fast forward a year or so and I watch my brother and his bride do the exact same thing in an otherwise beautiful and very sentimental wedding. I was in tears before that, very happy to see them tie the knot, but five minutes of stifling a laugh from the front row sobered me up quick.

What’s funny is I probably wouldn’t have thought it was that big of a deal had I not read about such a scenario on askreddit first. Maybe the rest of the guests didn’t find it as uncomfortable/funny as me, and I ruined it for myself by being on the internet too much.


57. T-shirt wedding

Drive-thru wedding in vegas performed while standing through the sunroof (my vegas cousin) I was 15 and it was my bday (new years eve.) it was my cousin’s 3rd marriage and I was upset I couldn’t hang out with my friends on my bday, which sounds bratty but I was a teenager.

The wedding happened at midnight. They wore monogrammed t-shirts to be married in…bride…groom….best man etc. before they had a party at their house. So on my birthday, I went to the trashiest wedding ever, and didn’t even get wished happy birthday by anyone.


58. Tipping the bride

Set up “honesty jars” on the service bar. They were made to look like tip jars but were actually to collect money to pay the wedding. When guests started questioning them they got on the mike and stumbled through explaining that the money wasn’t going to the servers.

Not only did they take advantage of their guests for choosing that particular spot for their jars but also the staff. The jar should have been on the gift table (which was overflowing with gifts). It was incredibly selfish and really tacky. The couple weren’t short on money so it was just greedy.


59. Teenage diary

The bride and groom had originally met in college. They ended up splitting and marrying other people before coming together again and marrying each other. The groom walked down the aisle reading from his diary about when he had first seen her in college.

It could have been sweet except what he’d written was really raunchy and shallow. I was so frickin embarrassed on his behalf I couldn’t look. Then the bride sat at a piano and played a really bad song she had written for him. At first, I thought their performances were jokes but I soon realized they were serious.


60. Compare and contrast

Not sure if this counts, but my sister got married about 3 months before my brother did. During my brother’s wedding, my sister just sat there looking at her wedding pics on her phone and would compare and critique to anyone that would listen. Loudly, and throughout the ceremony.

She kept going on about how her wedding was so more personal and better. I honestly think she was jealous of my brother’s wedding. My brother a perfect saint throughout, displaying endless patience even though he really should have kicked her out of the ceremony and banned her from the reception.


61. Warm champagne

Not the bride and groom but the overall wedding. It was at this cringey Italian nightmare hotel. There were so many surreal things (festive mannequins, walls of knickknacks, 80’s hot tubs in the rooms). I kept it together… until it was time for the champagne toast.

The lights went out and suddenly dozens of waiters are leaping around the room holding empty bottles stuffed with lit sparklers while stereotypical Italian accordion music plays. The champagne? Already on the tables when we arrived. Warm and flat. I absolutely lost it, like full-on laughing until I sobbed. Don’t think anything else will ever be that funny.


62. All attention on the bride

I once had a bride decide to do a weekday wedding, which meant everyone skipped work for their wedding. Around 200+ people showed up, which was amazing within itself. Everyone was super enthusiastic, but it didn’t last long, thanks to the bride and groom’s rules.

At the wedding, the bride wanted us to pass out tokens so only a selected people were able to eat and drink without paying and without letting us, or the guests know. This sowed a lot of resentment in the crowd as people began to notice and figure out who had tokens and who didn’t.

Once the guests finally sat down for dinner, she decided to cancel dancing, and had people come up to a mic in the middle of the room and toast to her for 2.5 hours straight without mentioning the groom. At one point, the groom walked away and she didn’t even notice. The guests left p**sed, but they weren’t as angry as the groom.


63. A cemetery wedding

Some friends of ours decided to have their wedding photos taken at a “park” in December. We get to the “park” it’s a cemetery, that has a little area with a lake and some benches. That day it was 20 degrees, the bridezilla would not allow anyone to wear coats.

So all of the pictures showed us looking cold, awkward and miserable. Not only that, but there were mourners in the background, trying to pay their respects to their loved ones or lay down flowers while we were trying to celebrate the new marriage. So uncomfortable.


64. A downer for a brother

The bride’s brother is about to give a speech. Sometimes I still wake up at night screaming and sweating thinking about this speech. It took about 45 minutes and all he did was go on and on about how awful their (both brides) lives are and how nothing ever works out for them.

He didn’t say anything uplifting AT ALL and made 0 terrible jokes. I am a big fan of terrible jokes so was very disappointed. About 30 mins in the whole room was silent and my face had turned inside out from cringing so hard. Anyway after 45 mins somebody went up and had to awkwardly wrestle the mic from him.


65. An opening number

At a musical theatre couple’s wedding, they came into the reception and did a performance, with their entire wedding party, of ‘Oklahoma’ but changed it to ‘LOOOOOOOOOOUISIANA where the winds come right before the rain. It was… more than a little cheesy.

We sit alone and watch mosquito hawks’ etc. complete with props and choreography. That was 13 years ago and I’ve never gotten over it. I’m not in touch with the bride and groom anymore, so I’ve no idea if they ended up thinking it was really cheesy or not.


66. Tunes for the groom

The DJ for the wedding was a (dodgy) friend of a friend of the Groom. The DJ was playing heavy bass and techno music all night, even when the bride asked him to stop he told her he was DJ and he’d play whatever he wanted. I’d be surprised if the DJ got paid, since the bride’s mother paid for the wedding.

She cried to the Groom about it all who didn’t care because he was too busy cutting wild shapes on the dance floor with his pals. Eventually, she cried to the staff so we all gave her free drinks, and sat chatting with her while her new husband completely ignored her all night.


67. Frozen flight

At my older brother’s second wedding, they decided to release butterflies during the ceremony. When you buy butterflies like that, you get them frozen in a cardboard box, they’re supposed to slowly warm up and flutter away, super pretty and romantic.

My brother and his 2nd wife decided to release them from the cardboard box they came in. However, not all of the butterflies thawed out completely.. and it went as badly as you might think. Only half of them took flight at all, which was more anticlimactic than none of them moving.

So there was this awkward moment where 10 or 20 flew out and my brother spent the next few minutes tapping the bottom of the box the get the rest to fly out. Eventually, he gave up and reached into the box and grabbed the rest and threw them out, crumpling their wings.

I’m pretty sure they were dead, because they just landed on the ground, it was tragic. All the guests just quietly watched and tried not to laugh, and a fair few people look like they were about to cry it was so sad and pathetic. They say never work with children or animals… or insects.


68. A pizza party wedding

Beautiful glamourous wedding, with a reception that had… Pizza hut catering. Didn’t even try to class it up, pizza boxes everywhere. I’m pretty sure people don’t drive for hours and hours to come eat pizza. . . . It was me. My wedding, we had Pizza Hut.

It was a destination wedding in Laguna Beach, CA, reception at the hotel in a conference room. We were young, in love, and poor as s**t. The whole wedding cost under $1000(USD), everyone had a good time, and still they say how beautiful it was that trip. We just celebrated our 10th anniversary!


69. An empty reception

My 3rd cousin got married in the Mormon temple in winter and 3 hours away from the main populated area of my state. The majority of my family live in two neighbouring counties, but her husband’s family lived out in BFE. In our family, you have to go to everyone’s wedding or else you’re just plain rude.

So me, M, and GM drive the three-hour drive to the small town in a blizzard. When we got to the address it turned out to be a Mormon chapel, which is not great but not surprising. But when we went in there was only a handful of people there, despite thinking the whole family would show.

No music, no games, no decorations. Just plastic tables, metal folding chairs, Costco bite-sized brownies, water, and sheet cake. Not surprisingly, no-one seemed to have a good time. It felt more like a boring office supplies convention than it did a wedding or the start of a married couple’s lives.


70. Grandma at the dive bar

My sister has always been a weirdo loner. She’s a dork. She married a dork. But he doesn’t think he’s a dork and neither does she. He thinks he’s a hardcore anarchist punk. Really he’s a chubby nerdy accountant. But whatever, they love each other and they’re a good match.

So they tell us AT THE F**KING WEDDING that they’ve planned a second day of celebration. The following day they wanted everyone to go to the bar her new husband’s cousin owned because the new husband was getting his heavy metal band back together for one night only.

Mind you this was a dive bar with sticky floors that’s fine if it’s just us but maybe don’t guilt Nana into going? So we show up the next day and my sister is once again in her wedding dress. With the same makeup/hairdo (tiara included) that she obviously slept in. More punk at least but also gross.

Turns out her husband couldn’t play music if his life was on the line. We had to sit thru two hours of sh**ty heavy metal at a bar that was closed so no food or drinks. I hate all my sisters. Like why couldn’t I have brothers? Honestly I wish I hadn’t been invited to the wedding.


71. The bride’s day

The wedding was literally only about the bride. They had a growing up video. Of only the bride. Only the mother of the bride was allowed to speak and when the groom’s mom went to speak. She got shooed away because there wasn’t enough time and they were moving onto something else.

All the guests noticed the imbalance straight away. My favourite story of the whole wedding was that all of the people attending got butterflies on a string. They turned the lights down low and ‘danced’ the butterflies on the string while the bride twirled around in the centre of their circle.

What. The. F**k. No doubt that was the bride’s family idea as well, since the groom looked mortified. What made it worse is that the groom was obviously embarrassed by seeming like such a pushover, as he let the bride and even her family boss him around all evening.


72. A really gross gatecrashing

I’m Chinese so one of the wedding traditions which we called ‘gatecrashing’ goes by where the groom and the groomsmen have to get past a series of tests or obstacles to prove the groom’s love to the bride (my cousin) before he even gets to set his eye on her.

The trials are set up by the bridesmaids. Usually, the guys will have to drink a cocktail of disgusting liquids mixed together or do something embarrassing. Not sure how this proves his love but okayyy, it’s a cultural thing and pretty common to see at weddings.

In this case, the bridesmaids made the guys, including the groom, lick melted chocolate that’s smeared onto the inside of diapers, and a test of who can swallow the most out of a banana. Of course, all these are videoed down by the wedding videographer team.

I was already disgusted when they posted snippets on igstory. Imagine seeing the full video played out on-screen during the wedding banquet where hundreds of family and friends, many of those present are elders. The hall was so quiet, barely anybody applauded once the video finished playing.


73. An unusual ritual

Photographer at a pagan wedding. Was not allowed to take pictures during the ceremony, but did watch. At one point the bride grabbed a goblet and a knife, held the knife to her wrist, and walked slowly around the circle of participants singing opera style.

I was relieved when she didn’t cut herself and make her groom drink blood from the goblet. This was held in an Asian art museum with all kinds of weird masks and artefacts in the room. The reception was at another art gallery. Gluten-free vegan food.

Some attendees dressed in formal clothes, some in cyber-punk. Super weird vibe, but the money still spent. All the guests seemed to have fun at least, but it was definitely weird. At least there would be no mistaking their wedding photos for anyone elses.


74. Rodeo matrimony

My mom and Dad got married at a rodeo, where the bull rider was the officiant. They invited all the participants and officials to the wedding and had a massive potluck, then ran barrels, poles, roping and chute dogging among many other things. They were rodeo people so they had a grand old time with it, but easily the cringiest thing I’ve seen.


75. The wrong moment for music

One of my college friends got married shortly after we graduated to a girl he’d been with since high school. They were both kinda nerdy and into theatre and musicals. After the kiss, they’re still standing at the altar, and my friend tried to start what appeared to be an unplanned, improvised duet with his new wife.

She just looked confused and embarrassed the whole time, as did everyone in the crowd, and then he proceeded to sing both parts while staring straight into her eyes. We all knew that they both loved to sing and dance, but surely the obvious thing to do would be to plan a duet to sing together?


76. Splitting up the seating chart

We went to a wedding where the bride decided that rather than have people sitting with their partners at the reception, she’d mix it all up so everyone was sat with strangers. She hadn’t mentioned it to anyone, the first we knew about it was when we saw the table plan.

It was a disaster as some people just refused to sit where the table plan told them they should be and sat with their partners. This messed up the seating numbers on the table and confused the caterers (not their fault) so lots of people got the wrong food.

It caused a lot of bad feeling between the guests and the ‘happy couple’ that lots of people left early right after the meal and apparently the bride holds grudges (we were friends with the groom) and she permanently fell out with lots of people. Over a situation that was totally avoidable.


77. Shallow vows

My aunt divorced my laid-back uncle and wound up marrying a man who is a self-proclaimed “believer in old fashioned values.” He wore a MAGA hat the entire time — didn’t even take it off when they recited their vows. It clashed horribly with his suit.

They had written their vows with the theme “reasons why I love you,” and my aunt listed off traits such as “caring” and “genuine,” just really sweet stuff about his personality. His reasons for loving my aunt were “she cooks for me, has a fat ass, and her tits are still perky even though she’s over forty.”

Everyone, including my aunt, had to force out some awkward laughter. I usually enjoy weddings, but I really, really wanted to split after that. Very bizarre that the two of them had decided to get together, given how different they were, and all their kids seemed to know it.



78. A blade for the bride

the groom was a self-taught blacksmith, and he forged swords for them to do a “sword joining ceremony” during their wedding. It consisted of the father of the bride (who was also the pastor and officiant) taking the sword and his daughters hand together.

He gave them both to the groom, and then the groom and the bride raised their swords aloft together. I still have no idea what this was symbolic of. I guess it was cool that the groom had made the swords himself, but nobody else had a clue what was going on.


79. Grey and orange

My best friend is an occasional wedding photographer. He gets nervous giving directions to large groups so I’d be brought along to herd people for him. The worst one was pretty memorable. The groom had epilepsy which seemed to be made worse by his nerves.

He was grey-faced and had 2 fits between the wedding and going outside for photos. Bride looks down at him on the floor and says he’ll be fine, he’s being dramatic. The poor groom is picked up by his relatives who get him water and make sure he’s OK while she’s completely ignoring him laughing away with champagne in hand.

All the photos show a grey faced miserable and upset groom and a grinning moron of a woman who had dyed herself even more orange than Trump. My mate was pulling his hair out just trying to make it look like a Cheeto hadn’t married a zombie. He did his best, but it wasn’t great.


80. Something fishy

Attended a carnival-themed wedding with a reception hall decorated to look like a big top three-ring circus. Red and white streamers, carnival-type games and of course bowls of goldfish. Except someone forgot to tell whoever put the goldfish out that you have to treat tap water before putting live fish in it.

Every table had a bowl of 10 dead goldfish that were there from the beginning of the ceremony until the end of the reception. The majority of guests in attendance were vegan. Most people tried to ignore it and look like they hadn’t noticed it, but it was really tragic.


81. A marriage of two halves

My former boss’s wedding was so painfully awkward. He was nerdy and came from a wealthy family. She was “daddy’s princess” and came from a hard-working blue-collar family. The two were deeply in love, but their families couldn’t have been more different.

The father of the groom’s speech was filled with him ripping into the bride’s family about how they always got their hands dirty, they were drunk Irish…. Pretty cringy. THEN it was the bride’s father’s turn. He started the speech off with “since you’re so smart you need to protect that head of yours”, passive aggressive.

He then placed a heart hat on the groom… Uh… Ok. His entire speech was about how he has to be handy around the house and take care of his princess. The bride’s father processed to dress up the groom in work boots, a safety vest, and a toolbelt. It was funny, but not in the way they intended.


82. Holy Moo-trimony

It was a cow themed wedding., held in a barn on their farm. Hay bales for seats, EVERYTHING was about cows, right down to the table decorations. And the cows in the field next to the barn. The only thing that would have made it worse was if they were dressed up like cows, but luckily it didn’t go that far! Still, not the most romantic theme.


83. Playing with no plan

I was asked to play the piano at my sister’s friend’s wedding. A few minutes before the ceremony the planner came up to me and told me to ‘play when the bride enters and again when the guests stand for the signing of the register’ but nothing clearer.

I wasn’t told the structure of the ceremony or what to play, and there was no rehearsal. Unfortunately, I had had to bring my own piano and it was placed at the back of the room so I had no context for when the signing of the register’ was. All I could do was guess.

I ended up playing randomly when the guests rose for the vows and my now brother in law sitting at the back had to do the ‘cut it out’ hand over throat gesture resulting in me awkwardly playing off after a few seconds and some awkward glances at where the music was coming from.


84. Golf cart gatecrashers

The bride & groom didn’t really “do” this necessarily, but they got married at a venue with a super nice golf course on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The archway (place where they stood to be married) was right in front of a golf cart path. It was a bad choice.

Throughout the entire ceremony I would say at least 6-7 golf carts full of drunk men slowly puttered by directly behind the couple exchanging vows. The first time it was a slight cringe, by the 7th time it was oh dear god does someone need to go stand in the path and block these geezers. Luckily the B&G were too absolutely love-struck to notice, so that was nice.


85. 12 painful carols

It was a Christmas wedding and they were an older couple, there were about 12 tables each named after a Christmas song. The bride and groom made their entrance for dinner and the bride went to each of the 12 tables and sang the song each table was named after.

It was painful, the groom awkwardly stood bedside for a while and then wandered up to the top table by himself to wait for her to finish. None of the guests enjoyed it, and most had even stopped faking their polite smiles by the halfway mark. They were visibly relieved when it was over.


86. A finger-licking buffet

Was a wedding DJ in the early 90s. I got a gig for a wedding hosted in a community centre (1st red flag). I called to work out the details and they kept asking for a discount. By the end, it was basically just me and my CDs with no lights or anything.

On arrival, they asked if I’d give me a discount for cash (2nd red flag). While setting up, I noticed that the people in the kitchen were emptying buckets of KFC and sides into chafing dishes as “the buffet”, while the mother of the bride did a keg stand (3rd red flag).


87. A camouflaged bride

Someone I know had their wedding while camping in the woods with family, which wasn’t bad, but their theme colours were camo and hunter’s orange. It couldn’t have been uglier, but at least it fit their personality and worked for their relationship and interests.

Rather than exchange vows they ‘lit’ a unity candle by shooting it to bits with semi-automatic rifles. It was all very redneck and tacky. Luckily most of the guests were super into it. It was just me and a couple of other people staring on in shock in our semi-formal wear.


88. Dunder Mifflin matrimony

I went to an Office themed wedding this past fall. Each groomsman had their hair or suit look like a specific character. They walked down the aisle before and after the wedding to the theme song. Each pew had some sort of office theme decor at the ends.

The decorations included things like: Stapler in jello, Dundee award, chili pepper. The groom grew his hair out to have a middle part and glasses like Dwight. Nobody knew this was a themed wedding. We were all in WTF mode. None of the guests were dressed up, which made things even weirder.


89. A mini toddler tantrum

Flower girl was too young to walk, so she was in a wagon pulled by he big brother. He was about 5 and got all the way to the front, where he ran the wagon into the first pew. BAM! Backed up… BAM! Smashed into it again. “Whatever. ” He dropped the wagon handle and walked off, abandoning his sister and the wagon in the middle of the aisle.


90. Gimmick after gimmick

Not the bride and groom, but the bridesmaids did an interpretive dance on “how to resolve conflict in a marriage”. It was about as bad as you’re probably imagining. This followed a 15-minute slide show of bulls**t and inside jokes. None of the other guests understood a word.

Not to be outdone, the family of the bride performed a cringey rap for which they donned fake gold chains and backwards hats inadvertently being kinda racist. Oh – and it was a dry wedding, so I couldn’t even drink to forget. All the guests were grumpy and uncomfortable.


91. Watching vows from the ground

At my Cousin’s wedding: they didn’t tell anyone to bring lawn chairs and did not have seating for anyone. Only the people who had chairs in their cars got to sit. Everyone else sat on the ground, no food was served, but there was lots and lots of alcohol.

The bride wore camo dress, the groom wore jeans and work shoes with a dirty T-shirt. At some point the groomsmen threw the groom in the lake, followed by them handcuffing him and tasing him until he p**sed himself (because the bride and groom thought this was funny).

Finally the night ended with the groom in the ER after he shot one of his fingers off. No wedding that ends with a trip to the hospital can be considered a success. It was like something out of a movie or cartoon, and I feel a bit ashamed to have even attended.

92. A mid-speech realisation

The first mistake the bride and groom made was allowing the toasts to be open mic. A guest gets up and starts going on about how he met both the bride and groom and eventually it dawns on him mid-speech that he’s camped with each of them individually naked.

Not only that, but the bride was the first woman he ever shared a tent with naked and she was also his first kiss…the whole thing was full of so much cringe and awkwardness that it pretty much killed the reception after that. Nobody danced, nobody really even talked.


93. Mother in Law mayhem

MOG took 3 Valium before the ceremony and tried to counteract it with a Red Bull. 18 minutes before the bride was meant to walk, MOG has a full-on freakout, I mean she was sobbing and most people assumed that there was something medically wrong with her.

We could barely make out what she was saying but it mostly consisted of her crying about how her son is too good for this wh*re and she wants to see her ‘baby’ with someone smarter, kinder, more attractive etc. All the guests just stood by and watched.

We tried to escort her out, and she ended up sitting at the top of the aisle, screaming that she needed a trash can because she was going to throw up. Her (very embarrassed) ex-husband removed her and took her to the hospital. The atmosphere did not improve after she left, it was already too ruined to repair and everyone was baffled.


94. Baskets and bouquets

I once went to a wedding where the bride was a huge basketball fan. Totally normal right? Except the couple thought it would be a good idea to place a child-sized hoop by the stage and claimed that, “For every slam dunk on the hoop, they would kiss.”

There were many kids at this wedding and what little kid isn’t going to do anything but slam dunk on a hoop? Needless to say, there was a lot of awkward kissing before the basketball hoop was removed. Not only that, but when they got rid of it, several kids threw a tantrum.


95. A wedding or a pep rally?

At the cringiest wedding I’ve ever been to, the whole wedding party entered the reception doing a song and dance routine to Don’t Stop Believing down a long staircase. The wedding was between a popular Greek (fraternity dude/sorority girl) couple from my university.

Unsurprisingly, the whole wedding was themed around their university life, which is already pretty cringe. Our school’s basketball team made it to the final four that year, so for the garter toss they had the mascot come out, put the garter on a basketball signed by the team.

The mascot threw the basketball into a crowd of dudes who fought over the basketball long after the garter fell off of it. It wasn’t directly done by the bride and groom, but you know they planned that s**t. All of the not-involved guests were horrified.


96. Halloween horrors

I was at the wedding of a friend who was supposed to get married at a small chapel in the middle of a cemetery on Halloween. It gets worse. They were told by the caretakers that they wouldn’t be allowed to do anything inappropriate or disrespectful to which they agreed.

it could have been fine if they kept things tasteful, but they didn’t. The groom failed to tell them that instead of walking down the aisle with his groomsmen like a normal person, he wanted to be carried down in a coffin, lined with red plush velvet like Dracula.

Someone from the cemetery saw him being carried into the church in the coffin during the rehearsal, and they refused to allow them to get married there unless they left that bit out. So he had to awkwardly clamber out of the coffin and go from the beginning again.


97. A very lonely wedding

My husband and I went to a wedding for one of his coworkers who he was not close to, as in I had never even heard of the dude before we got an invitation to their wedding. When we got there, it was the smallest wedding I’ve ever been to—I’m talking 20 guests in a venue for at least 100.

Keep in mind if this was a small wedding for closest friends and family members, that would have been fine—we just weren’t close to him at all. Like, I had NEVER met him. So it wasn’t that they wanted to keep it intimate, it was that they didn’t have anyone else to invite.

The groom had a massive great Dane come out as his best man and I guess it would’ve been cute if he had any other people in the wedding but he didn’t. It was clear that that really was his “best man/friend”, and it mostly just came off as pretty sad and lonely.

OH and the bride wore tennis shoes and showed them off as she walked down the aisle and they had some joke about her wanting to run. I felt awkward the whole night, it was my least favourite wedding that I’ve ever been to and I’m glad I’m not in touch with the guy.


98. Grandpa tried his best

This isn’t necessarily something we planned on happening to be cringy, but it ended up being awkward as f**k. At my wedding, we had asked my grandpa to marry us and he had agreed. We were super excited to have him do the ceremony as we both love him lots.

Well, we went through the entire ceremony without any issues until he decided to announce us as man and wife and have us kiss in front of about 350 people…. without asking us to do the vows or swap rings. So he basically forgot the most important part.

We had to go back and then say our vows and announce us again as husband and wife. It was so awkward because you could hear the chatter in the room that he had messed up, but I still love my gramps lol. Thankfully it is one of those stories that we look back at with fondness.

99. A barn celebration

The most memorable was a redneck wedding where the bride smoked a cigarette DOWN THE AISLE and the groom wore a gold plated glock 19 which he shot as part of his vows. All the other guests seemed to be into it, but I definitely wasn’t, and I almost laughed out loud.

The entire wedding party also smoked cigarettes throughout the whole ceremony, and the whole church was full of smoke and hard to breathe in. Not very pleasant. My suit stank up my hotel room and the smell didn’t go away until I had it professionally dry cleaned.

The brides’ 15-year-old sister proceeded to get drunk (at the encouragement of her mother) during the reception and had to be carried out of the venue.. which was, as cliché as we southerners can be sometimes – a barn. Given how many people were smoking in the barn, the whole ceremony felt like a serious fire hazard. Yikes.


100. Kid chaos

Last year a family friend was getting married. He really wanted kids so he told the people that he invited to bring their own kids. The venue was nice, food was decent but OH. MY. GOD. THE. KIDS. Most people have child-free weddings for a reason, it was a nightmare.

I was old enough to not be a nuisance but there were toddlers bawling their eyes out the whole wedding. But that wasn’t the worst. They had motherfreaking BABY SHARK for the dance. It was horrible, cringe and all around a bad time for everyone, including the kids.