Needless to say, if you have’t seen the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones yet, stop reading now! Here’s your last warning. Still here?

Ok, so love it or hate it, that was one hell of an episode. We began with our Master of Whisperers, Lord Varys, writing to tell the Lords of Westeros that Jon is really Aegon Targaryen, and that people should throw their weight behind him.

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We learn that he is attempting to poison Daenerys, but she isn’t eating. Tyrion, loyal to Dany, grasses him up and Varys quickly meets a grizzly end through death-by-dragon.

RIP Varys, he only wanted what was best for the realm.

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So with Daenerys now seemingly unopposed, they plan the assault on Kings Landing. They are to attack the city up until the point they hear the bells chiming, which will indicate the capital’s surrender.

Jaime, having been captured on his way down South, is tasked by Tyrion to get Cersei out of the city alive and has arranged a boat for them so they can sail away to Pentos to live happily ever after.

So off Jaime goes and the battle for Kings Landing commences.

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Dany, riding Drogon, soon makes quick work of the Iron fleet and all of those nasty Scorpions that killed Rhaegal so easily last episode.

She takes out all of the city’s defences and then moves on to wiping out most of the Golden Company. With the gates breached the Northern, Dothraki and Unsullied forces flood into the city where the Lannister soldiers quickly surrender.

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Also we forgot to mention that Arya and the Hound have entered the city with Arya intent on killing Cersei.

So the bells ring out, the city has surrendered and Dany sits atop Drogon having won with little bloodshed.

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But obviously Missandei’s last word was ringing loud and clear, drowning out any sound of bells…”Dracarys.”

She starts raining fire down on the entire city, not caring who gets in the way of her wrath.

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And there are many people in the way…Arya and the Hound being two of them.

With the city literally crumbling around them, the Hound tells Arya to stop her need for vengeance and forget killing Cersei. He tells her to get out of there and live.

Arya takes his advice whilst Sandor goes to finish off what he’s been meaning to do for years…his brother.

With the city fallen, Cersei finally begins to make her escape to safety, along with The Mountain and Qyburn.

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Cue the Hound and cue Cleganebowl, something the fans have been waiting for since forever.

Some of the best reactions are for when Cersei just tiptoes by them out of the way as though nothing was happening.

Clegagnebowl ends in a tie, with Sandor throwing himself and his brother through the wall and into a sea of fire. RIP The Hound, you were a good man.

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Meanwhile everyone begins to realise that Dany has lost her shit.

Jaime encounters Euron on his way to rescue Cersei.

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They fight, Jaime kills Euron and Euron gravely injured Jaime. Meh.

Jaime eventually reaches Cersei, they flee underground and towards their escape route, only to find it blocked. What a shame.

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hey confess their love for each other, Cersei admits she doesn’t want to die but too late, the entirety of the Red Keep comes crashing down on their heads. So much for the Valonqar prophecy.

Arya attempts to save a bunch of people from the hell-storm, but too busy dodging falling buildings, they all burn to death.

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After having survived multiple times, she stumbles upon a white horse (in what is quite frankly a beautiful scene) and gets herself out of there.

And thus concludes the penultimate episode.

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Next time on Game of Thrones…idk, probably Dany is killed or something. Jon ends up on the throne? What’s it matter anymore?