Spooky Real-Life Experiences Nobody Can Explain

Have you ever experienced something so skin-crawlingly strange, it seemed there was no rational explanation for it? Whether it’s just a trick of the mind, such moments can leave us wondering if supernatural or other-worldly elements really are toying with us. From apparitions to suspected alien sightings, we’re stepping into the twilight zone and exploring the creepiest possible paranormal encounters, as experienced by Redditors.

1. Ghost of a Christmas past

We were visiting my in-laws around Christmas and we were chatting in their den, having some drinks and catching up…

All of a sudden their Christmas tree begins to violently shake. Like someone grabbed the trunk and was shaking dust off of it. A few ornaments fell to the ground and then it stopped. It shook for a good 10 seconds.

The thing is, we were the only 4 in the house, the dogs were sleeping on the couch with us, the tree had been up for at least a week so no woodland creatures hiding in it and nothing else in the house shook. No glass clinking, no other rumbling sounds, just the tree.


2. Sense of dread

Home alone, I hear my brother’s voice in the attic calling my name, I go check it out, find the source, it’s a malfunctioning Yak-Bak in a box (he obviously recorded years ago, claims not to remember), the light in the attic pops and goes out, almost break my leg getting out of there.

I sat in the driveway til my parents got home.

I don’t consider it paranormal — and all rational explanations, but I felt a deep sense of dread up there, like I was about to be harmed.


3. Disappearing car

20 years old, taking my girlfriend home late one night on small country roads. I go to take a left turn then suddenly there are bright headlights coming through the passengers window.

She screams, I scream, we are about to be killed….and nothing happens. We don’t get hit, the car just vanishes. She is hyperventilating and crying, I’m scared as hell, confused, and adrenaline is racing.

We start up the road and suddenly there are intense headlights behind us, they fly up behind us easily going 50 mph faster than us. We braced to get rear ended….and nothing.


4. Strange orb

A buddy and I saw, as clear as possibly could be, a white orb appear out of the air, slowly float up through the trees, and disappear.

I can explain the entire thing in detail if anyone is interested. I’m not a superstitious or religious person, but I’ve never heard a good scientific explanation. Ball lighting might be the best possible explanation.


5. Another era

About 2 or 3 in the morning I woke up to that low guttural growl dogs have that instantly makes your hair stand up. Both of our pet dogs are growling nonstop so I roll over and halfway open my eyes and see these two little kids in what look like vintage baseball uniforms.

I’m talking like turn of the century Victorian-age type. There was nothing inherently scary about how they appeared but the feeling of dread was almost indescribable.


6. Something evil

I swear there was something evil in my grandparents’ house, the house that I grew up in. I often had sleep paralysis as a teen but in that house it was always guaranteed that I would have SP and see the classic “shadow man in a black hat” just standing and staring at me.

Weird stuff would happen like a heavy coffee table moving all by itself but the worst was just the feeling of intense… evil.


7. Musical mischief

We had a two story house as a kid: me, my mom, stepdad, stepsister. Every once in a while you would hear plates in the cabinets rattle a little bit, almost like something tried to pick up the top one and put it back down…

[One time] all of our Christmas music boxes (about five of them) that my mom sets out for Christmas decorations go off in the middle of the night. The ones where you have to wind them up from the bottom to play music.


8. Creature in the cupboard

It was pretty late at night and I went downstairs to grab water, I heard some sort of breathing so i turned around and legit saw nothing. I followed where the breathing was coming from and it was from inside a cupboard which scared the life out of me.

I opened the cupboard and I kid you not, I saw this thing crouching there so I closed the cupboard and ran like anybody else would. The next morning there was nothing there, it was empty.


9. Memorable figure

The house I grew up in, which my parents still own, was always very creepy. One night I was standing in my room and I looked next to me. There was a little girl wearing a white night gown and she had blonde hair.

… I told this story to a girl who lived next to me at a campfire one night and before I described the girl she came out and said… “was she blonde with a white night gown?” She told me that she had also seen her at her house one night.


10. Vanishing woman

When I was on patrol, I responded to a disturbance call at an apartment building with my then partner. We walk in to see an elderly woman with her back to us, leans her head back and screams, then proceeds to walk into a wall and disappear!

It looked as real as anything, I looked at my partner and he was white as a ghost lol, never spoke of it with him or anybody till now.


11. A tapping sensation

I fell asleep in a hospital waiting room and I was waking up with my eyes closed, when I felt someone tapping on my head.

It felt to me like fingers playing a piano. But then I opened my eyes – and there was nobody there.


12. Discovered

It was morning and I was laying in bed still, my eyes were closed but I was very much awake, just didn’t want to get up yet you know? I then heard a female voice say:

“Oh, there she is!” (brief pause, then a quiet gasp)

That made my eyes open quite quickly and I looked to my door to see if my mom had come into my room or something, but no one was in the room…

The voice also gasped immediately after I had focused on it and was about to open my eyes. So I suppose they hadn’t meant for me to hear them…


13. Strangers’ house

One of my friends’ girlfriends growing up had a really cool house. She lived basically in a mother in laws’ suite with her parents in high school so it was nice to hang there because we could be as loud as we wanted. One night I went upstairs pretty late to go grab a snack and saw her mom at the top of the stairs to their room.

I apologized and felt really bad because I didn’t mean to wake her mom up. I went back downstairs and told my friend I hope her mom doesn’t yell at her and she was very frank on the fact that her parents were out of town and that I must have seen a ghost.


14. The little boy

I used to live in a mobile home trailer park growing up… When I was about maybe 6-8 years old, if I stayed awake after my dad went to sleep and stared at the doorway I would start to be able to make out a hand stretching from beyond the doorway in the hall, from the right side of the door to the left.

The longer I looked the more of the hand would appear until eventually over the course of a few minutes I could see a a red and white striped shirt/sweater sleeve. If I continued to stare, after a longer period, the body of a boy would appear in the doorway…

About 15-20 years later, my dad and I were talking about his best friend that had lived next door, but sadly just passed away. We started talking about our trailer and the older lady that had moved in after us. My dad said something like “funny enough, [Dad’s friend] told me a few years ago that that woman used to see a little boy in a red and white shirt, like a ghost or something.”


15. Whisper on tape

Some friends and I were counsellors at a music camp in Northern California, and we always stayed in this super old dorm that was a hospital at one point. My friend Nate was into those ghost hunting shows and we used to do this thing in the dorm late at night called an EVP session (Basically you do an AMA with spirits, and try to get them to answer questions while recording it hoping you pick up some paranormal audio)…

Well one night we start doing the session and we start hearing some bumps and sounds in relation to the questions we asked… Then one of us asks “what is your name?”

A few moments go by and we hear Nate ask “that was a joke right?” He had his headphones hooked into his recorder, and we sat watching him puzzled, because he had this look on his face. He heard something we didn’t.

After some discussion we play back the audio through the speakers on the recorder so everyone can hear.

“What is your name?” We hear our friend ask. We hear in a whisper but clear as a bell something we didn’t hear before:

”I’m Timothy.”


16. Tragic vision

My grandmother standing at the end of my bed the night before she died. It was real, I saw her with my own eyes.

She did not live with us. We found out the next morning she had passed away.


17. Spot-on

Couple months ago I was exiting a Home Depot parking lot and saw a big truck coming in, I immediately knew what was going to happen and said out loud “driver has a blue hat and will honk the trucks horn twice while turning“ as a way to actually believe myself if it did happen.

Well guess what? I couldn’t see the driver until the truck cleared the entrance but when he did, I saw that he had a blue hat and did honk the horn twice as he was turning right beside me.

Felt like an idiot for the whole day for saying out loud what I thought it was gonna happen, but felt weirder when it did really happen.


18. The worst mood

One day I was in the blackest mood I’ve ever been in… I was lying in bed and I didn’t want to move and I didn’t want to think and I didn’t want to do anything.

I was finally tired enough to sleep, but there was a lamp on across the room and the light was shining directly in my face. I glared at it and for a fleeting moment it represented all I hated in the world and I just wanted it off without me having to actually move… and in that instant the bulb blew.

It actually shocked me out of my funk a little bit. I casually mumbled, “I’m a witch, burn me.” And then went to sleep.


19. Haunted hotel

I worked in an extremely haunted hotel. I once saw half a Conquistador, chest up apparition inside a room.

Another time I saw a mountain lion on a sandstone rock inside a room. I also saw a hanging figure open his eyes hanging from a noose, looking at me.


20. Spooky theatre

I was performing in a musical at our local theatre… I was waiting backstage, about to go on for one of my scenes. Suddenly I hear a woman scream, coming from the large elevator used to carry equipment and set pieces up to the stage (which goes directly to the basement).

It’s about 30 ft away, and sounds almost melodramatic, like from a movie. I don’t know how to describe it other than detached or disembodied, just kind of floated in the still air of the old theatre. Like you could tell it didn’t have a body.

But I know the show, no one screams at that point on stage, and the rest of the theatre is purposely kept quiet so as not to interrupt the show.


21. Background chatter

Woke up one morning and heard a full conversation going on downstairs. It wasn’t uncommon for the neighbours to be over and talking to my mom that early so I thought nothing of it and went to the kitchen for a drink.

Walked past my mom‘s room and noticed she was sound asleep and there was no one in the front of the house. Didn’t see anything but I was genuinely freaked.


22. Undead visitor

I had a weird experience as a young kid when I was about four to six years old… I’m not sure how old our home was but right beside it was a fort from the French and Indian war that’s a big deal in our town.

Well late one night I woke up and wasn’t sure if it was a dream or what but a weird Canadian Mountie looking figure looked down at me and put a finger to his lips almost like he was trying to keep me quiet. I ran to my parents’ bedroom after that and slept with them for the night.

Only as I got older I realized it was actually a soldier’s usual uniform from the era and not a Mountie.


23. Faceless man

When I was like five years old I was laying in the corridor of my house when I saw a man appear, I didn’t recognize him and he wasn’t my dad. I don’t think he had a face and when he appeared the corridor went dark.

He started walking towards me so I closed my eyes, when I reopened my eyes he was gone. I don’t know who he was.


24. The ghostly car

There is a haunted road near where I live. Numerous people have seen the ghost car. The first time I saw it I was driving and my mom was dosing off in the passenger seat.

I see a cloud of dust and a large, old, black car speeding out of a road on my right. I just know he is going to exit that road at the same time I am passing by that road. We are going to collide. So I slam on the breaks. Don’t even look in the rearview mirror first I just lock it up. We come to an abrupt halt, mom comes awake. The car is gone. No dust cloud coming from the road on my right, no black car.


25. Horrific sight

3am pee time, I didn’t turn on any lights, did my business, open door to leave bathroom, huge long-haired, scraggly bearded guy covered in blood and gore is standing inches from me.

I could kind of see through him, so I knew he wasn’t “real”. I walked as fast as I could, right through him, without looking back, closed bedroom door, pulled covers overhead, turned on bedside lamps and Netflix, and pretended it didn’t happen.

3pm that same day, I was watching some horror movie, the murderer makes his first appearance on screen, guess who it is?! Guy from 3am pee! Wtf?! I cant remember the movie’s name.


26. Snow signals

I’ve worked Emergency Medical Services and have had creepy stuff happen, like snow starts falling immediately after someone dies. If your partner doesn’t feel like talking about it – that’s it.

You don’t have to blab about some supernatural correlations to somebody you barely know, just shut up and get back to work is usually the attitude.


27. Creepy voice

I bought one of those Christmas themed microphones… you hold down the button you can talk into it and when it plays back the pitch is all high and your voice sounds like a chipmunk.

Anyways I’m playing with it one day a few months ago with my daughter (6mo at the time). She’s not paying attention so I’m talking into the microphone and trying to get her to look over at me. Well I go to play it back, and instead of stopping at the end of the recording, the ambient white noise like shifted slightly and I SWEAR TO GODDDD something started to speak.

Only clear word I got WAS MY NAME. And like I said, it’s supposed to alter your pitch higher and this voice was DEEP. I freaked out, threw it away outside and called my boyfriend, asked him to come home early that day. Not … exactly…. Paranormal, but it was awful…


28. Demonic possession

I had a nightmare once. I was at my grandma’s, someone I am very close to. I was sitting on the floor in front of her, as she was sitting on the couch.

I started to sing Jesus Loves Me and all of sudden she grabbed onto my shoulder with a really strong grip. Then in this deep, demonic voice she said “who do you think you are? Don’t you know who I am?” I woke up with my heart pounding. When I tell you I feel something in my room, I’m not exaggerating at all. It felt as if it was in the corner watching me. I told it to get out. I’ve never been more scared.


29. From the heavens

Last summer, I once prayed off-hand for a bottle of vodka while walking my uncle’s dog one day, while preparing for an emotional response to the then-incoming death of my grandmother, and one literally fell from the sky into a bush on my right-hand-side a few seconds later, intact and unopened.

I walked around the block once again to make sure what had just happened had actually happened, then picked it up, opened it, drank it, and did seven more laps while thinking of rational explanations as to where it had come from. There was nowhere obvious it could have come from.


30. Canine senses

A few years ago when I was in high school, I was getting ready to go to sleep one night, and noticed my dog was acting really nervous. He’s half chihuahua, so I mean I guess that’s normal. But like this wasn’t his normal nervous, he looked genuinely terrified.

He kept staring at a corner in my room. I kept asking him to stop because I was terrified. he stared and was on edge for quite a while. I tried to avoid looking at the corner, but I felt super uneasy. It was the corner right next to my door, so 15-16 year old me was too scared to get up and leave my room.

Every time he stares now, I get hella nervous lol.


31. Shower visitor

I was taking a shower while my family was out. I had talked to my sister a few minutes before and she’d said she was on her way home so we could go pick up food.

I was notorious in my house for taking long showers, so when I heard someone knocking on the bathroom door halfway through my shower, I assumed my sister had gotten home and was telling me to hurry up.

I finished my shower, got dressed and walked into the living room calling to her, but she wasn’t there. Called her to see where she’d gone and she said she was almost home. No one was home but someone had definitely knocked on the bathroom door.


32. Remote graveyard

I do deep forest, as far from civilization as possible, camping and one experience creeped me out. It’s the middle of the night, 2 am roughly, I’m traveling through a forest a couple of miles from civilization because I got a call on my sat phone saying I needed to get home immediately. I stumble upon an old graveyard. The latest tombstone I could read by my flashlight was 1831…

Just as I’m about to pass the last tombstone I can see I hear a little girl giggle right in my ear. Now I think I’m going crazy because stuff like this doesn’t happen in the real world, only in horror movies.

Suddenly a rock hits my back. Not a pebble but an avocado sized rock. I know I’m not crazy and I just book it out of there as fast as possible. I refuse to re-enter that forest to this day.


33. Premonitions

What will happen is I have a dream and I will only remember a little part for just a couple of minutes after I wake up then it is gone forever. But then later, certain events or I am sitting somewhere at I relive that part of my dream. It has happened a lot recently.

I try to explain it to people and they all say, “oh yeah, I understand” not one of them feel sincere. I think they might just be being nice. It kind of scares me.


34. Quaking cupboard

When I was little, my closet would shake. Literally, physically shake. Whenever I called my parents in, it would stop. When they left, it would start again.

I remember it being more annoying than anything else, but looking back on it now, it was actually pretty creepy.


35. Poltergeist?

I was visiting a friend one weekend and got a call from my sister asking if I left lights on in the house when I left. I didn’t think I had but told her it was possible. The next day she’s down in the basement and hears what she thought was someone walking upstairs. She understandably freaks out, but nothing happens.

Next day I come home and while sleeping I hear all sorts of noises in my room, which culminates with two nights of something pushing on my pillow and feeling a weight sit down on my bed. Also heard an audible female sigh, and my sister felt someone rubbing her back.


36. Nobody there

Got home late one night and opened the door to my mother standing in the entry room with all the lights in the apartment on. She was startled and said ‘Hey Anon’.

I looked down to take off my shoes and when I looked up all the lights were off I was actually in pitch black and my mother was sleeping in her bed in the other room.

That is the most ‘paranormal’ experience I have ever had.


37. Haunted house

I was getting ready for work one day and was in the bathroom when I had the distinct feeling that someone was watching me. The bathroom door was cracked but no one else was home at the time.

The feeling became a little overwhelming, so I pulled open the door quickly and a large, text book flew off the bookshelf. I was so shocked that I actually instinctively apologized out loud and left for work early.

It was one of those history text books that was so big it didn’t fit on the shelf standing up, so it was laying flat on its cover. It was about two feet from the bookshelf when it landed, like it was propelled and didn’t just fall off. I left it there and didn’t pick it up until I got home from work.

A lot of weird things like that happened at that house. The faucets would turn on by themselves, full blast, sometimes when you were in the room. I would hear knocking on my door at night or someone walking around when no one else was home. Open doors that were absolutely shut and locked. Shadow figures. The book incident was the most intense though.


38. On the inside

I get home with a friend at around 3 in the morning after a concert, while chatting I go to put the key in the keyhole without touching the knob below (round apt doorknob). As I turn the key, the door-knob starts to move like someone from the inside is turning it while still locked. we stop talking immediately, he looks at me with a WTF? look.

So I hurry and unlock, we check the whole place everything was normal except the blinds in front of our kitchen patio door were slowly swinging like someone just left abruptly, I go to check and the patio door is unlocked…. so maybe not paranormal but certainly not normal neither. Needless to say we didn’t sleep a second that night. I’ll never forget that one.


39. Being watched

You know when you’re sleeping and someone is staring at you, you can feel it and wake up? I got that feeling and open my eyes and see a man staring at me leaning over my bed. Scared the hell out of me.

He’s come to visit a few times, but he never got as close as that time.

I dropped a bottle of small skin serum bottle in the bathroom and heard it bounce on the tile and couldn’t find it. 2 days later it was placed back in the cabinet. I live alone and had no visitors during that time, so no one placed it back in the cabinet.


40. Disembodied

It happened about 5 years ago when I was like 11… I was just merrily watching YouTube and packing my bag at night for school the next day. Heard a knock on my window and dumbass me thought it was a good idea to look at what it was.

I didn’t see much but I’m easily scared by many things so I freaked out a lot. What I saw was a really skinny finger with a long nail, at least 15cm (6inches) long. My eyes widened and I froze and so I just looked down, closed my eyes, covered my ears and yelled for my dad.

I used to read horror stories and thought that people were so dumb to just freeze and not run away when they get scared but I realised why at that moment when it happened to me. My dad was drunk and asleep in the living room so I had to stand in fear calling for him for like a minute straight and throughout I could hear the knocking on my window getting louder and louder.

Fortunately my dad finally woke up and came into my room. Couldn’t sleep alone that night. I still sleep in the same room today and sometimes I get chills thinking about it when I’m about to sleep.


41. Midnight encounter

It was midnight. My mum had gone to sleep and dad was at work. The corridor was dark and I couldn’t turn on the light cuz I couldn’t see where the switch was.

As I felt my way to my room, I felt something. It felt like a hand. Bigger than mine. I immediately withdrew my hand and suddenly, a bunch of the utensils in the kitchen sink clattered BY THEMSELVES. It scared the hell outta me.


42. Strange whisper

I was asleep one night, and I heard a voice whisper in my ear, the voice sounded like my friend Jennifer, and it said, “Sarah had her baby.”

Sarah was a good friend of Jennifer’s but just an acquaintance of mine. I was aware she was pregnant but had no idea how far along. We didn’t follow each other on any social media either. As soon as I woke up, I texted Jennifer and told her that I heard her voice whisper in my mind that night that Sarah had the baby.

Jennifer ends up texting back that after she got my text, she reached out to Sarah. Sarah then confirmed with her that she did have the baby. Jennifer said that when she read my text, she had no idea that Sarah had the baby, and I was the first to tell her.


43. Something shiny

I was in my town’s summer party (Festa Major), with like 10 friends and other 100 people, drinking and dancing at 2:00 am. Then, suddenly, I look to the sky and there is it, a cloud/swarm of something shiny, and made of small parts, like big confetti, passing by, at a 4-5 story height.

Everyone saw it, no one knows what it was, but it was there. You could say that we were drunk, yes. That’s when I say I saw this thing from my house’s balcony a couple of years after, more or less same hour, not drunk.


44. Striking dream

I had reoccurring dreams about lightning one week. Then I saw a lightning strike about 40 feet away.

It was the closest I’ve ever come to lightning.


45. Life of its own

The first night I spent in my current home, I heard the sound of what a PC mouse does when you scroll, and I looked at the monitor and it was scrolling through a Google tab I had left open, but I could see how that little wheel (idk the proper name) was moving on the mouse! It’s not very scary but the most unexplainable and clear paranormal experience I’ve had.

That and the time I heard my guitar strings and I looked at them and they were vibrating as if someone had run their fingers through them. That happened soon after the pc experience. I have many of those first few months I spend in this house.


46. Can’t sleep

I had an experience on vacation in Turkey once where I heard a voice on the other side of our empty bedroom as I was attempting to fall asleep. Sounded like Turkish words but as a tourist, I wasn’t quite sure.

Sure as hell couldn’t sleep after that so I went on up to the resorts bar where the bartender was finishing up and struck up a conversation with him. Without offering him any kind of explanation I repeated the sounds to him asking him if it meant anything. He proceeded to tell me it sounded a lot like something along the lines of: “get the hell out.”


47. Radio signal

My husband and I had the “hang out house” of the cul-de-sac. Everyone hung out in our garage. We had a friend “Tony” who would stop by after work, take a nap on my couch, and then hang out every night playing pool or just chatting before going home.

Sadly, he was killed in a vehicle accident. For nearly a year after that, we would wake up to the stereo in the garage turning on and playing the jazz radio station.

Tony was the only one who liked jazz – and our garage radio was never tuned to that station. Even if it was turning on due to some strange power surge, it would have turned on to the station we kept it set to, not the jazz station!


48. New Year’s shock

Me and my family were celebrating New Year’s and we were laughing having a good time and we heard this faint knock on the back door. Confused, we turned around to see if anything was back there and didn’t see anything.

10 seconds later we hear a loud knock on the backdoor and me and dad immediately get up to go check. Turned on the back light and don’t see a thing. Go outside and we don’t see anything at all. My parents live pretty remotely and we just looked at each other like what the heck.

Theories are that it may have been my grandfather knocking on the door to wish us a happy new year (he had passed 3 months before). I have no idea what that was, it was so distinct and nothing but open air as I sat back there.


49. A tickle

When I was about 7 years old I was sleeping in the same bed next to my 5-year-old sister after a long day playing on a hot summer day. I always slept with my arms above my head. That night I awoke to someone tickling my ribcage. I immediately looked at my sister to blame, but she was in a deep sleep.

I was so scared I pulled the sheet over my head and a small, child-sized hand pressed against the sheet and pulled away. I’ve never slept with my arms above my head since, and to this day, I’m terrified of someone tickling me. I’m now 40 years old.


50. Cursed doll

[There was] an Island Princess Barbie doll I owned once… the paranormal experience I had was when the doll was singing. It had a button disguised as a gem on a necklace it wore and if it was pressed, it would sing.

I listened to it sing, drawn to its voice, when I was startled to hear the voice abruptly distort and cut out for a moment and then sing a different song that I didn’t recognize. I don’t even know if the song existed.

And yeah, the doll vanished about a year later.