Take A Look At The Stars Of ‘Harry Potter’ Then And Now!

This was a fantastic tale of magic that took us the journey of a lifetime with several movies back to back.  So much so that we practically saw the characters grow up on these films!  Even so, we all absolutely loved them!

Also, many kids were already loving this tale even before the movies came out because they were already involved in reading the books.  However, the movie definitely catapulted this story into stardom, including everyone who played in it. What started off as a new film for them, turned into a lifetime of recognition for their participation in it. It has been a long time since we have seen them all grown up so take a look at these members of the Harry Potter cast now.

1. Dean Thomas – Alfred Enoch.

After this film, he appeared in several plays and now has gone on to play in the TV drama ‘How To Get Away with Murder’.

2. Fleur Delacour – Clemence Poesy.

She started off as a stage actress as a child and after ‘Harry Potter’ she went on to play in films such as ‘In Bruges’ ‘127 Hours’ and ‘War and Peace’.

3. Afshan Azad – Padma Patil.

This Indian actress is now really popular on social media posting surprising pictures.

4. Neville Long bottom – Matthew Lewis .

He is now playing a role on TV in the show ‘Bluestone 42’.

5. Draco Malfoy – Tom Felton.

He went on to play in the movie ‘Rise Of The Planet Of Apes’.

6. Ginny Weasley – Bonnie Write.

She went on to do some acting but is now directing movies.

7. Harry Potter – Daniel Radcliffe.

This adorable kid grew up to be in many movies and no one can seem to get enough!

8. Hermione Granger – Emma Watson.

This movie helped make her a star as well and she has been in many movies since!