Visiting an Argos store was hardly one of the greatest thrills of our childhood, but browsing through an Argos catalogue? Now that was good fun. Whether it was to compile a Christmas or Birthday wish-list, or simply just for fun, you simply could not beat flicking through the pages and salivating over the latest toys, games and gadgets.

So in an attempt to transport you right back to your youth, today we present pages from an Argos catalogue that was released all the way back in 1987!

We really hope that seeing these pages gives you that same lovely feeling of nostalgia that it did us.

In fact, even one glance at an Argos catalogue cover from the mid to late 1980s instantly gets our pulses racing, and has us exclaiming “I remember that one!”

Whilst it was the toys, games and gadgets that we most liked looking at back in the 1980s, and even now if we’re being honest, we do also remember having a quick look at the various household items contained within.

A particular favourite of ours was the various bedspreads, especially if they came adorned with our favourite animated characters from ThunderCats or The Care Bears.

Then there were the awesome clocks and watches, and whilst we would never have dreamed of asking our parents to buy us such an expensive item, we still lusted after them, thinking that one day we would perhaps be able to own one ourselves.

If we’re honest we didn’t bother much with the pages of furniture, although those awesome beds that housed a desk underneath did look rather cool.

No, as we’ve already mentioned twice, it was the toys, games and gadgets that were our focus, and we suspect that you were exactly the same.

So it’s only fair that we spend the rest of this article concentrating on the best that 1987’s Argos catalogue had to offer!

We begin with some cute and cuddly toys aimed at girls, and we’re sure that many of you owned at least one of these items.

Containing Pound Puppies, Wuzzles and Popples, this page is chock full of some wonderful 80s cuddly toy nostalgia!

The boys will appreciate this page, featuring Action Force (remember them?) as well as the legendary ThunderCats.

Who remembers owning any of the more obscure ThunderCats toys listed on this page?

We remember the plastic Keyper toys like it was yesterday, but who owned one of the soft and cuddly ones listed on this page?

There is also a good selection of My Little Pony toys, including their rather gorgeous ‘Paradise Estate’.

Centurions were amazing, but we all know that Ace McCloud was by far the best character.

And who knew that you could purchase action figures based on the popular BraveStarr cartoon? We for one had absolutely no idea!

And we conclude by bringing you pages dedicated to some of the greatest board games and electronic devices that 1987 had to offer.

From Buckaroo to Ker-plunk, and from the Nintendo Home Entertainment System to Speak & Read, we’re sure that at least one or two of these items found their way into your childhood home.

Sadly, that’s all we have time for today. We really hope that this browse through a 1987 Argos catalogue has been enjoyable, as well as bringing back some lovely warm memories from your childhood!

We’d love to hear from you, so please do post a comment letting us know your memories of browsing an Argos (or Index) catalogue as a kid, as well us bragging (or complaining) about the amount of toys, games and gadgets contained within that you personally owned!