Sylvester Stallone posted a few emotional Tweets about his training partner in “Rocky” and “best friend” in real life. Do you remember the bull mastiff named Butkus? Stallone had a strong bond with the old friend and we had to grab a box of tissue for this one.

Here is Stallone when he was only 26-years-old with Butkus.

Stallone talked about how he remembers when he lived in New York City and was broke. In his own words saying “flophouse” with “hot and cold running roaches.”

Stallone said, “I relied on him for his companionship.”

Truly man’s best friend!

Butkus did such a great job in the first Rocky (1976) that he made a return for Rocky II before dying in 1981.

They trained together.

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This was really good times!

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Watch them here in this video: