This Is Why You Need To Swap Your iPhone For A Nokia 3310 Right Now!

Those of us who depend upon our smart phones might be missing out on something of more value in this world and that is – LIFE! That is exactly what happened to Rich Cooper who traded in his iPhone, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it, for a Nokia 3310 for one week! He did this because he realized that he often wished that he wasn’t so hooked up with world because there was never a moment of peace for him. Even the apps gave his phone a ping ever hour and he, like everyone else, assumed that he would be nothing without these instant notifications to spur on his life.

So, he challenged himself to ditch the iPhone for a Nokia 3310.

This way, at least he won’t be completely ‘out of touch’ because, like many of us, he ditched his landline telephone a long time ago. Now, he is prepared to get by with just the basics of being in touch and in the beginning, he admitted that he was nervous. Apparently, the realization of all that he was abandoning gave him a moment of pause. However, his first moment of bliss with this experiment, according to him, was when he woke up that first morning to nothing. No emails, no Twitter, no Facebook, no Newsfeeds. Nothing. Just a quiet morning without having to stare at the tiny screen for fulfillment.

Not even a text.

Except from his dad!

One thing that he did get a nostalgic kick out of was playing ‘Snake II’.

The button pushing involved in this old game is easy to do on the Nokia phone.

He also found that the battery life was infinite! According to him, you can get more than a day’s use out of a single charge. Also, the body construction is nearly indestructible! These days, we drop our phones from our lap to the floor and the screen breaks. Well, these cell phones were built to last with the joke being, ‘I dropped my 3310 on the floor and the floor broke!”

So, after his week long adventure with his Nokia, he went back to the iPhone and vowed to delete all of the apps to begin with and then see what else might follow. Would you try this experiment?