Shocking Secrets About Area 51 Finally Revealed


Fox Mulder had spoken wise words when he said that the truth is out there. There have been many cover-ups in the history of mankind and this has resulted in a lot of people asking the right questions but getting no answer in return. One such topic of controversy is Area 51 and for true believers, it is a military base with experimental weaponry and alien bodies. For the rest, it is merely a stretch of desert in the middle of Nevada that the government has restricted access to. For years, people have been trying to solve the mystery behind Area 51 and yet, not one of them has succeeded. We, on the other hand, have collected some useful information about the base that will provide you with an insight as to what is actually there.

What Is Area 51?

In 1995, this area was chosen as a site to test aircraft, but regardless of that, the government did not acknowledge that Area 51 even existed until 2013. After all those years, the government was forced to tell that this area is really out there, but in their public announcement, they said nothing about aliens.

Where Is It?

If you are on a hunt for little green ones, then Area 51 is the perfect place for you. It is located in the deserts of Nevada, 83 miles from Las Vegas. You can find it just beside a dry lake, known as Groom Lake. Word of advice: DON’T GO TO CLOSE! It is a restricted area and trespassing is strictly forbidden.


Why The Name?

The origin of its name is still unknown. But of course, there are numerous conspiracy theories about it. One of them is pretty simple, and maybe that’s why we are not sure that it is true. Allegedly, the name was derived from a grid reference that existed on an atomic energy commission map.


They Are Not Done Building It

Just like every other secret, this one also doesn’t have boundaries. Area 51 has been growing, and of course, many people believe that is happening because they need more space for alien aircraft. One more time, we don’t know what is actually happening behind closed gates, we can only assume that UFO can actually be found there.

Connection To The Moon Landing

Since the famous 1969, people have been questioning the authenticity of the Moon landing, and some of them even think that the landing was staged at Area 51. So, the Moon is actually much closer than we think. Bill Kaysing, the author, believes NASA faked the landing within the base, brainwashed the astronauts, and above all used lunar meteorites from Antarctica to fake moon rocks.


The Unmatched Commute Experience

It looks that working at Area 51 comes with a lot of privileges. For example, the way you commute is pretty spectacular, allegedly people who have the honor of working here go to their offices by plane. They board the unmarked aircraft at the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, which takes them to and from an undisclosed location.


Sworn To Secrecy

All Area 51 employees are sworn to secrecy, but some of their former coworkers are opening up about their work in this mysterious place. James Noce, Area 51 veteran, claims that one crash of a secret aircraft was seen by a police officer and a vacationing family, who took pictures of the crash. These pictures were confiscated and James told the family and the officer not to mention the crash to anyone.

The Lawsuit

In the 1990s, a lawyer Jonathan Turley was approached by workers from Area 51 who claimed that they were getting sick because of exposure to the site’s hazardous materials. Shockingly, the government refused to declassify information about the toxic material, which meant that workers didn’t know what they had been exposed to, and therefore they couldn’t get appropriate medical care.


The Deadly Security

As you guessed, Area 51 is heavily guarded, which is somehow normal given the intense nature of its secrecy. Don’t you even think that you can trick the system, and go there unnoticed? Also, there is one important thing you should know. The security is authorized to use deadly force on anyone who tries to sneak onto the property.


Camo Dudes

If you are interested to know who has the mighty permission to shoot you when, and if you go to Area 51, we have got an answer. They are called ‘Camo Dudes’ because that’s what they wear when on duty. So, if you see one of them, literally run for your life, and don’t ask any questions! Save yourself!

Nellis Air Force Base

Area 51 is a part of the Nevada Test and Training Range, which is connected with Nellis Air Force Base. The NNTR is the biggest combined air and ground space for military operations in the world. Its size is enormous- it covers a total of 1,2 million hectares and 12,950 square km of restricted space.


What Is The Need For It?

The real purpose of this mysterious place was always questionable. Officially, the NNTR is used to train aircraft crews in combat scenarios and for live munitions training. A few years back this place was also used to develop and test new aircraft and other top-secret military technologies.


Paradise Ranch

As we have already mentioned Area 51 is located in the desert, so living there is not really an option. But, a while back, when construction of this place had begun, the government wanted to convince workers and their families to move to the middle of nowhere and create a place to live. This place was called ‘Paradise Ranch’, true paradise indeed, especially when it’s 100 degrees.

Forced To Question Everything

Because of the secrecy of this place, we are forced to question everything. Therefore, we are never sure whether we have been told lies or the truth. There is a possibility that one alleged UFO was just a nuclear reconnaissance balloon, but the Air Force didn’t want to go public with this information.


Arrested & Fined

If you are an alien fan, and you decide to visit this place here are some things you should know. You can drive up to the front or back gates, and that would be the end of your road. If you decide to go any further, you could get arrested and you could pay up to a $1,000 fine, or go to jail for six months.


Surrounded By Fans

The surroundings of Area 51 have become a real tourist attraction, and we can understand why- believers are everywhere and they would do anything to get close to this holy place. The first stop before the final destination is Rachel, Nevada, a place with a human population of 98. There you can enjoy your meal at the ‘Little A’le’lnn’ restaurant and you can stay at the conspiracy-focused ‘Dreamland Resort’.

The Secret Projects

This one was revealed by accident. Declassified files in 2013 revealed something pretty interesting. The USA secretly tested Soviet MiG fighters during the Cold War during the 1970s and 1980s. These secret projects had some funny names: Have Doughnut, Have Drill, and Have Ferry.


F-117 Nighthawk

That same document had much more important information though and we were glad to finally hear it. They revealed that our favorite area was a testing place for Lockheed A-12 Oxcart and the D-21 Tagboard. But that wasn’t all, F-117 Nighthawk was also tested at Area 51. This craft started operating in 1981, but it was a secret until 1988, and it was used in the Gulf War and during the war in Yugoslavia and Iraq.


Clinton’s Claims

In 2016, while she was running for president, Hillary Clinton said that she would like to reveal more information about Area 51 because people had to know the truth. “If there’s nothing to hide, let’s tell people there’s nothing there.” She also said that her husband Bill Clinton had looked for information about extraterrestrials during his presidency, but he didn’t find anything.

Managed From Afar

One more thing is very weird. Even though Area 51 is located in Nevada, its administrations are not that close. They are located in southern California. Why you may ask, we don’t know. The only thing we can tell you is that these administrations are the staff of Edwards Air Force Base. This probably means nothing to you, but we don’t want to hide anything.


700 Nuclear Tests

Well, this is interesting, and a bit suspicious too. Area 51 shares a border with the Nevada Test Sites’ Yucca Flat Region. If this sounds familiar, then you are on the right track. This place is where more than 700 (SEVEN HUNDRED) nuclear tests were carried out by the United States Department of Energy.


Helping The Hunters

There is definitely a way in, but we cannot guarantee that there’s a way out. As we have already mentioned, the entire area is highly popular, and people are going above and beyond to take a closer look. Nevada decided to ‘help’ hunters, so they named State Route 375, the nearby highway, the ‘Extraterrestrial Highway’.

History Of The Region

The original Area 51 airfield was established during the Second World War in 1951 after the Americans entered the field. At that time this area was known as the Indian Springs Air Force Auxiliary Field. This airfield only had two runways that were each 5,000 feet long and they weren’t paved.


Comfortable Living Quarters

Given that Area 51 is in the middle of the desert, authorities tried to make the workers’ stay here as comfortable as possible. They had trailer homes, which were made for the small crew of workers. Also, they could use a volleyball court and cinema.


No Fencing Anywhere

Maybe you have never noticed this because it is so obvious, but there are no fences or walls around Area 51. Considering everything, this is really strange, don’t you think? We are all very confused with this fun fact, and a bit shocked as well. It seems that saying ‘No Walls, No Barriers’ cannot be applied here.

The Speculations About The Area

Area 51 has always been under a veil of mystery, and that allowed many people to make their own conspiracy theories, and to speculate about what really goes on there. Everyone has an opinion about this place- some think that people who work there somehow control the weather, or that they travel through time, and of course, everyone’s favorite theory is that aliens live there.


In Pop Culture

Area 51 has become one of the favorite topics for filmmakers and plenty of them recorded their vision of this place. Some of the most famous movies about the secret US military base are ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, ‘Independence Day’, ‘Return to Area 51’ and of course ‘Alien Domicile’. They all have a different take on Area 51 and they are definitely worth watching.


The X-Files

We cannot get any further before mentioning one TV show that has changed the way we portray Area 51 and the entire ‘alien culture’. Of course, we are talking about ‘The X-Files’, the legendary TV show that changed the way we see fiction, and opened our minds to believe that maybe there’s really something out there. And that out there most likely maybe Area 51.

In Search For Answers

You might be wondering how Area 51 has become synonymous with little green aliens. One of the reasons dates back to 1947, and the place is Roswell, New Mexico. A rancher discovered strange debris on his land and the official report said that he had found a weather balloon. The only problem was that the thing looked nothing like that. So, he became suspicious.


Project Mogul

The rancher said that the thing looked like something that didn’t come from our world. That led to the famous theory that the debris was a part of a crashed alien spacecraft. Many people believe that story to this day but the truth is that the debris was found as part of a classified program called ‘Project Mogul’.


Bob Lazar

In 1989, one more alien conspiracy came to the surface. Bob Lazar made claims that he had worked at Area 51, had seen aliens, and helped to make an extraterrestrial spacecraft. Yet, his coworkers stated that his claims were false and that no alien was ever there.

U2 Plane Controversy

Another conspiracy dates back to the beginnings of Area 51, the summer of 1955. Many people reported that they had seen unidentified flying objects around the area. Of course, yet again, the government had an answer. They claimed that what people were really seeing was the U2 plane they were testing, and because they were flying very high, they looked like little specks.


Monitored Constantly

Even though there are no walls, cameras watch every single spot of the site, and you can also notice a white pickup truck on the hilltop that watches over the area below. Some people also believe that there are sensors on the road. So, it is the safest if you don’t try to poke around the perimeter.


Hiding The Secret

In 2013, it got confirmation that Area 51 is really out there- as if we didn’t know that before. But the authorities didn’t reveal what was going on in the mysterious area. One fun fact: in many cases aircraft have been buried in Area 51 in unmarked pits. That’s how they are not allowing unwanted individuals to find out secret information.

September 2017

In September 2017, an Air Force pilot lapsed in a crash around Area 51. The strange part is that the crash wasn’t acknowledged for three days, and the Air Force refused to identify the kind of aircraft the pilot was flying. Once again, the information was classified, and per usual many conspiracy theories emerged.


Advanced Weaponry

There are also some theories that are not alien-related. Some believe that workers in Area 51 are working on things related to wartime technology and aircraft- creating advanced weapons and even developing unmanned aircraft. The sad part is that we probably would never know what is happening out there, although we are insanely curious.


The Housing Complexes

Through the years, Area 51 has gone through some serious changes. In 1959, an 8,500-foot runway was completed to replace the original one. Two years later, more renovations were on the way. They built three new Navy hangars, a reservoir pond with a perimeter of trees for privacy, and 130 Babbitt duplex housing units.

Google Gets Creative

We know that Google has always been crazy creative, but this move is just too good! If you go to Google Maps in order to find Area 51, every time you try to move your cursor over Area 51, it turns into a little spaceship. Maybe we don’t have any proof that ET lives there, but this trick will do its justice.


Acquiring The Land

Area 51 is constantly growing, and one odd thing happened during the expansion in 2015. Here’s the story. That expansion was actually a seizure of land which had belonged to a Nevada family for more than 100 years. Because their land was so close to the base, a federal judge deemed that it posed a risk to national security, so the land was allotted to the state.


Groom Lake Mining

Even before Area 51 was constructed, the surrounding land was being used. During the mid-19th century, silver and lead were being mined around Groom Lake. It even got its name from the English mining company ‘Groome Lead Mines Limited’. That same company financed the establishment of the Conception Mines during the 1870s.

Closing Of The Mines

The mines around Groom Lake stayed opened for a very long time. Can you guess when? Well, of course until Area 51 has opened its door, not for the public of course. Ownership of the mines changed during that time, but its purpose stayed the same.


CIA’s 400 Page Document

In 2013, when the government finally decided to tell the truth, the CIA published a 400-page history statement, which was released to the public by the National Security Archive at George Washington University. Yet, in those 400 pages, we couldn’t find any information about aliens and UFOs.


Rallying For The Truth

Back in July 2019, the internet showed one more time how powerful it actually is. Someone made a satirical proposal to storm the base, and people welcomed it with open arms. Millions of people online voiced support for this ‘attack’, and this action was called ‘They Can’t Stop All of Us’. The military had to react, and they stated that ‘The US Air Force always stands ready to protect America and its assets’.

Prisoner Aircrafts

It is not a secret that the USA played its part in many wars one way or another. During the Cold War, the rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union escalated, and Area 51 had its role during that time. All aircraft captured by the US was transferred to Area 51 for an extensive study.


Lockheed U2

If you are wondering why the government decided to build Area 51 in that place, we have a fraction of the answers. During the 1950s, it was where the reconnaissance aircraft Lockheed U2 was designed and tested. One more important thing- the climate and terrain are extremely beneficial to flight tests.


Invisible Plane

Some delusions, if we may call them that, think that workers in Area 51 are trying to make an invisible plane. Yes, people! An invisible plane so they can spy on the Russians. Or maybe they can just call Wonder Woman to help them.

Video Proofs

Over the years, many videos have appeared, and reportedly their owners managed to capture various spaceships. Now, we are left with two options. To believe that the thing on the video is actually an aircraft from another planet, or we just have to accept the fact that those are maybe new planes that we have never seen before. Overall, those videos are proof of something, we just don’t know what exactly do they prove.


Plane From The Future?

One strange thing happened during the 1960s, and that event led to further questions and accusations. Lockheed Martin, who made A12, backed up a prototype and transported it from California to Area 51. Of course, this could not go unnoticed, and people were convinced that an alien spacecraft is inside. But, nope! That was just a new plane that could do wonders.


Underground Tunnels

Believe it or not, this one is a reliable claim, and we can tell you that there is actually some evidence that suggests that there’re underground tunnels around Area 51. Some tunnels stretch more than a thousand feet and some are even deeper. Now we have some more burning questions. What lies below, and where do these tunnels lead to?

The Mad Scientists

And how can we forget the mad scientists who work there? Allegedly, Area 51 is one big research center, where they do alien tests, on actual aliens, of course. They are trying to make superhuman/alien beings who will conquer the world. Hopefully, this is not true, because we would like to enjoy this planet a little longer.



When you look at Area 51 from above, surprisingly, there’s not much to be seen. Therefore, some believe that the most important things are hidden underneath the surface. That led to speculation that the international secret society is headquartered at Area 51. So apparently, the center of the world is here, and all big decisions are made here as well. Good to know!


The German Connection

One more big group of people was related to this area- none other than the Nazis. They actually worked for America and they were involved in some projects that were tasted at Area 51. One of the Nazi rocket scientists, Wernher von Braun, worked for Americans after the war and helped them to develop new rockets for the US Army.

Creating Super Soldiers?

Some crazy experiments took place at Area 51. In 1957, the government wanted to test one pretty strange thing. They wanted to check if soldiers would panic during a nuclear bombardment. They placed men in trenches near a nuclear explosion and waited to see their reactions. We know that the military is full of crazy ideas, but this one was over the top.


Experiments On Animals

In another experiment, they did something even more bizarre. Brace yourself! They sedated seventy pigs dressed in little military uniforms and then they were placed in the blast zone of a nuclear explosion. The purpose of this study was to measure the effects of radiation on living things.


The Black Mailbox

This is the infamous Black Mailbox, that supposedly was white once upon a time. And of course, why not create another story around a completely ordinary object? Our favorite story is that this mailbox is used to communicate with aliens. So, if you want to send them a letter, or a present maybe, you know where to leave it.