Service Employees Share Their Stories Of The Worst Customers Ever

If you’ve ever worked in a public-facing role in the retail or hospitality industry, chances are you’ve met some real nasty pieces of work. Some people who’ve never had a job in the service sector often just don’t understand that it’s not your fault customers can’t return an item without a receipt or that the restaurant has run out of ketchup.

Some will take to review sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor to rant about how ‘awful’ their experience was, but it’s a damn shame that there are no equivalent sites for service industry employees to review unreasonable and rude customers. Sure, some people might think that sounds a little like something out of a Black Mirror episode, but it would only be fair when employees often have to put up with some seriously difficult people while at work.

Here are Reddit’s stories of the rudest customers ever.

1. No cause for complaint

I once had a guy complain that our milk was cheaper (significantly) than any other store in town. “It’s the same milk, isn’t it?!” Yes, probably, but it all depends upon the market price when it is bought and any deals the store owners have made with the dairy. Just buy your stupid milk and enjoy having a little more money in your pocket!


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2. No special treatment

[Someone] came on opening weekend of one of the biggest movies of the year, 5 minutes before the showtime, and then was shocked they’d have to stand in line for their concessions. Then they complained to management that they ‘missed their movie’. Like what did they think was going to happen? Like we’d have a reserved placed in line for them because of their obvious VIP status?


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3. Follow the rules

A customer walked in the front door of my very closed, curbside-only pub today, and asked if we had any steak. He had to ignore a giant sign saying PLEASE STAY OUTSIDE WE WILL BRING YOUR PHONE/ONLINE ORDER OUT TO YOU. Zero out of five stars. I almost had a rage stroke.


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4. What a creep

[This man] came to dinner with his 14-year-old niece and their family. Was leery and flirtatious the whole meal. When I brought their check he asked, in front of their mixed-age party of 7, ‘Can you do three ways? But I’m sure you get that all the time’. Someone else at the table called him a pig and tipped me 25%.


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5. Trust the professionals

She lied about her hair history, wanted white blonde in one session on her “virgin” dark hair that the strand test determined was a lie. Said she could do it herself at home, turned hair orange instead. Came back to get a color correction and after explaining why she couldn’t have blonde she said she’d settle for anything but orange and lighter than the dark. Gets a beautiful chocolate/caramel color and cries because it’s not blonde and too expensive, and also leaves no tip. -5 stars, not worth my time.


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6. Plan ahead

Guy comes into [my hotel] in the middle of the festival, no reservation, by car, and blames ME because it took him 2 hours to go the entrance of the city to the hotel because there are 200,000 people walking around the streets, and police barrages to help the flow of pedestrians. Then he blames ME again because he did all of this for nothing because we’re full. What did he think would happen, walking-in with no reservation during the city’s largest festival? 1 star, would not recommend.


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7. Worst Mother’s Day ever

Chap comes into the packed restaurant on Mother’s Day. He’s mad as hell because various local roads are shut and it took him an hour to get here, instead of 10 minutes. Does not have a reservation. Has his whole family with him. His wife breaks down in tears, while he’s yelling at me for not posting on Facebook that we are full for lunch. I get the wife and his mother a gin, while he rings restaurants to get a table. They finally leave and the wife hands me a tip. I believe they ended up waiting for a table in Nando’s.


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8. Patience is a virtue

Apparently the basic front desk bell was too complicated of a mechanism to operate for this person. Also demanded that I reduce her rate because we ran out of complimentary coffee and she couldn’t wait the two minutes it would take me to make a new pot. Insulted the housekeepers, too. 0 stars


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9. What did she expect

She walked into the store and complained that outside “smelled of gasoline.” I told her we would address that issue as soon as an employee became available to do so. Customer is apparently unaware they are pumping gas at a gas station when complaining about the scent of gas. Perhaps she could consider NOT huffing it while filling her tank?


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10. How entitled

This rich, entitled b**ch spent the entire time making me run my a*s off for her 12 top. When it came time to drop the bill, I left it on the table and informed them that the tip was already included, since they were a party of more than 8 people, so there was no need to add any extra unless they wanted to. She stood up and started freaking out in an entire dining room full of people about how she shouldn’t have to pay because she had to ask me for sh*t the entire meal. B**ch! It was a buffet! What else could you possibly need?


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11. Sticky situation

Worked in a grocery store years ago. Kid keeps running up and down the aisle. Turns a corner and smacks right into a corn syrup end cap. What a total mess. Kid is covered in syrup. Mom comes up to me and demands I find clothes for her child to wear. Without skipping a beat, I asked her if she wanted paper or plastic. Would not recommend that mom shopping there again.


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12. What a nice manager

Used to work at a home improvement store. Signs everywhere say not to try and grab product at the upper shelves or use our ladders. This guy was trying to climb the shelving a bit to get a bucket of asphalt filler (really heavy) even though there was stuff right on the bottom. Spilled it on himself and demanded to be compensated for his pants and his work hours lost.

Manager said he shouldn’t have done that but she’d help him out anyway. Told him to get a pair from Walmart under 50 bucks and come back with the receipt. So he goes to the local hunting/sporting goods place and gets a pair for about 90 bucks, completely ripping us off for his mistake. She gave it to him anyway. Guy was still an a*s to her the whole time.


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13. Make it make sense

Stupid b**ch ordered a Frappuccino with no ice then proceeded to be p**sed at us when there was no ice in it. When we asked her if she wanted ice, she screamed at us and said no. I hope she stubs her toe everyday for the rest of her life and she gets cheated on. I would give zero stars but Yelp makes me give one so I guess good job at wasting space.”


14. No logic

Used to work at a large pizza chain. I one time had a customer ask for two pizzas, one half pepperoni and half cheese, and the other one half pepperoni and half cheese. I politely pointed out I could make a whole pepperoni pizza and a whole cheese pizza, she got very upset. It was a frustrating time in my life.


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15. He was only trying to help

Stupid c*** kept trying to order a cheeseburger without cheese, even though I was trying to save her money by suggesting to instead order a hamburger. Fast forward 30 seconds and she paid for the cost of a cheeseburger, but without the cheese. 1 star.


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16. A lot of fuss over some noodles

This stupid old man threw a tantrum over canned noodles. I told him it was on the shelf, but he insisted there were bags in the boxes on top. I told him the boxes were full of the same canned brand but he didn’t listen and started to cause a scene. I got so angry I ripped the box off the top shelf. He just said, “guess they were cans” and walked off. 20 minutes later he comes back and buys the cans. 0/10


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17. What a pleasant lady

A middle-aged lady insulted the staff and yelled “Valentine’s Day is meant to be about ME!” when she was served a fish 0.000001mm smaller than her husband’s in length. Refused to pay for said fish after eating the whole thing. Asked for a finger bowl to clean her fingers, threw a tantrum when she saw there was no lemon with the bowl, I went and personally cut her up some lemon for the finger bowl, when I gave it to her she told me my attitude was disgusting because I smiled too much.


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18. A very patient tattoo artist

Kelsey is getting a tattoo. She refused to listen to my advice on the size and kept insisting I make it smaller and smaller, specifying she would like it “just a medium size, but really dainty and cute”. When it came time to do the tattoo, she wasn’t wearing the right clothing even though she’d thought about her horoscope sign for weeks.

Her friends convinced her to move it several times before we discovered the initial placement I made was the right one. When it came time to pay, she tried to haggle my price by telling me she had a cousin that got his own “gun”, and that he would do it for a third of my price. After all that, even though I did it perfectly, she had no concept of tipping. 0 stars.


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19. Queen of the Karens

Had a customer that was on the phone through the whole order while I was trying to make her burrito. I kept asking what she wanted in it and she wouldn’t answer. So I started to wrap it up but then she began to yell at me because she wasn’t done yet and began to b**ch about how I needed to do my job better. Meanwhile she was still talking on the phone and we had 30 other people in line because it was rush hour. 0 stars maybe try not to be such a Karen next time.


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20. Maybe she was lost

A Karen today came up to me demanding for us to make her a vegetarian burger, so I simply told her that this is Taco Bell. She did not take that to well and started yelling, I told her to please stop but she continued. So I would like to give her 0 stars.


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21. At least they tipped well

I greeted the table and they didn’t even look at me, they just said “water”. So I get their waters and their food order which was difficult because they asked a million questions that could have been answered by reading the menu, that’s what it’s there for. Then when I tried to deliver the food, no one was paying attention and they couldn’t remember what they even ordered. They were just overall kind of rude and annoying but they left 18% so that’s better than what I thought they were going to leave.


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22. Bad parenting

Family came into the restaurant today and order a good amount of sushi rolls and some chicken hibachis. There was no problem with their payment or their demeanor at first, but be careful. Looks can be deceiving. As soon as we provided their kids with forks, they started flinging rice at each other. Parents didn’t even bat an eye, like this was a normal thing, so I’m sure they have done this at other places too.

They left the area around them looking like the kids were playing Splatoon and trying to cover as much surface area as they could with rice. Didn’t leave a tip for the mess I was left to clean up and didn’t even give an apology. Would not recommend serving this family while their inklings are around.


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23. Poor waiter

Shoutout to the man that doesn’t know what the f**k wontons are and yelled at me for not taking them out his wonton soup even though he only said no noodles, which are not wontons, rather the crackers for the soup. You stupid old man. I cried in the bathroom a**hole. 1 star.


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24. No buffalo sauce

Stupid b**tard didn’t understand that just because the other McDonald’s had something doesn’t mean this one does. Sorry we aren’t allowed to sell buffalo sauce here sir, trust me if we could we would. 1 star.


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25. How to finesse a free meal

Grown man asked for the kids’ BBQ chicken, when he received it he complained that it was not enough food. After trying to explain the difference between the kid and adult menu to him for 5 minutes and him asking for the manager; he got the meal free, extra food, and didn’t tip at all. 0 star customer, 4.5 stars finesse.


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26. The nerve of some people

The customer yelled at me for doing my job, and when I wouldn’t give them what they wanted they threatened to call the police. I told her to calm down multiple times and she didn’t enjoy this whatsoever and demanded for me to get my manager. And when I told her ‘I am the manager!’ She was flabbergasted and then I banned her from ever going to any of my stores again. She finally said ‘I’LL GET THIS PLACE SHUT DOWN!’ But to this day the store still stands. 0/5 stars.


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27. If they insist

A customer kept insisting that it was cheaper to buy 6 individual cheeseburgers instead of a bag of 5 cheeseburgers as well as an extra one. It actually is cheaper for the bag of 5 cheeseburgers plus an extra one. They just ended up buying 6 individual ones. I decided, if you are going to argue with me about prices, we will do it the more expensive way. I have worked here for almost a full year, so I know what is cheaper and what is not. 1 star.


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28. So rude

Whatever was happening on his phone was too important to make eye contact with me. He literally handed his card to the air in front of me. This was not a singular occurrence. Giving one star, because while he made me feel like a dehumanized robot, he didn’t make any proactive efforts to ruin my day. Will never have to serve him again.


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29. Okay zoomer

Ordered a beer to go with his pizzas, and was uniquely offended when I asked to see his ID at the door, despite having been born in 1999. He was quite nice to thank me for my hard work during the pandemic, but forgot to reward that work with any sort of tip. 0 out of 5 stars. Would not deliver to again.


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30. Totally safe and legal

Did not bring an adequate transport for his goods. Sir, this is a 1.2T pallet of bricks. Your “trailer” is a sheet of MDF mounted on pram wheels, tied to the tow bar of your FLATBED TRUCK with a nylon rope. No, I will not load your “totally safe and legal” homemade trailer.


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31. Don’t rush cashiers

No cashier is fast enough for this man. He tried to hurry me up as I was counting his change as fast as I could. I almost threw his 20 back at him. If you want to be shortchanged then please, continue. 1 star.


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32. Please read your emails

This customer seems to have a very weak English comprehension and too lazy to read her emails. We have sent her a detailed instruction via email on how to order online but she keeps on replying to our system-generated email and claim that we did not help her. We have sent the same instruction email several times but she is still dissatisfied, claiming that our instructions are not easy to understand and says that we are not helping at all. This customer should be barred service from our company. 0 stars.


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33. Gross

I’m a lifeguard. A BUNCH of ladies come in without rinsing in the shower and we always ask them to go back and shower. This lady walks out and tells me she just died her hair and can’t get it wet. I try to explain that we take showers before going in public pools to remove fecal matter and germs but she just doesn’t listen and then accuses me that my hair isn’t wet. Well sorry that my hair dried on the 5th hour of my shift. 0/5.


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34. Be careful with your keys

I worked at a gym in college. We had auto-flushing toilets and a woman’s keys fell into the toilet and got flushed. She demanded we call our septic service and fish her keys out (impossible, we would have had to dig up the entire back of the gym), and then cussed us out because she had to wait for her husband to come pick her up. -1/10.


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35. Customer from hell

Complains that the outdoor pool isn’t open during the winter in Colorado. I’m sorry that the continental breakfast isn’t available during COVID-19, governor’s orders. No you may not have 3 rolls of toilet paper for your one night stay. Overall not a nice person and wouldn’t recommend letting them back on the property. Solid 1/5 stars.


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36. Control your kids

Customer’s kid was playing some annoying video game at full volume through speakers on their phone. Refused to turn the volume down or keep kid in check while they were whining about the food they got. 0 stars.


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37. How lazy can you get

Physically tapped me on the shoulder during the middle of a pandemic as I’m nearing the end of my 6th 10 hour shift in a row. Just to ask if I’ll scan his stuff through self-scan for him because he’s “tired”. 0/5 stars.


38. Not the brightest bulb

Customer told me she had two small 200ml beers the day before, so today she’d rather directly order the big 400ml one because it’s cheaper and she’d order a second one if she’d get the small one. After bringing the big one, she insists she wants it in the 200ml glass, defying just a couple of physics laws, because “the small glass is prettier”. 1/5 stars, all the staff and I had a good laugh and her husband was always nice and pretty embarrassed.


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39. An unconventional proposal

Rich toff in his 20s, drunk out of his a**e, broke the glass on the front door. Declared his undying love to me when I served him some fries. Got down on one knee, proposed and then proceeded to vomit on the floor. The manager tried to calm down the situation by sending me to the back. Customer started screaming “do you know who my father is?” “I can buy everything in here” etc. More commotion ensued.

Manager tried to calm down the situation at hand but chef had had enough and came out with a big knife ‘to scare him off’. Rich toffs friends threatened police and seeing this was heading towards a disaster I quickly packed his food to go and wished him a good night. By some miracle they decided to leave. The next day someone had left an envelope with £700 marked “to the hot server”. Note inside said “call me if you want to be my wife.”


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40. Got what he deserved

Male customer chirping at girls going into female bathroom, tries to follow them in, argues with security upon being asked to remove himself from doorframe. Tries to be a bully to said bouncer and physically assault him, ends up getting body slammed through a table and elbowed in the nose. Twice. One star review.


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41. Asking the impossible

The woman and her daughter came into the deli and asked for the lowest-fat cheese we had. I provided it to them, and they complained “It still has fat in it! Where is your fat free cheese?” When I told them that isn’t possible to produce, and most likely they were thinking of some cheese substitute down in the dairy section, they became furious and asked to see the manager. I called him, and he told them the same thing I told them. They left in a huff.


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42. That’s got to hurt

So this lady with her friend & her young son (probably 7 or 8) went into the store. They bought a few things & went up to the register. The kid was playing with the hand sanitizer we put in front of the counter. My colleague had to step in & tell the kid don’t play with the sanitizer. The boy’s mom, well she was busy chatting with her friend instead of being a responsible parent.

Despite my colleague’s many warnings, the kid did it. Yes, it went into his eyes. & only now his mom notices & starts yelling at my colleague who was just trying to do her job.


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43. Kindness costs nothing

I work at Domino’s. There is a customer in particular who always orders wings, but he is always rude to employees. He asks to have his wings in an extremely specific way, and if anything is just slightly wrong he gets an attitude. Always cussing and causing problems. The breaking point for me was when he tried to pay for a 14 piece wing with a $100 bill. We don’t accept $100 bills and he threw a tantrum when I explained that to him and pointed to the sign saying we don’t take 100s. He demanded a manager only for the manager to tell him the same thing.


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44. An interesting character

[This woman] only wants carts full of clearance plants to write off for her failing business. Incredibly rude to literally everyone she and her partner interact with. Sidelines new, young employees and tries to sweet-talk them into losing their jobs by giving her things for free. 0/5, would ban if I was the boss.


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45. What a rollercoaster

Man comes in screaming at me about where his order is. Shows me the place he order from, another pizza place with a completely different name across town. Leaves and comes back 20 minutes later, telling me that he’s gonna leave a bad review on them. Proceeds to order a pizza and appetizer, sits in front of me in our ‘waiting area’, complaining about the other restaurant’s customer service.

Then starts to tell me how he feels like it was fate that he order at the wrong place and that his phone died because he got to meet me. Begins to flirt with me while I steadily reject him because A) I was in a relationship and B) he’s twice my age. 0/10 never again.


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46. Don’t get smart with me

[This guy] ordered a cabernet off the list by saying, “I’ll have the TWO ZERO ONE SIX cabernet. That’s a number, not a year, do you think you can handle that?” That was, in fact, a year. Every wine on our list has the year listed directly in front of it. There were two cabs that were 2016. I gave him the more expensive one. He still gets ZERO stars. And that’s a number not a year.


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47. No such thing as free merchandise

Wanted free merchandise because she was too lazy to go grab her wallet. Also insisted she would “pay next time” despite that being against company policy. Criticized my customer service as a result. Ah, customer service.


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48. Stating the obvious

She screamed at the top of her lungs for a refund for over 20 minutes claiming the laptop was broken causing quite the scene. She finally let us take a look at it, she never charged it up, thought they lasted forever. She hadn’t unpacked the charger. Left in a huff, then officially complained to HQ that we never told her to charge it when it was sold to her.


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49. You never know what someone’s going through

This piece of s**t decided to march up to my dispensing bench at the pharmacy, saying that her item was not ready 2 minutes after it had been dropped in (an order for 6 items). Then proceeds to yell at me and complain that I ‘don’t know how to smile, and would it physically hurt me to smile and have a laugh with her.’ This was 5 minutes after I had taken a phone call from my best friends brother telling me that my best friend has had a motorcycle accident, was being air lifted to a major city hospital. Yeah, probably not going to smile and joke with you right now.


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50. Things cost money

[This woman] called demanding to know why we are taking money out of her account every month. Explained that that is called a direct debit for her broadband. Yelled at me for 40 minutes for ‘stealing her money’. Would not understand that you need to pay money in order to receive goods and services. 0/5.


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51. Not their problem

She walked in with an attitude asking to speak with a manager. She said she had parked in our lot and birds had sh*t all over her car. She had just had her car cleaned and asked us to pay for another cleaning. She left upset that we had no control over birds and insinuated that the fault was hers in choosing to park beneath a tree. 3 stars for entertainment value.


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52. A difficult customer

This lady needed her grocery shopping to be rescanned after using the portable handheld self scan devices. This was not anything against her, just as a precaution a few people will be selected at random throughout the day by a computer algorithm to make sure customers are scanning items correctly. This lady thought it would be appropriate to refuse to unpack her bags, as they were packed so neatly and she was “not prepared to pack them again.”

After politely explaining that there was nothing I could do, and I needed to rescan them, she tipped them out on the wrong end of the checkout, requiring me to move every item to the conveyor so I could keep track of what I’d scanned. She then glared at me and my colleague as we scanned and packed the bags, and mumbled insults under her breath at me while she paid. Said she will not be returning to this Waitrose if that is how she is treated. 0 stars, have fun shopping elsewhere, b**ch.


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53. Bowled away

Karen came into the bowling alley and requested a discount for being a local and working at the casino. I told her that unfortunately we don’t offer discounts to anyone unless they are employed by the owners, are special needs, or a league bowler. She proceeds to tell me she used to bowl 25 years ago in a league. I have told her that she needs to be a current member in one of OUR leagues.

Karen proceeds to tell me all the good she’s done for the community and that she deserves a discount. Karen gets increasingly angry after I tell her no multiple times and that it’s full price. She asks for the manager. I walk into the back office, walk back out and say ‘Hello Karen, I’m the manager. How can I help you today?’ Karen proceeds to sit at a lane and tell me to turn it on.

I told her she can sit there all she wants to eat, however since she is not paying for the LANE, if I needed that lane as we start getting busy she would have to leave the lane. Irate and long bangs/short back haircut intensifying she yells ‘YOU CANNOT TREAT ME THIS WAY.’ There were many other creative ways I could have gone about ending this conversation with her, however I had security take her away in front of her friends and asked “So who’s next?”


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54. That escalated quickly

[This lady] comes in multiple times a month, claiming she’s lost her pain medication and needs more. We tell her that not only can we not fill it because it’s too soon from her last one, but her insurance won’t cover it as well. She produced an expired prescription from a different doctor and demanded we fill that one. We refused. She called corporate and claimed we were all racists. 0/5 stars.


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55. Hard to please

Worked at a restaurant with a patio on a 100 degree day. Table insisted on sitting outside then asked if I could do anything about the heat. I brought them ice water as they were getting up from the table. “We’re going to try another patio, it’s just too hot here.” It’s 100 degrees everywhere b**ch.


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56. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

Worked at a popular athletic clothing store. Get a call 1 week before Christmas. Woman states that she bought a jacket for her daughter for Christmas and the zipper is broken. I said jacket had two zippers (internal and then asymmetrical external) that people kept trying to zip incorrectly, and it wouldn’t zip that way. I was confident that was the issue but didn’t say that because I knew she’d be p*ssed.

She said she wanted another one. Told her we’d been sold out since Black Friday. She asked me how I was going to find her a replacement. I told her I’d be happy to return it for her if she brought it in and it was broken (knowing that if she just brought it in, I could show her how the zipper worked) Started screaming at me over the phone. Told me I had to live with myself knowing that I RUINED Christmas for her daughter, and she was reporting me to corporate. Then hung up on me. 0/5, would not recommend.


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57. No ice

Karen asks my manager to give her discounted food because she has a child that didn’t like ice. We both said we can’t do that but we can put the drink in another cup without ice and she threw a fit and tried leaving without paying for food (yes they had food when the Karen complained). Security was called on her and she was stopped and told to pay. Karen resists and attacks the security guard and starts screaming profanities at me for calling security.

I rate the customer 0.2 stars out of five only because her child looked very embarrassed like it’s happened before.


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58. Blind drunk

Came to my bar already pretty drunk. He was staying at the hotel right next door so I served him one beer. He labored over the one beer for 2 hours knowing I wasn’t going to serve him another. Told me I reminded him of his wife which “does something for him.” Spilled the rest of the beer all over the bar and then broke the bottle on the floor.

Cried when I had him leave. Laid down a $50 bill before leaving. Did not need change. 1/5 stars.


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59. Fake allergies

Guy comes in every other day with different allergies, sometimes he is celiac and needs extra precautions to make sure does not have gluten, other times he wants white buns. Sometimes he is allergic to anything with pepper in the name, other times he wants black pepper and green pepper on his burger. 0/5 stars.


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60. Trust the experts

I explained to customer the pictures on their phone needed to have been saved to an outside source (iCloud, Google photos, computer, etc.) BEFORE they dropped it in the toilet, and I’d be unable to retrieve them from their dead phone. Customer insisted all photos were saved to the SIM card, refused to believe that a SIM card was not the same as an SD card, which an iPhone cannot have.

Customer left the store and proceeded to email corporate stating that I told them the phone didn’t contain a SIM card, and posted the same statement (plus a picture of me) to a Yelp review. 0/5 stars.


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61. Sauce rations

We were running low on Chick Fil-A sauce and it was Saturday afternoon and still needed it to last us the whole night. Customer comes through orders one sandwich and one kids’ meal. I give her six sauce [packets] which is more than enough. She wanted 15. I gave her two more and said were running low and have limits on how much we give, or she could buy an 8oz tub for two dollars.

Recorded me. Posted it on Facebook. Cursed at me. Poked fun at my coworkers. Called the store to get me fired and my manager told her she couldn’t come back. One star.


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62. Once in a blue moon

I gave one star only because I couldn’t give zero! He came up to the bar and started tapping on it to receive attention as though we couldn’t see his gregarious frame from six feet away. Also, he wasn’t next in line, but he clearly felt that he take precedence over whoever else may be looking for a drink at that time. He asked for a pint of Blue Moon, no problem, easy task.

The Blue Moon keg of course picks this moment, all every moment it possible could, to blow. I have to break the news that we are out of Blue Moon. He loses his mind. “How the f**k can you be a functional bar and not have Blue Moon?” And many other variants of this question. He then forcibly sighs, shoves a barstool and storms out, loudly complaining to those around him about the shortcomings of the establishment. We had another keg in the basement, but, you know, f**k that guy.


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63. An unexpected twist

Guy comes in, asks if we have this beer he had in Mexico 10 years ago. Can’t remember the name of it. After trying for 10 minutes to Google it, he calls me worthless because I am obviously the ignorant one. But 5 stars cuz he dropped a $100 on the floor end I “didn’t notice” until he was gone.


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64. Mountain out of a molehill

Argued with me for 15 or more minutes about why I rang in his combo meal with a shake one way and the cashier did it another way. Explained that because it’s a meal the shake isn’t as much because it’s the substituted drink for the combo. Otherwise he was being overcharged for a drink that came with his combo PLUS his shake.

Proceeded to ask me why it was cheaper one way versus other combinations. Changed the size of each item on his combo until he found something worthy of his money. Every attempt at explaining resulted in more arguing until finally he settled for me ringing in his combination order as it was originally rung in.


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65. A misunderstanding

I’m over here bagging groceries as quickly and efficiently as I can and this b**ch misreads it as me being pissed off, and says I’m taking it out on her kids who are messing with the belt. B**ch, I don’t give a sh*t about you or your kids. I’m just here to do my job to the best of my ability and make a sh*t wage doing it.

Take your groceries and get the f**k out of the store. Your life must be pretty pathetic if you have to make up sh*t about the dude bagging your groceries. I would rate 0 stars if I could.


Credit: Unsplash

66. One creepy customer

In college I worked at the campus gym. Had a customer once who called the front desk which I answered with the standard “Athletics, how may I help you?”. The guy, in an angry, monotone, serial killer-esque voice asks why I didn’t ask how he was. At first I thought I was being pranked so I paused. He then went on about why I should have asked how he was doing and blah blah.

I hung up the phone and asked my supervisor if I could leave early. It gave me serious chills and I didn’t want this guy to come in later and identify me by my voice.


Credit: Unsplash

67. Extra cream

Karen asked for extra whipped cream on her sundae and then widened her eyes and pursed her lips when I gave it back. “You didn’t add very much,” she said like a petulant five-year-old. She then found fault with my scooping technique and said the hot fudge was lukewarm. No tip, so I will be ducking in the back room the next time she comes in. Wish I could give zero stars.


Credit: Unsplash

68. Only following orders

Used her skin condition to blame me for not holding a product for her for three months when I clearly stated we had a one week policy when there was no deposit. She then told my manager that I was doing it because I was “disgusted by her” and “hate disabled people”. 1/5, I have a brother with CP, don’t like getting told following company policy makes me ableist.


Credit: Unsplash

69. Slow down

Demanded to be taken off mailing list, barked out the address so fast I couldn’t type it and cut me off every time I asked him to repeat it and tried to verify, proceeded to sarcastically call me sweetheart and princess while wasting my time. Absolutely miserable person, he should be permanently put on all the mailing lists, ever.


Credit: Unsplash

70. Common sense

0 stars to the crazy lady who used to go through the drive-thru at Starbucks during our busiest hour of the day (EVERYDAY), proceed to complain we took too long and that we were making her late for work. She would sh*t a brick if we accidentally touched her, her cup, or her phone. Like, don’t have other people make your food if you are such a germaphobe, and don’t go to Starbucks if you are already running late for work.


Credit: Unsplash

71. Can’t follow instructions

This particular lady showed up 10 minutes before closing and then got very upset that she had to wait for her milkshake. When asked to park, she did not park where she was instructed, and all employees were unable to locate her car. When she was finally located, she complained about slow service and demanded free food, and was just overall rude. Solid one out of five stars.


Credit: Unsplash

72. The audacity

Entitled person staying in a hotel says I ruined her morning because I didn’t have fresh coffee out. This was ignoring the fact the dining room was PACKED and they only had a single employee, me, to meet the needs of 40+ people and doing 20+ things at a time. 0 stars, entitled b*tch.


Credit: Unsplash

73. Client from hell

He demanded I work for half my normal rate because he didn’t think my skill set was difficult enough to warrant him paying my full salary. He botched the job that he tried to do himself after I held firm in my prices and came back saying he would “honor the original offer I made him” as if he was doing me a favor. When I did my job correctly as instructed, he was angry that I didn’t do anything extra to compensate for lost time I had spent fixing his initial botched job. Idiot/10, would not work for again.


Credit: Unsplash

74. Nice try

He came in 30 mins before drive-thru closes, with his gang of 6 or 7 girls and guys. I had already closed the dining area and mopped it clean, and I was making his food when I heard the chairs that I stacked being taken down. After explaining to him the area was closed and he couldn’t sit there, he proceeded to yell at me in front of his friends about how it “wasn’t 10 o’clock yet”.

After listening to my explanation about how dining closes early to give time for us to clean it, he grumpily walked up to the counter to speak to the on shift manager, who told him the exact. Same. Thing. The next day he left a page-long complaint about me and the manager. He also wrote that I was “chewing gum”, apparently he wanted me to get in heaps of sh*t from my boss. -2 stars.


Credit: Unsplash

75. Patience is a virtue

0 stars, he yelled at me because I “couldn’t” give him a veterans’ discount – I could but needed a manager’s card to put the discount in. I was trying to tell him this but just kept cursing at me and told me that I should have a manager’s card, as a minimum wage employee. He got his discount in the end and left like he had won against the bad highschooler.


Credit: Unsplash

76. Read the small print

Group of six adults came in and paid for full breakfast with a coffee machine on the buffet they had access to. Unlimited coffees. But the price didn’t include barista-made coffees. Before I even had the chance to finish stapling the receipts together they all walked off and started yelling their coffee orders at me from across the room while another woman waited to be served.

Politely told them that it will be an additional cost for barista-made coffee but told them they do have a coffee machine they can make their free coffees from. Turned around and started yelling at me about how there should be coffee included and that they won’t drink ‘the cr*p coffee on the buffet’ even though it is made from the exact same beans. After letting them know I wasn’t the one who decided that they all started cussing about how horrible the service is. 0 stars. Made my other guests feel uncomfortable.


Credit: Unsplash

77. It was worth a shot

Customer bought a refrigerator, agreed to the set price. One week later said fridge was on sale, customer called and asked that I give them $300 to make up the difference they paid. 2/5, ridiculous request but at least they weren’t rude about it.


Credit: Unsplash

78. From 0 to 100

This b**ch consistently ordered 3 days a week for months, and every single time she said we made her pasta wrong and demanded another one. This was every week for months. The GM finally was like f**k it and told her we’re not serving her anymore, since we apparently can’t deliver to her standards and she was costing the store money. No more orders.

2 weeks later an online order comes in for delivery without a name but it’s her apartment. I took it and dropped it off, she apologized and tipped me $7 and said she hopes everything’s good. Before I got back to the store she had already called back and complained like always, to which the manager replied “then don’t order from us, like all of us have now told you.”

And hung up. She called back and we let it ring, she would call, 3 rings and hang up. She did this 28 times. Then showed up at the store and we were busy making other orders so we didn’t notice her at the counter immediately. She started shouting and the manager told her we’ll be with her in a minute. She picked up the napkin dispensers from the front counter and threw them at us, missed but broke them both.


Credit: Unsplash

79. Slightly unhygienic

Changed her baby on the floor where customers were eating as the toilets which have changing facilities were “freezing” and not good enough apparently. Members of her party were caught reaching up onto the counter and helping themselves to sauce that we charge for. Her husband confronted my boss. 0 stars.


Credit: Unsplash

80. Keep your receipts

Entitled bitch was trying to return something without receipt or proof she bought it at our store and insulted my coworker so much she started crying. She tossed the product at me and then went on to call my boss. Would never serve again.


81. Time is money

Wanted the service done by a certain date in the middle of a pandemic. Had them sign a disclosure acknowledging we couldn’t do it in their time constraints. Customer cancelled anyways and we gave them a full refund and demanded that we still do the service, but for for free. I wish I could give them “negative” stars.


Credit: Unsplash

82. Not my fault

When the barcode on one of her items wouldn’t scan, I suggested that the associate helping her go get another unit of the same item so we could scan that, from a display maybe 15 feet away. This woman rudely said, ‘never mind, I don’t want it,’ and stormed out, talking about how “ridiculous” that was. Reminder that retail stores don’t (generally) make their own barcodes, those come from the brands.

When I apologized for her inconvenience and wished her a good day, she yelled at me from outside the store that I was making a smart comment, left, then came back in and demanded the phone number for my regional manager, once she found out I was a store manager.


Credit: Unsplash

83. Not worth it

Details are important to this customer – she has very particular tastes, I realised as she pushed her vodka soda back on to my tray, requesting a ‘greener lime’, as this one was practically a lemon! Hahaha, my pleasure! Manners were lacking, and pieces of chewed gum were left on the side of glassware, and the tip, consisting of 20 cents of Canadian Tire money, was left inside of her dessert bowl. I rinsed off the meted ice cream wondering if this was really worth the money.


Credit: Unsplash

84. Not much you can do

1 star. Brought in a canvas fully assembled (bars glued, nailed, and stapled together and canvas fully stapled on and already gessoed) and wanted to return ONE of the stretcher bars after realizing it was too short for the frame. Screamed at me when I refused to disassemble her canvas in order to accept the return and blamed the employees for selling her the wrong sized bar.

Then she screamed at me again when I offered her a discount on her next purchase because rather than a 20% discount on her 50 dollar transaction, she wanted instead to adamantly demand her money back for the bar (it cost $3.45). Then she proceeded to ask me questions about all of the products in her basket as if she hadn’t just screamed at me in front of my associates for ten minutes. Would give zero stars if possible.


Credit: Unsplash

85. Read the manual

Drove for three hours to fix the problem only to find out that it actually was due to that simple thing I asked him to check when I called him on the phone, the thing he said he already checked, the very thing that had he paid attention during training or even taken a few moments to read the f**king manual, he would have known about.

The whole time I was there he stood over me, complaining about the day of lost production like it was somehow my fault, and the c**t didn’t even offer me a cup of tea. One star.


86. Don’t shoot the messenger

She yelled at the front desk staff for not having the specific room she wanted, even though she was told when she called 4 hours earlier to reserve a room that the room was not available. Proceeded to berate the poor girl by telling her that ‘a 3 year old could do her job better.’ She was asked to leave and knocked the cup of pens off the desk in disapproval. 0 stars.


Credit: Unsplash

87. Fresh batch

Always demands we make a fresh batch of popcorn for her, even if the popper is full of 5 minute old popcorn. Will complain constantly until we have to give in so she shuts up and stops making a scene. No stars.


Credit: Unsplash

88. No patience

Rang the bell (for when there’s no one at the till) for two minutes straight and complained that the cashier took too long to get there even though it’s the middle of most people’s lunch breaks. Small owned garden centers are fun. The customers, however…


Credit: Unsplash

89. How rude

This woman comes in at least 4 times a week (I work at a deli) and she usually orders a sandwich with three meats (not allowed) which I undercharge her for because I don’t care. She’s rude as sh*t and basically throws the paper (sandwich order) in my face. I can’t stand her and always make the sandwich as sloppily as I can and throw that sh*t on the counter.

She picks it up and I just let it go because again I don’t give a sh*t. But my coworker is not such a nice guy. I told him how she’s rude and he messed up her sandwich so bad she would have definitely come back and complaned. She came back (of course) and argued with us for a minute then I watched her get banned because my boss is a G.


Credit: Unsplash

90. Cutting it fine

A pregnant lady with her toddler wanted to try on clothes 5 minutes before closing. Proceeded to get angry with me letting her know we’re about to close soon and threatens to “take me outside and beat my skinny a*s”. 0 f**king stars.


Credit: Unsplash

91. How pretentious

The guy who comes in, treats me like a newborn, only tips the women despite demanding I make smalltalk with him, always asks to smell the cork before I even open the damn bottle, and thinks HE can teach ME about wine? Smelling the cork doesn’t actually tell you anything, man. It’s a prohibition era thing. I’ve got other customers that need attention. 1 star.


Credit: Unsplash

92. Wait your turn

This customer thinks that her sore knee is more urgent than the 10 other patients I have who are dying from heart attacks and strokes. Family of customer also threatening to sue and complaining loudly about the waiting time, while sitting there in the government owned chairs of this free public hospital. 1/10.


Credit: Unsplash

93. Picky

Always orders 3 separate containers of coleslaw. All containers have to be $1.30 worth even though we sell them by weight. Will not accept anything above $1.35 (claims it’s far too much) or below $1.29 (claims it’s far too little). Has a habit of telling all the staff that they’re new at their job, except for Zack, whom she tells that everyone else is working against her, despite the staff continually working with extreme patience. 1 star.


Credit: Unsplash

94. Not my problem

I’m sorry the insurance package you decided on sucks. It’s not my fault you have a $75 copay and a $5000 deductible. It’s not my fault you didn’t read your EOB and understand what you are covered for because we simple cannot know every f**king nuance with every f**king insurance package.


Credit: Unsplash

95. Donut test my patience

Came in to order a specific kind of local, filled donut. Used the correct local word for it. Started to argument the price when we entered the offer of five into the system. After checking thrice she began to lament that that was not the price on the tag in the window. Which, yes, is the name for this speciality in another region, but was directly next to the price tag with the name she used and absolutely not in the realm of possible pricing.

Threw a giant fit, albeit constant apologies and – in the end – paid the full price and left. 1 out of 5 stars. I’m pretty sure she tried to pressure us into the other price, but an willing to leave the benefit of the doubt. Still an entirely horrible attitude.


Credit: Unsplash

96. Nothing I can do

That being said, customer bought 2 full-on Nintendo Switches and four games (totalling around $700 total), then asked for a discount. After some confusion, I determined that she wanted to get the store’s loyalty card. When I asked for her ID so she could sign up, she proceeded to scream about how this was a present for her children, I can’t possibly understand her struggles, yadda yadda. Okay. I didn’t choose to buy 2 consoles and four $60 games. All in all, demonstrated exceedingly poor financial skills and even worse social aptitude. Zero stars.


Credit: Unsplash

97. A low blow

Customer doesn’t know how hotel cancellation policies work during peak seasons, which is fine, I wouldn’t expect a guest to fully understand the complicated details but I ran out of ways to explain it and in the end she clearly believes she is the all knowing. After a long one-sided aggressive conversation the guest made her final jab by asking me what day I was due to have my baby.

I told her I actually wasn’t pregnant and she stated (in front of her children and a lobby of people) “oh well it sure looks like you are!” I have spread the word about this person and I will not recommend any conversions or any interactions with her. 0 out of 10 stars.


Credit: Unsplash

98. She was doing her best

Cussed out my coworker who is in her 60s when she ‘wasn’t fast enough’ and raised hell because ‘she was talking while on the job and that the customer has priority’. This coworker was talking to a customer. Then she saw me and wanted to start another fight. Nice coworker saved me from this b*tch. 0/5 (didn’t even buy anything).


Credit: Unsplash

99. Brute force

The customer had never been to an escape room before, yet ignored their pre-game brief about rules and safety. Within 5 minutes of their game beginning, they had pulled something off the wall that had been secured down, causing a great deal of damage to the wall and exposing wires relating to a puzzle. They then started to pull these wires, causing further damage.

They were removed from the room for breaking the rules and proceeded to claim they never knew not to use physical force (something that is told to every customer during the brief before their game) and then harassed staff for half an hour about how our games were “unsafe” and claimed they were going to get us “shut down”. 0 stars would not recommend for other escape rooms.


Credit: Unsplash

100. A difficult customer

Customer decided to throw their phone at me complaining that they had just bought it and it didn’t work. After looking up their receipt it showed a purchase date of over 2 years ago. They still blamed me for how “sh*tty” their phone is, because I’m obviously the one who made and designed said phone. 0/10 will never sell to them again.


Credit: Unsplash