As the COVID-19 lockdown continues, many celebrities are doing what they can to keep the general public informed and entertained.

Now, for the benefit of anyone who might still be struggling to get their heads around the rules of social isolation, we have a handy public service announcement from one of the most trustworthy voices in America: Mr Samuel L. Jackson.


The Nick Fury actor and Pulp Fiction Oscar nominee appeared this week on Jimmy Kimmel Live – from the security of his own home, of course – to recite a sweet little bedtime story entitled Stay the F*** at Home.

Warning: as you might have guessed, the video below contains bleeped swear words.

The clip sees Jackson succinctly break down in a nursery rhyme format the simple do’s and don’ts of social isolation that we all need to follow until the coronavirus pandemic is under control.


If the story sounds at all familiar, it may be because it’s a reworking of Go the F*** to Sleep, a satirical children’s book (which definitely shouldn’t be read to children) written by Adam Mansbach.

Go the F*** to Sleep is specially designed for parents of young children, who know all too well the horrors of reading story after story in a bid to get them to settle down for bed – and how rarely it proves effective.

Mansbach has since published two follow-up books: You Have To F***ing Eat, and F***, Now There Are Two of You.


71-year-old Jackson – world-renowned for his delivery of the F-word – had a large role to play in Go the F*** to Sleep’s popularity, after he recorded a reading which can be found here (caution: the swearing is not censored in this video).

Jackson will next be seen starring alongside Chris Rock in horror spin-off Spiral: From the Book of Saw, which at present is set to open some time this year, with a date still to be announced.