Remember Young Josh From “Big”? Check Him Out Nowadays!

There were so many great films in the 80s and many of them starred up and coming actors and actresses in some of their first roles. For some this led to long and successful careers in Hollywood that are still going strong today, whilst for others there was very little to follow and they disappeared as quickly as they arrived.

Let’s take a look back at some of the stars that hit our screens during our favourite decade and what they look like now, we’ll also look at what some of them have been up to and some of these may shock you….

Jonathan Ke Quan – Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Short Round was the little kid that Indie had joining him on his adventure through India, and Jonathan Ke Quan (as Ke Huy Quan at the time) played the character perfectly. He was also well-known for playing Data in The Goonies. Over the years Quan has had jobs as stunt co-ordinator on a number of films but doesn’t appear in films himself anymore.

Joey Cramer – Flight of the Navigator

Joey Cramer played the lead role in this classic family movie about a young boy who discovers an alien spaceship and becomes its navigator. In recent years, Cramer hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons as he was convicted of armed robbery in 2016!

 Albie Whitaker – Flight of the Navigator

Playing the younger brother of Joey Cramer’s character in this classic, Albie Whitaker was Jeff, the young lad who’s antics caused David to discover the spaceship in the first place.

This was Whitaker’s only acting role, and he looks very different now!

Jonathan Ward – Mac and Me

Playing the titular “Me”, also known as Michael, Jonathan Ward was the lead star in this attempt at an E.T and which is generally regarded as one of the worst films of the era!

Ward starred in a few more projects after this but hasn’t acted now for about 20 years!

Corey Feldman – Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter

Playing Tommy in this film, which definitely wasn’t the final chapter in this franchise(!), Corey Feldman went on to star in a number of films over the years following this including The Lost Boys and The Goonies.

He has been in and out of the headlines over the years for various reasons.

David Moscow – Big

Playing Tom Hanks’ younger self, David Moscow starred in Big and went on to appear in a number of projects, still acting on and off now.

Jared Rushton – Big

Rushton starred as Josh’s best friend, Billy, and really acted well alongside Tom Hanks. Since then, Rushton went on to appear in a few more projects but hasn’t acted for almost 20 years now!

Henry Thomas – E.T: The Extra Terrestrial

He starred as Elliot in this classic and heart-warming family film directed by Steven Spielberg, and he played the part really well, so it was surprising when Thomas seemed to fail to capitalise on this, appearing in plenty of projects since but getting very few leading roles.

Drew Barrymore – E.T: The Extra Terrestrial

She played the part of Elliot’s younger sister, Gertie and went on to become one of Hollywood’s favourite leading ladies for a while and grew up to be stunning!

Erika Eleniak – E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Yet another star was born in E.T, as Erika Eleniak appeared as the girl in school who catches Elliot’s eye and then proceeds to get kissed by him when Elliot is under the influence of alcohol via E.T’s telepathic link! Eleniak went on to star in Baywatch and Under Siege, and after a few years out has now started to act again.

Are you surprised by the difference in some of these stars? Has it made you feel a bit old seeing these child stars all grown up? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments as always!